Friday, August 20, 2010

V.A.-Zeitgeist The Compilation part III" released with Amex Nori(Belgium)!!!!

The Zeitgeist compilation is a series of free download cd's to honor the work of the Zeitgeist Movement. Support these people and the independent music scene. Amex Nori is always looking for new artists and tracks to join the series.

link to this compilation and the previous two installations:


zip & rar Zeitgeist III links: (rar) (zip)

Zeitgeist, the Compilation is dedicated to the people of the Zeitgeist Movie and the Zeitgeist Movement.
Read, watch and spread their work.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Release ID [KOF081]
Name of Band Releasing: Various Artist's
Title of Release: Tunnel to the Underground Vol.1
Release Year:2010
Genre: Death Metal/Ambient/Noise/Grind/Punk/Experimental/ More

Description of Release:
Tunnel to the Underground Vol.1 is a collection of songs from
various musicians who perform in various genres. They all share
a common characteristic. They hail from the underground. This
net comp is a showcase of do it yourself, self produced musical goodness,
and is meant to shine light on the amazing sounds that can be heard by
listening to the caverns below mainstream.

1. Infected Epididymides-- Drown In The Light Of Deception
2. Edge of October - ghost signals i . transmissions from a ruined city
3. Dick Hickey - Locked Up
4. lezet- a cockup in the bravado department
5. Unarmed For Victory - Crash Your Plane, Then Renovate
6. Man Among Wolves - Betrayal
7. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Covered with Skin
8. Bodies in Barbwire -The Vile Corpse King
9. Mental D-struction - Let's Dance And Pray Mital Team Product
10. Tyler Sanford - Angel's Cries (Final Mix)
11. Zidovudine Headache - Norman Wisdom getting pissed on
12. Nosens - Stellar Legacy
13. Death Till Extinction - the serious distractions of serial killers
14. Behind the Silence - T.Y.L.A
15. MushroomWavved Collar - Painless
16. Deadskin - Elektro Fucker (Remix by Scorpion Frequency)
17. Subversive Intentions - God
18. Dark Frequencer - monolith
19. Shit Devourer - Uninhibited Men
20. Volksmerink - Calloused
21.TheArmiesOfTheWorldMarchAgainstUs - REG
22. Master Toad - Death in Static
23. Death Collector - Cannibal Nation
24. Zidovudine Headache - Tender-loving PUNCH
25. Postmortem Resurrection - Deception
26. Bodies in Barbwire - Gore Infested Basement
27. Swin Deorin - Swindustrial
28. Dark Frequencer - post nuclear world
29. Death Collector - Pussy
30. Infected Epididymides - She Hack Herself Like An Undead Carcass
31. Man Among Wolves - Disposable
32. Master Toad - The Spectral Traveler
33. Mental D-struction - Untitled Nervosa
34. Submersive Intentions - uncannycandycaning
35. Team Megaship - My Blade
36. TheArmiesOfTheWorldMarchAgainstUs - ZIL
37. Volksmerink - The Shapeshifter
38. Zidovudine Headache - The Beatles suck in their yellow piece of shit!
39. Postmortem Resurrection - Watch Me Die
40. Death Till Extinction - Conatminated
41. 30 Seconds GO! - Raoul Duke's Road Trip
42. Cacotopia - Determined To Die
43. Elephantknuckle - BeerVs.SexVs.FoodVs.Death


Tunnel to the Underground Vol.1 is a collection of songs from
various musicians who perform in various genres. They all share
a common characteristic. They hail from the underground. This
net comp is a showcase of do it yourself, self produced musical goodness,
and is meant to shine light on the amazing sounds that can be heard by
listening to the caverns below mainstream.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some very amazing, talented, and all around cool
individuals who pour their heart and soul into the music they make. The opportunity
to help these do it yourselfers in any way shape or form, even if it's just a little bit,
is something that feels more fulfilling than breathing itself. Tunnel to the Underground
is Kitty on Fire's very first net compilation, and man is it one hell of a compilation at that.
In fact it is so good that I could not dream of keeping it to myself.
This comp deserves as much coverage as humanely possible, which is why KOFRecords is simply
the organizer, and not the exclusive host. Tunnel to the Underground will be available on
various Net Labels who hail from around the globe. These labels include Deadknife Records,
Goatgiven Records, Torn Flesh Records, and

Let this comp be a statement. That no matter what life throws at us, what dead end job we
end up working to make ends meat, no matter what tragedy rips away at our mental health,
we will always have our thoughts and creativity. We will always have our music. There
isn't a soul on this earth that can take that away from us, and there isn't a
cooperation that could ever cast a shadow over it. We are untouchable, we are underground.
So grab your shovel, let's pillage into the cavernous depths and bask in our treasures
of the underworld.

