Sunday, April 22, 2018

V.A.-"Master of the Game" released by Gimp Gash (USA)!!!!

a various artists compilation inspired by video games and compilaed by the great Gimp Gash

artists featured on the compilation:
Vaginal Pentagram,? ,Azargled ,Bergegas Mati , Billion Needles ,EDDIEXMURPHY ,Lezet ,Awkward Geisha ,mhzesent ,TEVARBULEBRA ,YANN PILLAS ,Wiht Rasalasad ,Harsh Noise Movement ,Gimp Gash


Lezet's contribution inspired by the legendary Led Storm game and Tim Follin:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

V.A.- "Exhibition" released with SUBMARINE BROADCASTING COMPANY (UK)!!!!

Exhibition is a compilation of new music, split into three strands: Red, Green and Blue, where Red is the most experimental and Blue the most accessible.

the green volume features: ikjoyce ,Earthborn Visions ,Icy Rainbows ,Mean Flow ,3SBAT ,Cousin Silas ,Raas ,Lezet ,Peri Esvultras ,Ryliss ,Tim Kays

All proceeds from Exhibition sales will go to the Shaw Mind Foundation international mental health charity.

The GREEN volume with Lezet on:

Lezet's contribution:

released April 11, 2018

Cover art by the Glove of Bones.
all rights reserved

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

V.A.-"SPIRARE" released with BREATHE COMPILATIONS (Mexico) !!!!

Topics- ambient, electronic, downtempo, mindscape, IDM, song

Spirare, latin root of the spanish words for breathe, exhale, inhale, sigh, perspire, expire, spirit. We are all beings that breathe the same air, invisible and intangible, the breath is what keeps us alive at all times. Our moods varies like the wind, but all they are expressions of our inner self, the language of the air. Spirare is our special final compilation to celebrate the music, the meetings and the end of Breathe as netlabel.

Featuring aAirial, DDO, Esoteric Sob, Nick R 61, Nulix feat. SLUG9, AxBx, Triangular, buildings in motion, Ohuican, Capisconne, Ray Garrido, Julia Gregory, Theo Nugraha, Lezet, In Vitro, Night Note, DRFCT, El Wud, unaporte, yosoyunotrotú, Doublereflect, STREPITVSITVS, Música para Khaos, Ivan Black, P è n i n ș o l a r with Marco Lucchi, Vate, mrscientificterms & Bicho Raro, Igan, Twin Peetz.

release page:

free download:

Compilation by Quetzal Contla
Artwork by Boga Studio
V.A. - Spirare [brh18]
Compiled by Quetzal Contla
Published by Breathe Compilations
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 Unported License
Mexico, 2018

Friday, April 6, 2018



featuring: Noise research Institute ,Der Smogwürger ,Uruly,The Dead Yesterdays,Specimen ,Adeptus Mechanicus ,NInja McTits ,TNT,Seeget ,53704 ,Lord Cernunnos ,Steven Van Horny ,Hangar 117 ,Lezet ,Weasel Walter Closet,IX ,GoDie Project,Eisenlager ,Echo Lightwave Unspeakable , noiseoftherose

The Sounds of War Compilation is 40 songs from 40 different projects/bands, people from all over the world. This time it is featuring a lot of new artists to be part of this compilation, a lot more Noise Music than in the previous compilations , all excellent material I am proud to release on my label.

Part 1 The Onslaught : The Compilation starts off with an Onslaught of Harsh Noise Wall which keeps getting more intense, then surprised by an ambush with a very fast Speedcore track and then you get annihilated with a violent harsh noise track. After this brutal execution we are drifting into more Noise. We hear the sounds of weapons then of Tanks into this Drone Metal track. Halfway through we transition to a martial industrial vibe progressing into a pure Industrial ambience. The Compilation then fades out into Noise again, leaving you in the ruins of this total devastation , a world completely annihilated by weapons of mass destruction.


Lezet's contribution:

released April 6, 2018

All songs by their respective Artists

Mastering by Steven Beaumont
all rights reserved

Monday, April 2, 2018

V.A.-"Collapsing New Gadgets ( A Frank Tovey Tribute )" released with panpanpanaviandistresscall!!!!!!!!!!!!

This album was created as a tribute / homage to FRANK TOVEY / FAD GADGET. If you are not familiar with his work, it is my earnest hope that the material here might pique your interest & convince you to check out the source material.
Like many of the artists here, I was amazed & impressed by the creative output of F. Tovey, and while I'm not a huge fan of everything he did ( There is some material on the Frank Tovey albums that falls flat for me ) I would never deny the creative dynamism that was there. I think the artists here have done some great work taking the originals as a starting point, and applied their own creativity to the task.

Artists / Tracks :
Awkward Geisha - Love Parasite
Haunted Cat - Saturday Night Special
Gekkering - Collapsing New People ( Macungie Mix )
Feasibility Study - INSECTICIDEFAD
Lezet - Ad Nauseam (baby music toys cover)
ToUGH - Newsreel
Wilfreid Hanrath - Ride into the sun, A Frank Tovey Tribute
Hari Hardman - Caravan on Canvey Sand
{AN} EeL - Fireside Flavour Rite ( FAD GADGET COVER )
Karnivulgar - Sleep ( Fad Gadget Cover )
Mean Flow - Song For Fad Gadget
Saint De L’Abime - Back To Nature Remix
Haunted Cat - Plainsong
Molly Bloom & Martin Delaney - Discover Love
Wilfried Hanrath - T-O-V-E-Y, A Tribute to Frank Tovey
ToUGH - Salt Lake City Sunday
Chris Skinner - Back to Nature
Yann Pillas - Incontinent to the Sun


Lezet's contribution- music toys from my baby daughter's collection, take 1:

Cover Image : Wilfried Hanrath
released April 2, 2018