Sunday, October 27, 2013

V.A.-"Altered State Reflections #100" released with ALTERED STATE REFLECTIONS (USA)!!!

Compilation: ASR100

Label: Altered State Reflections
Catalog #: ASR100

Released: October 24th, 2013

free download:


01.) Subversive Intentions: "giv emet hatmo untain music"
02.) Jaan Patterson: "Profound Perturbation Recipes Revealed"
03.) Protecious: "Embalming"
04.) Zreen Toyz: "Altered Hallucinations
05.) A.M. Lowlights: "Tomahawk"
06.) IO: "IO (3)"
07.) S.I.N.: "Epidemia"
08.) Lezet: "Orange Strange"
09.) Indifferent Magma: "Lux Aeterna Void
10.) Cabrini Green: "babylon gone"
11.) Topi Reta: "Edeform"
12.) The Rebuilt: "Sore"
13.) Tommaso Busatto: "No 'way of life' is the way of life"
14.) Brandon Lord Ross: "Cephalophores in Cellophane"
15.) Lisa Anne Farrow: "Uke Song 1"
16.) Society's Blood: "The Path Of Descent"
17.) Richard Wilmer: "30.4"
18.) NOS project: "on"
19.) Fugate, Navatier and Balogh: "I Will Be Honest"
20.) Visszajáró: "Underwater Species of Corporate Capitalism"
21.) HumanHate666: "Hate Groove"
22.) Guns Zop: "P.K.DDD
23.) Fiorella16: "Yo too bb"
24.) Big Pean': "Slippin'"
25.) Donny Who Loved Bowling: "Hospital Cafeteria Cheeseburger"
26.) M.NOMIZED: "Dancing Upside"
27.) Amokian: "IL 4 Difficult"
28.) TEKNOCANNIBAAL: "Chlamydia Dee"
29.) Kev-Rock: "40 Oz. Dream"
30.) Der Domestizierte Mensch: "Bluter"
31.) Klopenn: "One Hundred Ways To Alter Thoughts"
32.) Meeting Of The Minds: "Shackled"
33.) Petar Alargic: "Svetlost"
34.) ?S??WF??D?R?;: "We Don't Need No Education, We Don't Need No Birth Control"
35.) GOOZE: "Bite Yer Tounge"
36.) Hot Pocket Dingleberry Disease: "Drop Your Guard"
37.) The Finer Points Of Sadism: "Falling Through The World"
38.) Matheus Carmo e George Christian: "Zwing (Improvisação em duo de guitarras)"
39.) Dave Fuglewicz: "Crossing the Taklamakan"
40.) Alcahest Libations: "The Word Is Not."
41.) Muzzy: "Death Rock Blues"
42.) Josef Nadek: "Wenn's Peechmandl kimbt"
43.) Doodshoofd: "Schuttersfeest"
44.) V As In Virgin: "G3N3RATION INFINITE"
45.) Lomz: "Vision"
46.) whitenessmovesdownward: "the coil"
47.) djozr: "disintegrating angels"
48.) Blueprint For Destruction: "Shielded By Distrust"
49.) Soneduster: "Asa"
50.) eisenlager: "Berlin Gropiusstadt"
51.) Sascha Müller: "Editing The World"
52.) TOTAL E.T.: "Silentity"
53.) Unsample: "Transgender Code"
54.) To-Bo: "Purple Sun"
55.) EMERGE: "ambit"
56.) Maker: "TANGLED"
57.) JMMMMMMM: "Perra Herida En Piedra"
58.) Shaun Robert: "twinkle"
59.) Charles premier: "fondre assurément"
60.) Kopfschmerztablette: "Schuhkarton"
61.) Bedawang: "Finale: Release"
62.) Bruce Leitch: "Time Has Ceased"
63.) Harsh Hertz: "Tempo Tantrum"
64.) Janne Nummela: "Continuation Of Work In Moscow"
65.) This Colony Is Sleeping In: "Loving What does Not Exist"
66.) HEADCLEANER: "pond"
67.) Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt: "Drone Messiah"
68.) The Implicit Order: "Ode To Billy Joe"
69.) Bad Night Moon Shadow: "89'"
70.) Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh: "Micro Soul 10"
72.) (a is to b): "Sex Panther"
73.) Jared C. Balogh: "TWINKLE TOE (DELUX)"

Keywords: Compilation; Altered State Reflections; Jared C. Balogh; Experimental; Avant-Garde; Jazz; Noise; Metal; Glitch; Ambient; Electronic; Hardcore; Rock; Rap; Hip Hop; Rhythm and Blues; Dark; Harsh; Various Artists; Various Genre; Music

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

Igor Jovanovic -"Rants" (illustrations)

Igor Jovanovic -"Rants" illustrations done after a gruesome day at work
unpublished, available here

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lezet- "Dabblings 3" released with SURRISM PHONOETHICS (Germany)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to release the third Dabblings by Lezet!
The "Dabblings" series continues with an EP's worth of lo-fi acoustic toy guitar tunes.