Happy Trails
-Justin Thomas Squires of Kitty on Fire Records [NETLABEL]

Artists Who Contributed
Master Toad (

Swin Deorin (

Team Megaship (

30 Seconds Go (

Behind the Silence (

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (

Man Among Wolves (

Tyler Sanford (


TheArmiesOfTheWorldMarchAgainstUs (

Lezet (

Subversive Intentions (

Dick Hickey (

Dark Frequencer (

Postmortem Ressurection (

Mental D-Struction (

Nosens (

Volksmerink (

Shit Devourer (

MushrromWavved Collar (

Deadskin (

Edge of October (

Bodies in Barbwire (

Death Collector (

Death Till Extinction (

Elephantknuckle (

Unarmed For Victory (

Cacotopia (

Net Labels Who Contributed
Kitty on Fire Records (

Goat Given Records (

Torn Flesh Records (

Wildness Net Label (

Deadknife Records (

Sound Quality and Volume IS NOT consistent through out the release.
Please adjust Volume Accordingly.

Statement from the artists.
Sean Derrick Marquardt: The Song "Covered with Skin" is a dedication to the German Love Parade
incident that occured in 2010, where 21 people lost thier lives while attending a festival meant to inspire
Love and Peace. Sean Derrick Marquardt was part of the original Love Parade, before the event
became bigger than itself, and before the coorperate world milked it for all it was worth.

Special Thanks!!!
I would like to extend a very special thanks to Chris Tianto from Goatgiven Records and Goatheadcorp
for supplying us with such an amazing front cover. You can view and purchase his work here:(

I would also like to thank all the artists and net labels for help organizing and achieving a common goal.
You guys are freakin awesome!

And finally, I would liek to thank all fans of underground music, all do it yourself musicians, and all
net labels, for helping make our world so damned colorful.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

V.A.-"AN UNATTAINABLE IDEA" released with AMEX NORI(Belgium)and Cubiculo Noise Recording(Argentina)!!!!!!

Cubiculo Noise Recording and Amex Nori present "An Unattainable Idea",a free download compilation involving 57 artists from around the world.

free download:

The list of participants (in order of appearance)-Please follow the links and supports their work:
01-Talib Aziiz - (U.S.A.)
02-Problem Anderer Leute - (Germany)
03-Xurzoq - (U.S.A.)
04-NRYY - (Japan)
05-Arkham Sewers Project - (U.S.A.)
06-Audioviruses - (U.K.)
07-Warsaw Pact - (Germany)
08-Colonel XS - (Bermudas)
09-The Dissonance Process - (U.S.A.)
10-Der Domestizierte Mensch - (Germany)
11-Playing with nuns - (Argentina)
12-Machinoir - (Australia)
13-Herr Schmitd hat Krach - (Germany)
14-Misantronics - (Belgium)
15-Cartouchélidolémoche - (France)
16-Chaotic Sound - (Brazil)
17-Cum Commando - (Mexico)
18-FxTxRxGx - (Australia)
19-To-Bo - (Germany)
20-God Pussy - (Brazil)
21-Harina 4 Ceros - (Argentina)
22-Heirdrain - (Canada)
23-Intergalactic Wizard - (U.S.A.)
24-Machinesaw - (Macedonia)
25-Misantropskia - (Brazil)
26-Argot - (Indonesia)
27-O.S.N.A. - (Uruguay)
28-Josef Nadek - (Austria)
29-Tarsus - (Germany)
30-Nosos - (Argentina)
31-W.H.Y. - (Italy)
32-Rapesbladder - (U.K.)
33-Disciplina urbana - (Brazil)
34-Scapegoat - (U.S.A.)
35-Amduskazyum - (Canada)
36-AxSxPx - (U.S.A.)
37-Mamá bizarra - (Ecuador)
38-Black Air / Microbit Project - (Russia)
39-Noise Mortanna - (Slovakia)
40-DMAH - (Colombia)
41-Dbpit & xxena - (Italy)
42-Christ Phyr Blyr & lezet - (U.S.A./Servia)
43-Noise Injury - (Hungary)
44-Remedos Varios - (Chile)
45-Tassilo Kaminsky - (Germany)
46-Schultz - (France)
47-Pordiozero - (Colombia)
48-Animal Bender - (U.S.A.)
49-Hallucinogenic Toxidrome - (Bulgaria)
50-Jerking off coma patients - (Belgium)
51-Basidiomycota - (U.S.A.)
52-Vitriol Zero - (France)
53-Inconnu Ictu - (Philippines)
54-Missannight - (Argentina)
55-Aural Antithesis - (U.S.A.)
56-Gohger - (U.S.A.)

A Cubiculo Noise recording / Amex Nori Production.