Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lezet's radio show

Not to be mixed up with the shows on LEZET radio, USA. Lezet invites all the independent artists to send him their cds/cd-rs/mixtape cds so that he may play the material on his radio show in Serbia. All-genres are welcome (save indie-rock,epic-heavy/power metal,and unintellligent hip-hop artists(if you sound like Roots,Buckshot Le Fonque, new Material,and some other eclectic hop artists around, or if you be trying to defy the narrow confines of the genre in any way , be sure you'll receive some considerable airplay))...
Here's the address to send your cd/cdr/mixtape cd to:
Jovanovic Igor,
Skolska bb,
31210 Pozega,

contact :

NEW EP - "." available for free download (a mere 19mb)

"Abdicate Cell"(Norway) released the new Lezet's ep -"."- , now available for free download at:

Abdicate Cell entry:
"Melody and hubbub play their respective parts on the nature of the compositions present on this e.p. The experimental musician from Serbia is here inspired by asthma seizures, the percussive effects of the instruments that forged the pieces, and their creative potential.Ideas are expressed sonically through a series of dissonant musings ; but dissonance is heavily subjected to the melodic mainframe.The title itself - "."- argues the desired length of a musical piece. Is making of a 10-second composition more rewarding and inspirational than an 8-minute one?"

- track 6 features Throuroof, an avant-noise artist from Prato, Italy.
his label:
+ To Live and Shave in La -amazing sound manipulators and experimentators ; they went through a series of line-up changes and their discography and biography is very extensive. Check them out at:

- track 11:Eric Schwartz-classical composer from Brooklyn
Eric Schwartz has studied composition at the Cleveland Institute of Music, New York University, and both the Interlochen and Aspen Summer Music Festivals. Past teachers have included Margaret Brouwer, Donald Erb, George Tsontakis, and Randy Woolf. Primarily interested in a synthesis of musical archetypes, Schwartz is always at work on a variety of genre bending projects. Formative influences include an amalgamation of the glam metal of the late 80's, and the baroque intellectualism of Arnold Schoenberg. More recently, an interest in a variety of different musical styles has carved a path towards new directions both in musical construction and philosophy. His music has been performed at various venues throughout New York City, from The Knitting Factory to Merkin Concert Hall, as well as such far flung places as Bucharest, Romania and Thunder Bay, Ontario. He has received awards and grants from ASCAP, The Society for New Music, The Puffin Foundation, The Cleveland Chamber Symphony, and The Ohio Federation of College Music Clubs. Schwartz has served on the faculties of New York University, Hunter College, and the Lucy Moses Music School, and is the artistic director of the Brooklyn, NY based experimental music group Forecast Music ( His debut CD "24 Ways of Looking at a Piano", recently named one of the top classical CDs of 2005 by All Music Guide, is available now from Centaur Records ( Eric can be reached at:
The track 11 is a deconstructed piece from his "24 ways of looking at the piano"

During the first month the "." has been downloaded 102 times

the "Cell" compilation available for free download!!!!!

"Abdicate Cell" has released an experimental/ambient-noise compilation with various International artists (from Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Japan, USA and Serbia):

*Larva 108.
.Pacta Sunt Servanda.
.Ultra Fuckers.
.Control One Remote.
.Crow Bones.
.Awser Derf.
.Pixel Form.

The compilation is available for free download in various formats (wav,zip,mp3, ogg...)at:

Lezet's s/t debut album

LEZET - SELF TITLED –shut down Sept 2006-main page announcement
Here is what Lucky Unicorn's CEO wrote about the debut:

"Our first band from overseas! Lezet is a one man project from Serbia and Montenegro. This debut CD is organized into 52 short, jarring tracks that caffeinate the mind and body slam your ears. I don't like to name drop, but the improvisational feel to a lot of the tracks reminds me of John Zorn without a saxophone. Seriously, you will become smarter simply by listening to this album".

The debut was re-released with "Faux Fetus Collective", USA in January 2007
and it is now available for free mp3 download at: since 2008 Lezet's debut is also available through Faux Fetus on FMA: