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V.A.-"23 SECONDS OV TIME VOL.9: " individual singularity" " released with AIN23 (USA)!

23 Seconds ov Time 9.0 - "individual singularity" (27:36)
released for download: 08-23-2014

23 Seconds ov Time Volume 9 : " individual singularity"
began accepting submissions as of June 1, 2014 and accecpted submissions through August 1, 2014.
For this collection the theme was indidivdual voice.. one tone.. one sound.. one instrument..
no tracks with multiple layers or overdubs were accepted...minimalism was the core behind this volume.

All tracks were collected, assembed, & mastered by Frequency 139 for AIN23.
the cover design for this edition was created by Frequency 139
Volume 9 features 72 contributions that were sent in during the peroid that tracks were accepted.
Each submission appears in the order in which it was received.
We received contributions from 16 different countries, and also from 14 different States within the USA for this volume ov thee project.

HEADPHONES are HIGHLY recommended for the best enjoyment of this volume.

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23 Seconds ov Time: Volume 9
CONTRIBUTORS - Track (Location)

ARVO ZYLO - Chiral Component #2 (Live performative radio feedback in-studio, excerpt) - (USA - Chicago,IL)
PHOG MASHEEEN - Get On Board The Gravy Train - (USA - Joshua Tree,CA)
MILE 97 - 1616-1: CCA - (USA - San Diego,CA)
DAVID PRESCOTT-STEED - Subterranean Violin Solo (Australia, Melbourne)
SILENT ASHES - Chime Crime (Winchester, UK)
SQUIRELLEX - I Said I Was Sorry But I'm Not Sorry (USA,San Francisco,CA)
PROFESSOR SONIC - Leftover Ecstasy (USA,Lahaina,HI)
STRUKTUR - Casio CT640 (France)
BIG DRUM IN THE SKY RELIGION - O Shenandoah -American Traditional (USA, Harrisonburg,VA)
ALLAN BRUGG - Spin Off Guard (remixed) ( ? )
Z(enseider)Z - Parasemiotic Audition (USA, Savannah,GA)
NOT BREATHING - Static (USA, Tucson,AZ)
JOSEF POLYDOROS - Wasp/Orchid (USA, Prescott,AZ)
GOTHICK - Adoration Of The Insect Loa (UK)
HANNAH HADDIX - UndeianbleIndianAlienDNA (USA,Seattle,WA)
LOOPOOL - Slomo Fire Drill (USA,Los Angeles,CA)
BACKYARD GHOST - 1990 Lincoln Towncar (USA,Chicago,IL)
CRITICAL THEATER - Bowed Bass (USA,Portland,OR)
LUPUS LEFOU - Whats Happening To (USA,Seattle,WA)
EDEN MONONYM - Eradia (USA, Medford/Ashand/GrantsPass,OR)
KIYAN FOX - 23Roque ( ? )
LEZET - Obstacles (Serbia)
INSTAGON - Bass Squared (USA,Sacramento,CA)
MERI ST. MARY & JONAH MOCIUN - 23 Seconds (USA,Nevada City,CA)
ULGUMA - Breath Blues (RUSSIA,Ekaterinburg)
ERC HAUSMANN - Victory (USA,Portland,OR)
CHOPSTICK - C in 16 (USA,Sacramento,CA)
DER DEMESTIZIERTE MENSCH - Kristall-Rainer (Germany)
COLLUDE - A salad that was once named Elizabeth (USA, Sacramento,CA)
TZII - Dry Wasteland Ov Oneself (BELGIUM,Brussels)
GRIST - Thy Downfall (AUSTRALIA,Gippsland)
FOOD FORTUNATA - Pathetic Guitar (USA,Michigan)
LAUGHING GOO - The Final Giggle?? (USA,Houston,TX)
THE HORN - I Am The Horned Bull Who Rules The Sky (AUSTRALIA)
IAN QUIET - 1 Man's Junk (USA,Shreveport,LA)
BEAST NEST - Heart of Hearing (USA,Oakland,CA)
CORRODED MASTER - Ich wünschte nur, um zu sehen das helle Licht des Todes zu überholen mich (USA,Sacramento,CA)
ANATOLIA'S FINEST - Aqua Lung (USA,Seattle,WA)
IN KIT FORM - No Time Like The Present (UK, Canterbury)
SUBVERSIVE INTENTIONS - 23 Seconds of prepared guitar in open D minor tuning (USA, Vermont)
SETH GUY - Little Old Lady (UK, London)
MORPHEUS PROJECT - StarBorne Opalite (USA,East Coast)
HARI HARDMAN - Aut23 (UK,Redding)
HOLY FILAMENT - 60..88 |get-random -Count 23 |foreach {[console]::beep($_,1000)}(USA,Vancouver,WA)
ROSE BURIED IN SAND - Shattering (USA,San Francisco,CA)
SKUNK PUPPET - Love Call #9 (USA,Long Beach,CA)
HAARK - And Then (Australia)
K.ATCHLEY - 23 re-fount (USA,Kensington,CA)
MSO - Esoteric 23 (AUSTRIA,Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia)
JINKS SPRING - Seasonal Mustafa (USA,Austin,TX)
CONURE - 23 Seconds of Minimalism (GERMANY,Berlin)
QKCOFSE - Untitled Cardboard Box (USA,Portland,OR)
W.A.DAVISON - 140504 Guitar (CANADA, Toronto)
OVERDOSE THE KATATONIC - Sharp Rusted Infection (USA,Seattle,WA)
STOLEN LIGHT - Victory Through Wind Power (USA,San Jose,CA)
LOB - WOBBLE[vocal track] (USA,Sacramento,CA)
KEMIKAL ADIKTION - Shaker Spring Blues (USA,Norwich,CT)
GOOSE - Grocery Drone (USA,San Jose,CA)
JAMES TRASH - Trying to Scratch my Way Out of the Room (Mercury)
ADAM LUNCEFORD - Don't Know (USA,San Jose,CA)
JOLTHROWER - The Power of a Good Opening (Wetplanet)
DISEASE EATER - Drinking Water Out Of the Bath House Sauna (USA,Seattle,WA)
SOREN LUNCEFORD - Rocking Egg (USA,San Jose,CA)
LITTLE ORANGE BICYCLE - Pluck You (USA,Citrus Heights,CA)
[NAZWA PROJEKTU] - Kill Him! (POLAND,Wroclaw)
DETH SIKE - Toilet Bowls Can Sing (USA,Seattle,WA/Oakland,CA)
PALTARIUS - Depatterning Session (Subject No. 23) (CANADA,London,Ontairo)
PLOM - Kitty (SPAIN,Barcelona)
FREQUENCY 139 - a message (USA,Sacramento,CA)

