Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"v.a.-survey0008" released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE(England)!!

0008 survey is now published and on-line, here, at the classwar karaoke myspace:

This time, we are seventeen-acts-strong, and offering, for the first time, both film and music, as well as the images and texts.
Of the seventeen, seven acts chose to submit film - happily, including several inter-ck collaborations:
Anthony Donovan & Jaan Patterson
Murmurists, Pixyblink & Bryan Lewis Saunders
Noise Research
Ruela Pinho & Babalith Band
Bryan Lewis Saunders & Nicole Bailey
Sound Inhaler
Undress Beton
...whilst ten chose to submit music:
A Quiet Monday & Abdul 'Ben' Camel
Colin John Conass
Iku Turso
One Minute Wanda
As ever, the images can be viewed in the myspace's pics section


and the words can be read in its blog section:


; the films can be viewed in the videos section:


; whilst the music is available on the front-page mp3 player:

Again, this is fantastic work - worthy of maximum exposure and anyone's serious attention and consideration. Please, tell your friends, include links in your own circulars etc. Please, also, when you comment, do so on the myspace's comments sections.
We thank you all for making classwar karaoke so damned fine!
Special cheers to Ad, who spent all last night wrestling with glitchy old myspace, uploading the films numerous times. He's a hero!
Enjoy and very best wishes!
Anthony x

0008 survey
curated by adrian beentjes & anthony donovan
published 23rd November 2009

A Quiet Monday & Abdul 'Ben' Camel / Colin John Conass / Anthony Donovan & Jaan Patterson / Fonik / Iku Turso / Kalistongue / Lezet / Murmurists, Pixyblink & Bryan Lewis Saunders / Noise Research / One Minute Wanda / PAS / Ruela Pinho & Babalith Band / Pixyblink / Bryan Lewis Saunders & Nicole Bailey / Sound Inhaler / Undress Beton / Zoologic

classwar karaoke is a netlabel, originated and operated by myself, Anthony Donovan, from March 2008 until August 2009, and now operated by myself and Adrian Beentjes.

As a project, classwar karaoke is based around a series of ongoing, quarterly surveys, the first of which, dubbed '0001 survey', was released in May 2008. Each survey is different - in terms of personnel, number of personnel, and in terms of theme. Participation is fairly open - so long as those interested in being involved work intelligently within the broad context of experimental music and do not seek to use the project as just another on-line shop-window for their material. So far, the inclusive nature of classwar karaoke has worked wonderfully-well in terms of quality of material. See and hear for yourself by checking out our internet archive pages. Indeed, the label itself was envisaged, from the very start, as an experiment in the positive power which inclusivity can have upon artworking if included in meaningful ways. That said, we reserve the right to maintain the quality of both the art which is offered and the community from which it comes.

you can download previous surveys here:


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LEZET's"EXTENDED"released with PLANETARIUM RECORDS(USA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ planetarium records * research facility * lab 128 ]
a free download release

01. Extended Piano Piece 1
02. Extended Piano Piece 2 (Folk)
03. Extended Piano Piece 3
running time

What do irradiated beetles, injection-molded spider sculptures and dj battery brain have in common? probably nothing, but listen to the findings of professor lizet in lab 128!Incited and propelled by Satie's "Vexations", this album explores the theme being a variation in itself, weaving a net of dissonant statements. Having no other pretentious goal save pleasing the inner ear, the album is made with a view of exploring the aforementioned "theme equals variation" relation.

you can download the album here:


planetarium records is a vehicle for the promotion of various artistic works, established in 2002. we are based in new york and can still rock röntgens like three-mile island.

planetarium records research facility is a free internet multimedia label (netlabel).we are dedicated to providing interesting, quality music for public consumption and/or provocation.