Wednesday, September 27, 2017

V.A. - "Oír cosas nunca vistas" released with BREATHE COMPILATIONS (Mexico)!!!!!!

Hear things never seen. A collection of eclectic music to travel to unexplored universes.

With music by Doublereflect, Ethereal Music, getdizzzy, Ivan Black, Nulix ft. Mario L., Boson Spin, Transmission 13, Lezet, STREPITVSITVS, DDO, unaporte, Portchistot, Marco Lucchi, Frallar, Triangular, Capisconne, El Wud.

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Artwork by Bobby Wotnot.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

V.A.-"Post - Antediluvian - South" for HOUSTON FLOOD RELIEF (Canada)!!!!!

On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas coast. While large portions of the state were ( And currently are ) affected the most astonishing impact has been in Houston, where it is being termed multi-generationally historic -
On a personal note, I had lived in Texas for many years ( In Austin & Red Rock however, not Houston ) and greatly admire the spirit & resolve of the people of Texas - A " Get Er' Done " Bunch to be sure ~!
But in mind-boggling circumstances extra help is needed - So I decided to do my bit by organizing this charity album, 100 !% of the profits of which will be donated to - Operation BBQ Relief ( )
Personal Aside - While I myself am a vegetarian, the charity that was chosen seems to me a particularly poignant one for Texans, what this BBQ being so near & so dear to their hearts
It is important to note that this charity was chosen by a crowd poll, as was the cover art & album title -
So Crowd, Give yourselves a big hand !

1.Kafka For President - Riot Lullaby 06:04
2.Cabrini Green - Cowboy George (Pt.2) 03:59
3.Hari Hardman - Sinking 02:27
4.Donny Who Loved Bowling - A Line Drawn Becomes A Rainstorm 05:44
5.Psycho Paranoid Flower Power Electro Shit Song Company & {AN} EeL - You Shook Me All Night Long Done Somebody Wrong Son 03:27
6.Sir.Vixx - I Want Him Dead ( d_strct's 'not from chicago' remix) 04:36
7.Harsh Noise Movement - Hurricane 03:55
8.Guabá Juice - The Dawn Before 07:08
9.Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi & Marco Lucchi - la tempesta è arrivata dal mare 05:47
10.Razabri and Lezet - My Heart's Not Off 01:58
11.No Love Less - Dial M ( for Montrose ) 01:47
12.Deepgrave min og dog - "softhead hill dot gov brah" 04:55
13.Ben Presto - Natura DEnaturans (A Dramatic Circular Piece) 03:56
14.{AN} EeL - Houston Is Hot To-Night ( Cover Versio ) 02:41
15.Wilfried Hanrath - Crazy Little Clusters 07:05
16.Autonomaton - the world drowned under water 03:23
17.Pendro - Correlators 04:19
18.Christian Fiesel - A Tragedy of Endless Drowning 08:38
19.Primitive Acoustics - Never At Last 04:26
20.Albert Negredo - nebulosa 04:36
21.NMTArts - Zen at the midnight eve of Creation 07:35
22.Mean Flow - Purple Wind 04:07
23.Wilfried Hanrath - Amber 06:47
24.Allegra Geller - Borderlines 04:56
25.Felnyrii - Displaced 03:36
26.PetCatMan + Orbis - Centrifuge 09:26
27.Michelle Qureshi - New World 04:32
28.From Dusk to Dark 29:12
29.Ergonomic Dildo Crisis - American Dreaming 02:59


Razabri & Lezet contribution:

This is Volume Two in the series - The Final Volume. Thanks so much for participating ~!
released September 10, 2017

Cover Image : NMTArts