currently there are no plans for a CD edition of this volume.

(c)2014 AIN23

special thanks to Thee Network for spreading the meme about this project, and all those that are part ov it. This is an ongoing project

We humbly request that if you enjoy this project you help support it by purchasing the limited edition CD's of past volumes and other items that AIN23 has to offer..your support helps fund new projects. thank you.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

V.A.-"Shit Noise 89" released with SHIT NOISE RECORDS(Germany)!!!!

Various– Shit Noise 89 (cd-r)
Label: Shit Noise Records– SNR 895
Series: Shit Noise – 89
Format: CDr, Compilation
Country: Germany
Released: 14 Aug 2014
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise

1 –SRVTR Superpositions 2:24
2 –Mister Bare Uncle Feces Love Song Yeah 4:12
3 –Answer To All Your Questions, The Screaming Hurts My Throat 2:45
4 –Koobaatoo Asparagus Turn Down For Google Maps 3:10
5 –Fuckmaker Blistered Cock Remix3 0:36
6 –Josef Nadek D' Betläutputz 2:42
7 –Sven Meyer Soup Chicken Soup Vs Ducks 2:31
8 –Contraktor When There Is Nothing Left To Say The Silence Will Not Buy You A Peaceful Reprise 3:27
9 –Dr. NoiseM Wd345fg5r44g 3:33
10 –0Hamwich0 1976 2:15
11 –Hollow Descent Let Us Destroy...What We Have Created 3:48
12 –Kaelteeinbruch Drunken In An Expedit 4:13
13 –Lezet Curbed 3:11
14 –HELL-0 YELL-O Man Of Both Beliefs 4:15
15 –Henry C. Rial Remixedoldstuff#8 1:17
16 –Mademoiselle Bistouri Consumption Is Killing You 4:00
17 –Bleach Black Security Officers Jerkingoff On Patrol 3:50
18 –??? ???? ??????????????? ????? 2:22
19 –Them Guys Anguish And Wails 3:06
20 –4.01 ?????????? ?????? 4:41
21 –CAND Be Patient 1:23
22 –To-Bo Untitled Shit 89 3:48
23 –mhzesent Dx2 4:01
24 –Mince Splatters Decline In Wages Part ? 2:10

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