Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lezet's "Intervals" released with FORMAT NOISE(Germany)!

catalogue nr.: form-net-25
artist: Lezet
album: Intervals
style: experimental / other
release date: November 24, 2008

track list:
intervals (variation)

"The "Intervals" album is sort of a sequel to "Lezet2" and it delves a bit more into the issue of track duration (15-sec track vs. a 60-minute track)."Lezet2" album was about presenting concise musical statements, and "Intervals" thrives on having a main-theme and variations interact within a 60-minute frame.The timbre builds communication blocks varying in pitch and duration that interlace at intervals.This album contains the first 60-minute track Lezet has ever created.
It's the perfect experimental album for christmas time, because it sounds a little bit like a christmas tree on LSD. It's great experimental work, so please enjoy it."
format noise,2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

v.a.-"survey0003" through CLASSWAR KARAOKE(France)

v.a.-survey0003-an ongoing compilation series initiated by MURMURISTS via their established project/netlabel CLASSWAR KARAOKE
The themes of SURVEY0003 are "cabaret","burlesque" and "regression".All participants sent a piece of music, a piece of writing , and an image.Check the compilation (and surveys 0001 and 0002) here:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lezet's "MELD3" released with COLIN JOHNCO RECORDS(Paris,France)

"Meld3" is the third in a series of Lezet's albums of collaborations with various innovative musicians/bands/ensembles around the globe.It showcases tracks distinctly electronic in their making and adventurous in their design.
The list of collaborators on "Meld3" (in order of appearance):
HOM (Northampton, Midlands,United Kingdom)
When Tom Dinsdale's HOM debut album was released through HEADPHONICA RECORDS,I doubt he thought of being a constant source of inspiration to all the open-minded musicians around the world.If you ever asked yourself what was the next big thing out there that should have become a part of the NINJA TUNE or WARP catalogue, the answer is "HOM!".Formative influences include:Four Tet
Jaga Jazzist,Tom Waits,Einsturzende Neubauten,Bjork,Boards Of Canada,Miles Davis,John Cage,The Mars Volta,Phillip Glass,Pharoh Sanders,Masada,Cabaret Voltaire,Depeche Mode,Bauhaus,Faust...
the link to HOM's debut:

CHRIST PHYR BLYR aka CHRISTOPHER BYLER aka ON THE RIM OF THE WHEEL A NAIL aka INDUSTRY RIVALS (?,The United States of America)-one of the most innovative composers and movie-makers Lezer ever came across in his pursuit of collaborators.Images and sounds speak louder than words:

NEUBAU (Niederösterreich ,Austria)
... born 1978 in Austria
... composing since the age of 12, fascinated by algorithmic composing that time and ever since then, playing whatever produces sound waves in some improvisational projects. Doing tape music.
... evermore into electronic music and the implementation of scientific models in composition.
...generally more interested in processes than outcomes - and simultaneously in the outcome, that causes process...
...sounds/unsounds of nature and the sounds/unsounds i have in mind when being amidst impressive sceneries. Silence.
...And concepts and methods in life sciences: selforganisation, microscopy, chemical analysis, evolutionary models, molecular biology etc.
..trying to grow in being influenced, so: to be continued.
"I am a sound artist, with and without instruments, with and without teachers, other musicians, microphones, scores. Placements, settings and developments of sounds that just seem to happen, to occur without compositional intentions fascinated me ever since.
The focus of my actual works is the implementation of scientific models and ideas into music. Not just to translate them: hopefully to dance them through sounds, to let them shine through.
As well i am very interested in sounds as a source and an end of visual impressions. so my projects lead to collaborations with visual artists and film producers."

SINK (Fremantle,Australia)
influences:classical music, grunge, heavy rock, the music on old role playing games of the super nintendo, the urge to be original, life and it’s dealings. Those who are original inspire.
Biography of Brief:
The land is grey with the tiring of growth and melodic descents are in complete order. The sequence to land and the sky to graze, sandlings flitter (flitter) flap and crap. Strappy and strong the spoonbills raise their cheeks, songs of glitter and eloquence. Cry and complain, lace and demane, our truly heart reason be weavels.
Weavels to bleed, mosquitos to suck and cranberries to juice for the purification. So slap on your goiter and rip out the cheese, wine for the diners and mold for the weeds. Spat at and caught for; a dinner for two, rand and rand and mullah and dime.
Call the birds, tweet, tweet, tweet. Scaring the angular cloud dispersements into a flipping frenzy of grief, and question. Question the ground you walk on, nothing is certain.
Constantly changing belief and erroneous spacey blossom tips from friends so friendly as to deceive.
Be mindful of this but, remember to... breathe, and breathing means smiling. A happy life of balanced worry and discontentment, but positively certain the scale can be set and reached.
Love the pixies and fae creatures bounding, lounging. Play with the mites of magicks and create your whirlpools of desires. Living this time for now, this effervescent love is lore and law.
Please.. me? I’m breathing fairy gold dust and it makes my nose blacken, blackened.
Just breathe.. (yet another rambling about breathing) =)
- Matt

ME RAABENSTEIN (Berlin,Germany)
Having a filmmakers and painters background, me raabenstein investigates in overlaping structures and the lamination of inappropiate ingredients. constituted with impatience and intrusiveness the process of producing asks for constant conversion and unsung modus operandi. the unconsciousness is often recalled as a perfect working method of artists from this genre, materialising and structuring voids to be freed and filled with advanced and cutting edged content. analysing different layers of proceeding structures, me guides his musical textures towards an adulteration of unaccustomed sonances, cluttering cacophanys and rhytmic paragon.