"it's farcy like gherry went due time less soon as suns would be headless but sure as such, it was now rigid the sharp flurried purses slamming was the rule through doors, no one ever entered though." - André Pissoir

release page:



Artist/Composer: Lezet
Date: 2013-10-09
Keywords: acoustic; toy guitar; home recordings; lo-fi; experimental; suRRism-Phonoethics;
Creative Commons license:

V.A.-"Verses Of Change(A Tribute To Shaun Phelps)" released with SP RECORDINGS USA()!!!

For our friend!
Special thanks go out to Tracey for making this release possible and to Arnaud for co-releasing this on Sirona-Records.

free download (SP):

and here (Sirona):

01 - (o)thers vs Flat Affect - Mental Process of Cognition
02 - Flat Affect - I'm Human And You Are Not (Ryder Farms Remix)
03 - Flat Affect - The Insanity Of Conceit (Noise Nazi Vocal Mix)
04 - Flat Affect & W! Re - Overdose Of Muscle Relaxers
05 - Flat Affect + CilXec - Whispers (Those Dames Remix)
06 - Flat Affect - Downsized (From Germany with Love Remix by Der Domestizierte Mensch)
07 - Flat Affect & PHANTASM NOCTURNES - Walking in Dark Spaces
08 - Flat Affect - D' (Caelicus Pugna's Last Trick EVER remix)
09 - Flat Affect - The Bridge (d0x10 remix)
10 - Flat Affect - Wicked and Detestible Sedation (Are You Awake Yet lobit remix by Ech(o))
11 - Flat Affect - I'm Human And You Are Not (I am alien and you are not mix)
12 - Flat Affect - Disassociamine (Final Remix by The Karmakumulator)
13 - Flat Affect - Anopsia+The Spaces (Ejectiversive Consonance Versions By Redsk SPecial For Shaun)
14 - Flat Affect - My Time (SPecial mix by mutanT.R.I.)
15 - Jukka vs Flat Affect - 307.47
16 - Flat Affect + DRK - Catalyst (Side effects mix by T.R.I.v.M.)
17 - Flat Affect + DRK - D (Packert Hell Remix)
18 - mhz_ vs Flat Affect - Schizotypal 01
19 - Those Dames - A Blunted Eulogy (Flat Affect Tribute)
20 - Flat Affect - Disassociamine Remaster (Joel nobody Remix Ft Those Dames & Portishead)
21 - Flat Affect - I'm Human And You Are Not (instrumental drunk chicken remix by Toxic Chicken)
22 - Flat Affect - Disassociamine (Dis As Socia Mine Is On I Remix by bedawang)
23 - Flat Affect - Routed (As Simple as Neruda Remix by Ech(o))
24 - Flat Affect - My Floppy House (Altered House Mix by Lezet)
25 - Trip-Reset & Flat Affect - Track 2 (Alex Spalding's Primordial Jam Over)
26 - mhzesent + botpl vs Flat Affect - Medley
27 - Flat Affect - I'm Human And You Are Not (Raised by SP mix - JN)
28 - Ech(o) - Outro (Original Tribute to Shaun)

Total: (2h28m16s)

Co-released with SPNet.
Thanks to Tracey Fitzgerald & Johan Nederpel for the work on this beautiful release.
Also, of course, thanks to Shaun Phelps for being a wonderful humn being and a magnificent artist!

V.A.-"Steele Grinder Music Vol.2" released with STEELE GRINDER (USA)!!!

Steele Grinder Music Vol. 2
by Steele Grinder Music
An open free-form compilation of hits from international artists.
Produced by Spooky Clouds

(free) download:

1.Meinkinder - Startle Summers II 02:05
2.Infected Signal - Cursed Path 03:51
3.RedSK - Harsher 4 Mash VIP 03:49
4.T.R.I.v.M. - Industrion 04:40
5.Hollis Smith - Silenced Moan 03:54
6.Doodshoofd - S.M. 05:14
7.Fret! - Loop (live) 03:24
8.Anal Violence - Shitnoise Death EP 05:17
9.Newton - Egret Noise 03:22
10.Zone Tripper - Transmission 2 (Lovebrrd Remix) 05:00
11.Whitey Alabastard - 20130126 03:46
12.Gun Zop - SxSxS 01:38
13.Oblongata - Glue 01:11
14.Marc Broude - Vampire Salt 05:28
15.OS125 - Semi-GobeliniK-Transcendantal 03:29
16.Vasectomy Party - Touched By The Devilish One 04:54
17.Lezet - The Weakest Link 02:01
18.Sven Meyer - Ridiculous Saints 02:53
19.E.K.I.M. - Take A Look (Beatrumental) 04:13
20.Dromez - Seck Abduxshon 01:49
21.Nequam Sonitus - Goodjohn 02:18
22.Baptizer - Disgust with the Predominance of Mundane Social Interaction 04:14
23.Aaron Lepley - Double Helix 02:47

All artists appear courtesy of their own damn selves....
released 20 April 2013