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To Live And Shave In LA & Lezet- "The Wigmaker In 18th Century Williamsburg Revisited" released with AMBOLTHUE RECORDS(Norway)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Live And Shave In LA & Lezet
"The Wigmaker In 18th Century Williamsburg Revisited"
label:Ambolthue Records(Norway,
This is the re-interpretation of the timeless TO LIVE IN SHAVE IN LA classic "The Wigmaker in 18th Century Williamsburg Revisited".I'm so glad I could pay homage to one of the greatest experimental music outfits of today.I'd also like to thank Tom for allowing this album to happen in the first place.

1.Travelogue One (0:58)
2.Blandina, Oberwilding '77 (3:27)
3.Nor Swollen-Bellied Comet Blown (2:55)
4.Bled Into Minar Thirsty-Aught (5:07)
5.Full-Choke Wigmaker's Vise (3:17)
6.New Poem Dramatized For Lux Cudgel (1:57)
7.Travelogue Two_ (2:00)
8.Tortillon Fluff (2:07)
9.The _Rose_ The Vehicle Of Miss High Heels_ (1:31)
10.Ideas Make Med Hard_(3:05)
11.When My Rifle Went Sour With Preposterous Headdress (8:31)
12.Fills Mouth And Cunt With _Pathetic Route (4:05)
13.Travelogue Three (0:12)
14.Travelogue Three (reprise) (2:10)
15.The Notorious D-1 And D-2 (1:33)
16.Song Of Roland A Single Cockscrew Curl (6:47)
17.Veit Harlan, Brown Dress Bob (5:07)
18.'Twas He Who Pricked With An Awl (1:10)
19.Travelogue Four (0:39)
20.The Famous _Mad Bronze_ (2:10)
21.Is This Good For Vulva+Displaced By Double Bed (3:00)
22.Travelogue Five (1:26)
23.To Backstab, To Schism (the ''annoyance'' take) (2:27)
24.Loudspeakers For The Poet's Famous Disques / Honeycomb Tripe (3:21)
25.Travelogue Six (the interview) (0:22)

''Wigmaker Revisited'' line-up:
Rat Bastard- Bass, Engineer /
Benjamin Wolcott- Electronics /
Tom Smith- Voice, Tape, Producer,Original Mixes,Original Compositions /
Marc Weitz- Other (Aladdin's Shimmy) /
Igor Jovanovic- Popping Candy and Other Crackling Sounds, Detuned Piano, Keyboards, Additional Noise, Accordion, Drum Programming, Stuttering,Mixes,.
Released: 15.Dec.2008

The authors' revenues from cd-r sales of this album go to the local orphanage in Uzice,Serbia("Dom za nezbrinutu decu "Petar Radovanović" Užice")

TLASILA's myspace page:

the official site:


To Live and Shave in L.A. was founded by Tom Smith in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Smith had previously been a member of Boat Of (Athens, GA, 1979-1983), Peach of Immortality (Washington, DC, 1984-1990), and Pussy Galore (Washington, DC, 1985-6); the first TLASILA demos were recorded in July 1990.

A Short History: Smith met Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra in 1991 at South Beach's Sync Studios. A co-owner of the dank, rambling facility, Bastard quickly joined Smith in the nascent collective. Two years of continuous recording and local performances (under the Peach of Immortality moniker) followed. By the autumn of 1993, Smith and Bastard had amassed a larder of eighty songs...

During a Miami Beach rooftop party in the summer of 1993, Smith met electronics whiz, undisputed global oscillator overlord, and soirée host Ben Wolcott. As Miles Davis' Dark Magus album was the only music allowed on the stereo throughout the event, an invitation for Wolcott to join TLASILA was reflexively extended. Ben was convinced to join the burgeoning collective soon after. History shall not forgive them...

Meanwhile... Following a lengthy post-production regimen, To Live and Shave in L.A.'s debut album, 30-minuten männercreme, was released on the Love Is Sharing Pharmaceuticals label.