J EDGAR COOKIE (OMAHA, Nebraska,The United States) aka DOWHOWER.Influences:Rhea Dee, Louis Andriessen, Johnny Cash, Humphrey Searle, Bernard Herrmann, Alexander Courage, Dominic Frontiere, Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, Ennio Morricone, Jimi Hendrix, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Yes, Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin, Wendy Carlos, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Sidney Bechet, Blind Lemmon Jefferson, Thelonious Monk, All the Modal Counterpoint Masters, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Arnold Schoenberg, Bela Bartok, Anton Webern, John Cage, Elliot Carter, John Coltrane, Anthony Braxton, George Crumb, Peter Maxwell Davies, Gustav Mahler, Ella Fitzgerald, Ruth Crawford Seeger.

Trakur is Bojan Dojkic's brainchild.This one-man experimental gem transcends and outgrows individual genres.The work he put out so far is amazing, innovative,visceral,energetic,unique.Check TRAKUR out at:

"er selbst" is a reflexive pronoun for the 3rd person singular, maskulinum in german. er selbst refers to himself absolutly and totally, but doen's mean anything else then this.
the sounds that seem to come from er selbst do not belong to music or art or whatever - they just belong to themselves.
if you'd like to know more about "er selbst" just google it or go straight to and download the stuff itself.

BLANK DISC (Zrenjanin,Vojvodina,Serbia)
BLANK DISC are Srdan Muc (1965; guitar) and Robert Roža (1972; no-input electronics, objects), from Zrenjanin (Vojvodina, Serbia) founded in 1997. Active in the field of free improvisation, and also electronic/electroacoustic experimental music. Take part in some international “new music” festivals: RING RING-Beograd (1999, 2000, 2001 & 2005) ALTERNATIVA festival-Prague (2001) EX EU festival-Vienna (2001) EXIT festival with Erik Satie Vexation Project-Novi Sad (2006) Workshops: Kazuhisa Uchihashi-Japan (1999) Otomo Yoshihide-Japan (2000) George Cremashi, Matthew Ostrovsky-USA (2005) Swiss-Balkan Creative Music I & II-Switzerland (2007, 2008) In 2006 founded BLANKDISC TRIO with German saxophon player Georg Wissel. From 2007 collaboration with Zoran Mirkovic. Works, performing with: Rascep, Aleksandar Jecmenica, Svetlana Spajic, Andrej Gigic, Milan Aleksic, Pascal Baltazar, Georg Wissel, Zoran Mirkovic, Jonas Kocher, Benoît Moreau, John Menoud, Anne Gillot, Laurent Bruttin, Dragos Tara,Nikola Radenovic, Stefan Kovacevic, Richard Brinka, Bojan Dojkic, Nhandan Chirco, Branko Popovic DISCOGRAPHY: BLANK DISC edition: I (CD 1998) II (CD 1999) III, IV (CD’s 2000) V, VI, VII (CD’s 2001) VIII, IX (CD’s 2002) X (CD 2003) XI (CD 2005) XII (CD 2006) Acoustics By Zoran Mirkovic (CD 2008) On compilation: "ExEu-Tended Rope" (CD Salon Elise, Austria 2003) “New music from Central & Eastern Europe Vol.2 - Breath:Deep” (CD Tamizdat, US 2000) "Compilation" soundtrack-background music for Vladan Nikolic's exhibition (CD La Bobine-Grenoble, France 2006) "Postindustrial Changes" (CD Downtown rec., Slovenia 2008) As BLANKDISC TRIO: “im KomikerLand” ( CD Nurnichtnur, Germany 2007) “Live @ Klupce” (netlabel Otompotom, Serbia 2008) Some links:

NOAH ROTT (Hamburg,Hamburg,Germany)- a 17-year old jazzzz wizzzz who put out one of the most impressive debut releases I've ever stumbled upon.Drawing upon jazz,lounge and a multitude of other electronic genres and approaches, his work is both pleasing the inner ear and engaging the listener.
SUPERSMILE - by Noah Rott:

