Friday, November 12, 2010


Artwork by Ray Garrido
All original songs by Quetzal Contla a.k.a. In Vitro
Phatastico Dogma [kreislauf028] an ep published by Kreislauf Organization in 2007.This new release presents a collection of remixes of Phantastico Dogma, an ep released by In Vitro in Kreislauf at 2007. With the participation of Phasen, Lezet, Vela, Frallar and horiso. Diferent genres and interpretations.
Ya no un Yo sino un Nosotros is a rework of La Decadencia, el Yo. released in the same ep.
Artist: In Vitro
Album Title: Phantastico Dogma Remixes
Remixers: Phasen, Lezet, Vela, Frallar and horiso Label: Breathe Compilations. Catalogue: brhnet13. Format: FLAC, MP3 320 kbps. Style: downtempo, ambient, idm, electronic, deep tech. Time: 32 minutes 23 seconds. Size: 172mb, 79mb. Artwork by Ray Garrido. Published by Breathe. License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. URL: Date: November, 2010.
A lot of thanks to the artists involved: Ray, Lezet, horiso, Phasen, Vela and Frallar.
Thanks to Elena, Patxi, Dimitris, Christian and all the friends of Breathe too.

Please pray and do something for peace and justice in México.
¿Cuix amo nican nica nimonantzin ¿Cuix amo nocehuallotitlan, necauhyotitlan in tica? ¿Cuix amo nehuatl in nimopaccayeliz? ¿Cuix amo nocuixanco nomamalhuazco in tica? ¿Cuix oc itla in motech monequi?
¿Acaso no soy yo aquí tu madre? ¿No estás bajo mi sombra y resguardo? ¿Acaso no soy yo tu fuente de vida? ¿No estás acaso en el hueco de mi manto, en donde cruzo mis brazos? Quién más te hace falta?
Nican Mopohua
La virgen del Tepeyac es un símbolo / suceso místico que ha perdurado mucho tiempo, clave en la historia del país, es extraño, pues tiene como figura principal a una indígena joven de piel morena, embarazada, de cabello obscuro, serena, en silencio. Me recuerda a todas las mujeres indígenas de México, las mas golpeadas por este grosero empobrecimiento y por esta violencia desbordada; pese al desplazamiento forzoso, la agresión directa, la cruenta represión, se siguen levantando cada mañana a trabajar para sus hijos y familiares, son las que dan el sustento y las que consiguen el agua, las que cuidan a los niños y mantienen un hogar aún donde no hay casa. Otras niñas y mujeres como ellas son las primeras y principales victimas del sistema neoliberal que muestra su verdadero rostro siniestro en Cd. Juárez y muchas otras poblaciones del país, ultrajándoles por centenas. María también fue pobre, desplazada, perseguida y reprimida. Por eso su aparición entre los mas pobres de América, los indígenas, es un acto de natural solidaridad.
In Vitro. mx2010

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Please help me win a signed copy of Steve reich's fantasitc album and scores for "Double Sextet/2x5":

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V.A.-"SURVEY0012"released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE (England)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0012 survey
curated by Adrian Beentjes, Anthony Donovan & Jaan Patterson
published 7th NOvember 2010

6 or 7 / Akoustik Timbre Frekuency / Ambient Fabric / Anton Mobin / Astrometria / Audra Dawn Fleming / Cezary Gapik / Chevo Légé / Chevo Légé and Tvlasunor / Clutter / Coffin Boffin / Colin Johnco / Collectif Sin / EHEIM 1000.220 / Gurdonark / Ian Linter / Kalistongue / Lezet / MaCu / Murmurists / Noise Research / One Minute Wanda / Pixyblink / Pythagora & Pilectro / .RR / Shield Your Eyes Pray For Death / Sound Inhaler / Tvlasunor / undRess Béton / YMMV / Zilmrah / Zoologic


to be found on the bandcamp ,as well as on its respective freemusic archive page amd archiedotorg page



Founded in 2008, Classwar Karaoke is a label dedicated to the release of experimental music and short-films; principally, by means of a series of ongoing quarterly surveys, made available via sites such as internet archive, myspace, disclogs, youtube, lastfm, facebook, sonic squirrel, reverbnation, soundcloud etc., under Creative Commons license 3.0 All material remains the property of the respective artists and is offered for free download in line with this license. The ten surveys published so far feature over one-hundred artists, from all over the world; and the material in toto represents significant documentation of the experimental scene itself. Involvement in the project has helped spawn many fruitful collaborations, live-shows and a vibrant exchange of ideas; so much so that, for several repeat-participants, Classwar Karaoke is as much a collective as it is a mechanism for the release of new material.
If you are interested in participating, please explore this myspace in the first instance in order to establish whether your material fits, stylistically and in terms of outlook, with that of the current survey. There are two methods of participation: either with a piece of music or a short-film. On rare occasions, we may invite both. Each method also includes an image and a piece of text. General enquiries, submissions of audio, film, images and text should be sent to
Best wishes,
Adrian Beentjes - Zoologic
Anthony Donovan - Murmurists
Jaan Patterson - undRess Béton