Thursday, August 9, 2007

NEW FREE DOWNLOAD EP "EARPIECE"(HOMAGE TO PENTLICZEK) released with "Abdicate Cell" (Norway)

"Pentliczek's music is an ongoing , genre-defying travelogue not wanting in structure nor execution.Lezet's "Earpiece" attempts to unriddle and re-interpret the original Pentliczek timbre while paying homage to this music royalty.Knuckling down to working on this collection was an enlightening as well as a rewarding experience.
Kudos to Dominik Gawara for giving Lezet a permission to embark on such a wonderful voyage.

link to the album's free download:

All tracks originally written and recorded by Pentliczek (Dominik Gawara)
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This item is part of the collection: Abdicate Cell,Oslo, Norway

Author: Lezet
Date: 2007-08-09
Keywords: experimental