After the release of 30-mm, the Bastard/Wolcott/Smith engine went into overdrive. Between 1994 and 1996, they recorded the primary elements of the following releases:

Prostitution Heute! (1994, 2x7" EP); "Helen Butte" vs. Masonna Pussy Badsmell (1994, released 1996, CD); Vedder Vedder Bedwetter (1995, CD); An Interview with the Mitchell Brothers (1995, CD); Commmiinnggg! and Practis'd the Black Art (1996, CD); Tonal Harmony (1997, CD EP); Les Tricoteuses (1997, CD); Peter Criss vs. Peter Christopherson (1998, released 2000, a collaboration with crazed UK noise aparatchiks KF36, CD); Where a Horse Has Been Standing and Where You Belong (1998, CD); Amour Fou on the Edge of Misogyny (1998; fractured breakbeat remix of Wigmaker dub vesions, created by Billy Taylor [Melted Men, TLASILA 1997-8] in 1998 and released 2001);The Wigmaker in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg (2xCD, 2002; the album that broke TLASILA internationally, inasmuch as they could be broken, etc.); and God and Country Rally! (2004, CD).

(The Wigmaker in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg, begun in 1995, completed in 2000, released through Menlo Park Recordings in 2002. Cover design by Syd Garon.)
Their philosophy? PRE. (But they're open-minded about their essential close-mindedness.)
In late 1996, Ben Wolcott spun off from TLASILA to join the remarkable mega-freak ensemble Frosty. A revolving cast of avant-malcontents soon entered the Shavian fray... European tours in 1997 and 1998 featured Nandor Nevai, Billy Taylor, Greg Chapman, Julien Becourt, and for one exceptionally bizarre gig in Paris, Bill Orcutt...
The 1999-2000 edition of To Live and Shave in L.A. comprised Bastard, Smith, Nevai, Weasel Walter (of the Flying Luttenbachers and myriad aggregations), and Misty Martinez. By the summer of 2000, To Live and Shave in L.A. 2 had arrived, and soon after, a full-fledged clone explosion. Smith decamped for Europe to begin OHNE with Dave Phillips... By December 2003, Bastard and Smith decided to haul the Lamborghini out of deep salt storage and get back on the demolition derby circuit. Ben quickly re-upped, and Mark, Don, Andrew, Chris, and Graham soon followed.

Rat Bastard - small electronics, radio receivers, bass, etc.; Don Fleming - guitar, synth, treatments, backing vox, etc.; Chris Grier - guitar and electronics (and TLASILA majordomo); Mark Morgan (also in NYC's superlative Sightings) - guitar, backing vox, and four-track; Graham Moore - laptop and treatments; Thurston Moore (the Shave's honorary chaplain) - guitar and treatments; Tom Smith - voice, small electronics, laptop, album production, etc.; Andrew W.K. - keyboards, backing vox, etc.; Ben Wolcott - oscillators and related devices. Membership is fluid; the collective entertain the occasional audition request.
Detailed histories of each of the TLASILA members, as well as additional information on the recordings referenced above, may be found within the pages of the official To Live and Shave in L.A. web.

Other recordings of note:

Spatters of a Royal Sperm (1991; the late, lamented Doris Wishman, a friend of the South Florida TLASILA extended family, directed the video for this unreleased - but widely bootlegged - four-track EP; a legit release looms); My "Limp" Went Husserl on Me (1991-2, pre-mannercreme Miami recordings, planned for a 1992 release but jettisoned in favor of the material that would later form 30-mm... eight songs from the Husserl sessions made the jump to minuten); Tony Conrad, Fat-Ass (created 1998-2000, currently in hyperstasis).

As alluded above, the majority of their recordings have emerged only after protracted grand mal post-production seizures. The Wigmaker was assembled over a five-year period; Horoscopo required four. Conversely, An Interview with the Mitchell Brothers, the product of a dare, was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in a day. Each has their detractors...

The original "Wigmaker..." album is available at MENLO PARK RECORDINGS:

since spring 2015 this album is also available through TLASILA bandcamp page:

V.A.-Ten Seconds Compilation 1, 2 & 3 Megamix (released through AMBOLTHUE RECORDS(Norway)and KIF RECORDING(Poland))!!!

1.Ten Seconds Compilation 1, 2 & 3 Megamix (41:58)

Torstein Wjiik has made a remix of the 3 first Ten Second compilations on Kif Recording, and here it is!
Co-released with Kif Recording.
Released: 15.Dec.2008.

(b)ananartista, (MAO) Melodic Abortion Orchestra, A55UHF, Abraxas_apparatus, Adash SP, Aesthetic Meat Front, Ambient Animal, Anal Oder Nicht Sein, Animal Machine, AVI, AxBx, Bºtong, Barkona Rova, Bius, Bjorn Eriksson, Broken Diode, Camisole, Christian Galarreta, Clemens Hausch, Cumdivision Spermany, Cygore, Czulinscy Revolution, Darph/nadeR, Das Loch, Death Worship, Djet, Dr. Zero, DrunkMonkey, Enviromental Testing Device, Eraritjaritjaka, Exmachina, Extreme Hair Stench, False Mirror, Fiorella 16, Fossil, Frostwinter, Gen26, God Pollutes, Gomoxitron, Hirnparasit, Humanoid, Implore Animosity, Instagon, IWillGuillotineYourChihuahua, John Pussy, Jolthrower, Kangoora, Katsa .theo, Kenji Siratori, Khusuk, Kjetil Hanssen, Krak, Kumkrusted, Lezet, Liquid Signal Distortion, LodemidiQuail, Los Canales Del Televisor, M.Pervere, Machinesaw, Man Invented Airplanes Just To Get High, Meldhkwis, Meltdown, Mixturizer, Monika Wojnowska, Mundkrach, Mystified, N.Strahl.N, Nanohex, Napalmed, Organ Morgan, Origami Chupacabras, Origami Hairy, Origami Metallika, OrigamiBoe, Pichismo, Plankopie, Protoplasmic Shot, Pussyjuice Absorber, Ronny Wærnes, Rotted Brain, Sabae, Scandinavian Noize Syndicate, Swamps Up Nostrils, T-rex, Tape Rape, ThrouRoof, Toilet Tantalizer, Torstein Wjiik, Toxicum Aestus, Truthaboutfrank, Uncle Mum, Uta Jan, V.I.K.I., Vernaggelkramp, White Torture, Wolf-107, XM2901CW, Aatmaa

you can download this compilation at:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

V.A.-"FALTER" released with TIME THEORY(USA)!

TIME THEORY label put out a brilliant 3-hour compilation featuring some of the finest experimental composers around the globe.The list of participants:





























you can download this compilation here:
or by visiting the label's page:

about TIME THEORY label:
Timetheory Netlabel was established in January 2008 as a way for label founder Jon 7 to continue the work begun with the Microlabel, established in 2006.

Stylistically Timetheory releases span several genres including ambient, dark ambient, post-rock, glitch, techno, house, musique concrete, noise, power electronics and the generally unclassifiable. The emphasis is on music that 'feels' right, and there's a heavy touch of scientific futurism in the overall aesthetic. To date it is believed that Timetheory is the only netlabel in existence with a hexadecimal catalogue number system that stretches into both positive and negative integers.

We're a friendly lot, some of us are about bonkers, but in general we welcome collaborations and remix 'battles'. Other netlabels who would be interested in interlabel projects should get in contact, and we do accept demos from those who feel their style is compatible.

Give our releases a listen, there's a lot to digest, for sure, but there's no doubt you'll find something you like.

TIME THEORY's myspace page:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lezet's "Intervals" released with FORMAT NOISE(Germany)!

catalogue nr.: form-net-25
artist: Lezet
album: Intervals
style: experimental / other
release date: November 24, 2008

track list:
intervals (variation)

"The "Intervals" album is sort of a sequel to "Lezet2" and it delves a bit more into the issue of track duration (15-sec track vs. a 60-minute track)."Lezet2" album was about presenting concise musical statements, and "Intervals" thrives on having a main-theme and variations interact within a 60-minute frame.The timbre builds communication blocks varying in pitch and duration that interlace at intervals.This album contains the first 60-minute track Lezet has ever created.
It's the perfect experimental album for christmas time, because it sounds a little bit like a christmas tree on LSD. It's great experimental work, so please enjoy it."
format noise,2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

v.a.-"survey0003" through CLASSWAR KARAOKE(France)

v.a.-survey0003-an ongoing compilation series initiated by MURMURISTS via their established project/netlabel CLASSWAR KARAOKE
The themes of SURVEY0003 are "cabaret","burlesque" and "regression".All participants sent a piece of music, a piece of writing , and an image.Check the compilation (and surveys 0001 and 0002) here:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lezet's "MELD3" released with COLIN JOHNCO RECORDS(Paris,France)

"Meld3" is the third in a series of Lezet's albums of collaborations with various innovative musicians/bands/ensembles around the globe.It showcases tracks distinctly electronic in their making and adventurous in their design.
The list of collaborators on "Meld3" (in order of appearance):
HOM (Northampton, Midlands,United Kingdom)
When Tom Dinsdale's HOM debut album was released through HEADPHONICA RECORDS,I doubt he thought of being a constant source of inspiration to all the open-minded musicians around the world.If you ever asked yourself what was the next big thing out there that should have become a part of the NINJA TUNE or WARP catalogue, the answer is "HOM!".Formative influences include:Four Tet
Jaga Jazzist,Tom Waits,Einsturzende Neubauten,Bjork,Boards Of Canada,Miles Davis,John Cage,The Mars Volta,Phillip Glass,Pharoh Sanders,Masada,Cabaret Voltaire,Depeche Mode,Bauhaus,Faust...
the link to HOM's debut:

CHRIST PHYR BLYR aka CHRISTOPHER BYLER aka ON THE RIM OF THE WHEEL A NAIL aka INDUSTRY RIVALS (?,The United States of America)-one of the most innovative composers and movie-makers Lezer ever came across in his pursuit of collaborators.Images and sounds speak louder than words:

NEUBAU (Niederösterreich ,Austria)
... born 1978 in Austria
... composing since the age of 12, fascinated by algorithmic composing that time and ever since then, playing whatever produces sound waves in some improvisational projects. Doing tape music.
... evermore into electronic music and the implementation of scientific models in composition.
...generally more interested in processes than outcomes - and simultaneously in the outcome, that causes process...
...sounds/unsounds of nature and the sounds/unsounds i have in mind when being amidst impressive sceneries. Silence.
...And concepts and methods in life sciences: selforganisation, microscopy, chemical analysis, evolutionary models, molecular biology etc.
..trying to grow in being influenced, so: to be continued.
"I am a sound artist, with and without instruments, with and without teachers, other musicians, microphones, scores. Placements, settings and developments of sounds that just seem to happen, to occur without compositional intentions fascinated me ever since.
The focus of my actual works is the implementation of scientific models and ideas into music. Not just to translate them: hopefully to dance them through sounds, to let them shine through.
As well i am very interested in sounds as a source and an end of visual impressions. so my projects lead to collaborations with visual artists and film producers."

