Saturday, September 8, 2007


Lezet announces yet another free download album entitled "Meld". "Meld" is a set of collaborations and remixes with artists from various countries, each of them different in their view of music to a certain degree.The album is available for free download with "B&R Records" from Santa Rosa,CA,USA at:

Below is the list of featured artists:

feeel (USA)
FEEL is an evolving, growing, learning, and member-changing experimental/noise/rawking/freeform music group from Northern California, USA. we layer and jam freely........featuring guitar, bass, trumpet, synth, flute, percussion, keyboard, voice, and all kinds of stuff - including other instruments and things that probably shouldn't ever be used in the way we use them/mold them/etc......

zma (Serbia)
Belgrade's finest metal drummer, currently working with "Draconic" and "Consecraion" has a Lezetish side to his solo work (or Lezet has a Zma-ish side to his work).His "Zma" efforts will hopefully be released with an independent label sometime somewhere. web: and

tracy lee summers (France)
when flowers overgrown with wretched microphone starts to miaow something about prog/ambientism-avantgarde/rock in opposition, digital-field-electro and pataphysical rythms****
influences:some artists from:
apestaartje, progressive form, ante-zen, warp, type, textile, domino, island,, arbouzerecordings, thrill jocket, laboratory instinct, leaf, multicolor, chemikal underground, intr version, constellation, skam, lex, mush, !k7, nonplace, tigersushi, dsa, compost, city slang, mental groove, touch, kranky, reflex, mute, anti, rhymesayers, fat-cat, mego, ninja tune, alien 8, anticon, def jux, load, merge, roir, chronowax, hymen, active suspension, 75ark, plug research, scape, schematic, op.disc, goom, bip hop, kioon records, rune grammofon, raster noton, sub rosa, for 4 ears, mosz, b pitch control, kompact, wavetrap, elektra, too pure, quatermass, chocolate industries, rump-recordings, clapping music, mo wax, dirty loop, big dada, stones throw, logistic, acuareladiscos..
Guérasim Luca
Website :

biomuse (England/Italy)
At the beginning of 1995 roman duo stefano curti and mauro ruvolo awoke a ferocious beast that would become known the world over as bio muse. After being picked up by Tony Thorpe's acclaimed Language imprint they proceeded to release their debut album "Wrong", hailed as a "startling debut of growling, fucked-up feedback dementia from the brilliant Italian low-end extremists" by i-D magazine. With further rave reviews from NME, Muzik and Mixmag, it became clear the beast was here to stay. The impeccable production skills showcased on their landmark debut also helped establish them as prolific remixers throughout the tail end of the 90's, only finding time to develop compilation tracks at the request of luminaries like Kevin Martin. In early 2000 the beast was put back to bed as stefano embarked on a new project distributing experimental cinema and video art ( and mauro immersed himself in scoring films, studying jazz guitar and fine tuning various audio restoration projects including Andy Warhol's "Vinyl" and "The Velvet Underground and Nico". In 2003 the beast came calling again and the pair started writing new material, this time with new blood in the shape of Nina Walsh. The experimental electronica label boss of Sabrettes and guitarist/vocalist and writer with "Slab" can be found singing on the new "Two Lone Swordsmen" album or taming the machines in her studio finishing her debut solo album. The result of this collaboration is a bass-heavy, rip snorting two track 7" that is sure to scare all but the most hardened experimentalists. It's a full on attack of the eardrums, from Occasionally in a Way's gut churning bass line to the relentless feedback screams of Tacky Piranha, this is truly a record you'll either love or hate, but those who love it will f*cking worship it! This grisly package also includes a DVD featuring the videos of the vinyl tracks, composed of footage taken from director Paolo Gioli's old films - stitched together in pure analogue fashion. There is also a bonus nasty Sporanex, a filthy slice of twisted metal, dominated by Nina's distinctive vocal and who's video contains exclusive footage shot during the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa. Gioli and Bio Muse met by coincidence and the relationship was formed when by mistake Stefano brought some of Gioli's film works in to the studio while the band were recording a track and immediately they recognised an interaction between the music and images. Although Gioli's a 60 year old who usually listens to classical music, he surprisingly liked what Bio Muse were doing and commissioned them to write the soundtrack for a new 20 minute short movie of his based on the animation of some Marilyn Monroe rare photographs. With an album scheduled for release early next year expect some more "electronic adventures of the seriously twisted kind…" "…combine the fury of Aphex with a twisted funk-rock jam. Trip-hop's answer to Led Zep" (NME) "Takes the concept of metal-funk to ultra-intense extremes… more demanding than a Baader-Meinhof ransom note" (MUZIK) "S
eriously twisted… hypnotic in an ugly kind of way, a bit like the way you can't tear your eyes away from a serious accident" (MIXMAG) "occasionally in a way" and "tacky piranha" video's have been made using no computer or digital filming - all 100% pure anolog productions).

dr please AKA tigertiger uppercut (USA)

control one remote *(USA)
In early 2004 this project was conceived by guitarist/bassist Joel Osborne. Combining material he had written over the past 3 years the skeletal structure of these songs sparked life. Joseph Hopkins was recruited to add sonic corrosion and atmospheres to the already distorted melodic structuring. "Project001" was complete later that year and is to date the only Control One Remote offering but 2006 may hold new visits to this dissonant plain of awareness. New material is in production for 2007 demo.

enigmatiko (Brasil)
a guy setting standards in South American hiphop.Visit him at myspace or google him.

igorrr (France)
an amazing,eclectic ensemble drawing upon jazz, classical music (treating baroque a bit burlesque in particular), native American music, and French tango music.Please visit them at:

larva 108 (Italy)
]-->Honestly, I do music for myself... especially I need a soundtrack for my evenings, when I'm alone, sad and drunk a bit. I try to do the right music for that kind of night. 108 = visual art, LARVA = "music". Born in Alessandria (north west of Italy). As 108 I started to do "public art" in the end of the 90's (after years of classic graffiti and other stuff) and I put my stuff everywhere around the planet, from my town Alessandria to Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Reykiavik, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Palermo, London, Munich, New York, San Francisco, Turkey, Switzerland, New Zeland, ecc... Some 108 art exhibitions: > 2006, Genova (eves 2006) > 2006 Zaragoza (Segundo Asalto - En la frontera) > 2006 Milano - (Spazio Xpo') > 2005, Milano (Urban Edge Show) > 2005, Washington (Street art show) > 2004, Paris (Nusign 2.4)> 2003, UK (Leeds) > 2003, Modena (Icone) > 2003, Milano (Hiu)......... LARVA is noise made for myself expecially (as for the art), anyway check the infos elsewhere...