Saturday, February 21, 2009

Andre Vida & Lezet "Invasive" released through "Clinical Archives"(Russia)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

artist: Andre Vida & Lezet -Invasive
label:Clinical Archives (Moscow,Russia)
genre: jazz,improvisation,guided improvisation,experimental
"Arriving in NYC in 1995 at the age of 19, with male pattern baldness shaved in his head by his own hand,Andre Vida began terrorizing the Knitting Factory,The Cooler and subway platforms everywhere, with his unique brand of improvised saxophonic punkosity.In between performances with Anthony Braxton,The Tower Recordings,Susie Ibarra,Lil'JJ,Brandon Evans,Sonny Simmons,Tim Barnes, and Cecil Taylor,Vida began to notice that there was often a cab parked on the corner of Hudson and Canal with a coffin sticking out the back.One day, Vida decided to see what was inside.Was it the future of freejazz?The fate of instrumental improvisation to the exclusion of theatre?Was it a call for Vida to develop his singing voice?I wish I knew , for he seems to hold a kind of power over me and I believe it stems from what we learned here.
Eleven years later in Berlin, his highly regarded "Every Tuesday night for the rest of your life" series at Wendel, has allowed him to hone his skils as tap dancer , saxophonist, blues singer, and monolonguist with amazing guests from all reaches of the globe .Guests have included Leo Amizic,Yorgos Dmitiriades,Kevy Blechdom,Kim Hiorthoy,Clayton Thomas,Tony Buck,Jamie Lidell,Mocky,Bill Youngman,Guido Hennebohl, Brendan Dougherty, the disgruntled mimes and many more..." taken from
"Lezet took Andre Vida's live recordings and reorganized some of the materials into small saxophone and spoken word particles.He manipulated those into improvised passages over which he improvised again (this time by using piano keyboards).The result will hopefully be appealing to those who seek an aural challenge."

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Andre Vida:

artwork:Vojislav Nedeljkovic;original score/drawing on the artwork by Matthew Lee Knowles (an avantgarde composer/artist from London,UK) - (check out his brilliant pieces of music and art at this myspace page)