SINK (Fremantle,Australia)
influences:classical music, grunge, heavy rock, the music on old role playing games of the super nintendo, the urge to be original, life and it’s dealings. Those who are original inspire.
Biography of Brief:
The land is grey with the tiring of growth and melodic descents are in complete order. The sequence to land and the sky to graze, sandlings flitter (flitter) flap and crap. Strappy and strong the spoonbills raise their cheeks, songs of glitter and eloquence. Cry and complain, lace and demane, our truly heart reason be weavels.
Weavels to bleed, mosquitos to suck and cranberries to juice for the purification. So slap on your goiter and rip out the cheese, wine for the diners and mold for the weeds. Spat at and caught for; a dinner for two, rand and rand and mullah and dime.
Call the birds, tweet, tweet, tweet. Scaring the angular cloud dispersements into a flipping frenzy of grief, and question. Question the ground you walk on, nothing is certain.
Constantly changing belief and erroneous spacey blossom tips from friends so friendly as to deceive.
Be mindful of this but, remember to... breathe, and breathing means smiling. A happy life of balanced worry and discontentment, but positively certain the scale can be set and reached.
Love the pixies and fae creatures bounding, lounging. Play with the mites of magicks and create your whirlpools of desires. Living this time for now, this effervescent love is lore and law.
Please.. me? I’m breathing fairy gold dust and it makes my nose blacken, blackened.
Just breathe.. (yet another rambling about breathing) =)
- Matt

ME RAABENSTEIN (Berlin,Germany)
Having a filmmakers and painters background, me raabenstein investigates in overlaping structures and the lamination of inappropiate ingredients. constituted with impatience and intrusiveness the process of producing asks for constant conversion and unsung modus operandi. the unconsciousness is often recalled as a perfect working method of artists from this genre, materialising and structuring voids to be freed and filled with advanced and cutting edged content. analysing different layers of proceeding structures, me guides his musical textures towards an adulteration of unaccustomed sonances, cluttering cacophanys and rhytmic paragon.

J EDGAR COOKIE (OMAHA, Nebraska,The United States) aka DOWHOWER.Influences:Rhea Dee, Louis Andriessen, Johnny Cash, Humphrey Searle, Bernard Herrmann, Alexander Courage, Dominic Frontiere, Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, Ennio Morricone, Jimi Hendrix, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Yes, Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin, Wendy Carlos, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Sidney Bechet, Blind Lemmon Jefferson, Thelonious Monk, All the Modal Counterpoint Masters, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Arnold Schoenberg, Bela Bartok, Anton Webern, John Cage, Elliot Carter, John Coltrane, Anthony Braxton, George Crumb, Peter Maxwell Davies, Gustav Mahler, Ella Fitzgerald, Ruth Crawford Seeger.

Trakur is Bojan Dojkic's brainchild.This one-man experimental gem transcends and outgrows individual genres.The work he put out so far is amazing, innovative,visceral,energetic,unique.Check TRAKUR out at:

"er selbst" is a reflexive pronoun for the 3rd person singular, maskulinum in german. er selbst refers to himself absolutly and totally, but doen's mean anything else then this.
the sounds that seem to come from er selbst do not belong to music or art or whatever - they just belong to themselves.
if you'd like to know more about "er selbst" just google it or go straight to and download the stuff itself.