PLAN KOREN IZ 9 (Belgrade,Serbia)
"Srpski: U ovom formatu drndaju od kraja 2006. Trenutno su svi punoleetnii. Ako nekoo ima neshto da doda nek kazhEe: Iz ove poljoprivredne stanice apeluju da proizvodjachi treba da zatvore sve brazde, ... plan nije ostvaren jer je od predvidjenih 9.000 hektara slatki koren ... English: 3 18year old geeks doing something like music"
band members:Jovgen(gitara)Simbad(klavijatura/bas)Krsto(kompjuter/takoto)
influences:mike patton,tricky, massive attack,mountain men anonymous, portishead, epic45,residents,pat metheny, morphine, sigur ros, dose one, aesop rock, low,tuxedomoon,16horsepower,mogwai,air,ministry,65dos,boc,misphits,slowdive,ramones,autechre,stranglers, bauhaus,klaxons,fearfactory,the fog, seefeel,absent without leave,simon & garfunkel,slowblow... iii red:vis idoli, sharlo akrobata, obojeni program,darkwood dub,goribor,block out, bjesovi, vuneny,boje,damir avdic igre:fallout1,2,abes odyssey/exodus,rayman,american mcgees alice,simcity3000 izuzetni soundtrackovi.. zx spectrum!! dalje:neki filmovi i tresh svake vrste

PROTECIOUS (Perigord/Morningsdale,Ohio,The United States)
"Say what you will about my art, that's fine, but you will never say that it isnt unique or that it isnt original or that I didnt take a long time making things, because I did take endless hours of work making art, very proudly, very passionatly and the only insult I give myself is the day I make art or music for the wrong reasons, my reasons have always been and always will be encouragment, optimism, creativity, imagination, motivation, originality, and dedication to art like the artist that I am... I dont seek to be mozart, beethoven, I dont want to be famous or on television, I have always just been Protecious, and that puts a smile on my face... now what about you? are you doing what you were meant to do? are you doing with your talents what you were meant to do? im not judging, im just encouraging, put the video games away, dont get drunk another night, when you are 75 years old dont you want to look back and see all you left behind and made and did, or do you want to look back and remember defeating people in video games, or getting trashed every night?...your choice..."

LITMUS0001 (Madison, Wisconsin,The United States)
Jonathan Ewald's (LITMUS0001)words:"Litmus0001 grew up in a small town in the 216, but now it's the 330. When he turned 18, he went to the 513 to learn how life works. He also helped invent/mimic shoegazer in the band Sinker, which somehow still gets press there once in a while. 4 yr later, he went to the 615 to continue his study of how life works at a much finer, more detailed level. Additionally he began his study of how to channel emotion by spontaneous expressionist/impressionist sonic surrender using various modes and methods in the bands Electric Mayhem, Local Anesthetic, Waywards Legs, and Simple Circuits. He was also a contributing member of the Kirkwood Arts and Social Collective and it's semi-official Ensemble Chamber Orchestra. In 2001, he moved to the 509 to develop new ways of looking at how life works, paying attention to everything all at once without knowing what you're looking it, describing it all with a limited-variable equation. Unfortunately, he really wanted to be in the 206 and the 503 during this time. It was here, in the desolate high desert rain shaddow of Mt Adams, Mt Ranier and Mt Stuart that litmus0001 developed in earnest as a method to combat crippling depression and near-terminal psychosis. In 2004, he returned east, this time landing in the 608, to figure out how life goes haywire in that thing called cancer, and how to drug this haywire so it goes quiet and benign. Here, he has also further developed his spontaneous transitory expressionist/impressionist sub-mental channeling methods to chisel sonic sculptures and soundscapes out of thin air. He continues to perform these experiments in self-imposed isolation in the presence of select audiences. ***************** He is married, and has two dogs that he communicates with empathically; they are his familiars. *********** All litmus0001 music is absolutely free. Just like you should be, think you are, but probably aren't.
For me, the creative process is cathartic. I have to have my mind in the right place when I consider performing and while I am performing.
The process is meditative. Ideally, the mind is blank, open only to the immediate, thoughtfully considering the present situation and potential optional ideas to pursue from that time forward. A tentative step is taken in that direction, and either it catches or it does not. Either it catches an d is pursued, or it is developed further into a theme or a direction, whether it be melodic or textural."


Lezet-Meld3 tracklist:
01.claptrap on memory lane (hom rmx)(hom+lezet)
02.I'll never touch your eels again (christ phyr blyr+lezet)
03.annoyance 3 (NEUBAU remix) (neubau+lezet)
04.stigma (sink+lezet)
05.bells and whistles (me raabenstein+lezet)
06.din_5 with a dash of metal (j edgar cookie+lezet)
07.chokot (movements I&II)(trakur+lezet)
08.cecilianism['² remix by er selbst](er selbst+lezet)
09.a step away (noah rott+lezet)
10.tropic (medley) (blankdisc trio+lezet)
11.innuendo (plan koren iz 9+lezet)
12.booster (rmx) (protecious+lezet)
13.claptrap7(remix v2) (litmus0001+lezet)



Limited cd-r edition is available for 10 euros / 10 $ cash
(price including postage)

Colin Johnco records
22 rue Saint Lazare
75009 Paris