BLANK DISC (Zrenjanin,Vojvodina,Serbia)
BLANK DISC are Srdan Muc (1965; guitar) and Robert Roža (1972; no-input electronics, objects), from Zrenjanin (Vojvodina, Serbia) founded in 1997. Active in the field of free improvisation, and also electronic/electroacoustic experimental music. Take part in some international “new music” festivals: RING RING-Beograd (1999, 2000, 2001 & 2005) ALTERNATIVA festival-Prague (2001) EX EU festival-Vienna (2001) EXIT festival with Erik Satie Vexation Project-Novi Sad (2006) Workshops: Kazuhisa Uchihashi-Japan (1999) Otomo Yoshihide-Japan (2000) George Cremashi, Matthew Ostrovsky-USA (2005) Swiss-Balkan Creative Music I & II-Switzerland (2007, 2008) In 2006 founded BLANKDISC TRIO with German saxophon player Georg Wissel. From 2007 collaboration with Zoran Mirkovic. Works, performing with: Rascep, Aleksandar Jecmenica, Svetlana Spajic, Andrej Gigic, Milan Aleksic, Pascal Baltazar, Georg Wissel, Zoran Mirkovic, Jonas Kocher, Benoît Moreau, John Menoud, Anne Gillot, Laurent Bruttin, Dragos Tara,Nikola Radenovic, Stefan Kovacevic, Richard Brinka, Bojan Dojkic, Nhandan Chirco, Branko Popovic DISCOGRAPHY: BLANK DISC edition: I (CD 1998) II (CD 1999) III, IV (CD’s 2000) V, VI, VII (CD’s 2001) VIII, IX (CD’s 2002) X (CD 2003) XI (CD 2005) XII (CD 2006) Acoustics By Zoran Mirkovic (CD 2008) On compilation: "ExEu-Tended Rope" (CD Salon Elise, Austria 2003) “New music from Central & Eastern Europe Vol.2 - Breath:Deep” (CD Tamizdat, US 2000) "Compilation" soundtrack-background music for Vladan Nikolic's exhibition (CD La Bobine-Grenoble, France 2006) "Postindustrial Changes" (CD Downtown rec., Slovenia 2008) As BLANKDISC TRIO: “im KomikerLand” ( CD Nurnichtnur, Germany 2007) “Live @ Klupce” (netlabel Otompotom, Serbia 2008) Some links:

NOAH ROTT (Hamburg,Hamburg,Germany)- a 17-year old jazzzz wizzzz who put out one of the most impressive debut releases I've ever stumbled upon.Drawing upon jazz,lounge and a multitude of other electronic genres and approaches, his work is both pleasing the inner ear and engaging the listener.
SUPERSMILE - by Noah Rott:

PLAN KOREN IZ 9 (Belgrade,Serbia)
"Srpski: U ovom formatu drndaju od kraja 2006. Trenutno su svi punoleetnii. Ako nekoo ima neshto da doda nek kazhEe: Iz ove poljoprivredne stanice apeluju da proizvodjachi treba da zatvore sve brazde, ... plan nije ostvaren jer je od predvidjenih 9.000 hektara slatki koren ... English: 3 18year old geeks doing something like music"
band members:Jovgen(gitara)Simbad(klavijatura/bas)Krsto(kompjuter/takoto)
influences:mike patton,tricky, massive attack,mountain men anonymous, portishead, epic45,residents,pat metheny, morphine, sigur ros, dose one, aesop rock, low,tuxedomoon,16horsepower,mogwai,air,ministry,65dos,boc,misphits,slowdive,ramones,autechre,stranglers, bauhaus,klaxons,fearfactory,the fog, seefeel,absent without leave,simon & garfunkel,slowblow... iii red:vis idoli, sharlo akrobata, obojeni program,darkwood dub,goribor,block out, bjesovi, vuneny,boje,damir avdic igre:fallout1,2,abes odyssey/exodus,rayman,american mcgees alice,simcity3000 izuzetni soundtrackovi.. zx spectrum!! dalje:neki filmovi i tresh svake vrste

PROTECIOUS (Perigord/Morningsdale,Ohio,The United States)
"Say what you will about my art, that's fine, but you will never say that it isnt unique or that it isnt original or that I didnt take a long time making things, because I did take endless hours of work making art, very proudly, very passionatly and the only insult I give myself is the day I make art or music for the wrong reasons, my reasons have always been and always will be encouragment, optimism, creativity, imagination, motivation, originality, and dedication to art like the artist that I am... I dont seek to be mozart, beethoven, I dont want to be famous or on television, I have always just been Protecious, and that puts a smile on my face... now what about you? are you doing what you were meant to do? are you doing with your talents what you were meant to do? im not judging, im just encouraging, put the video games away, dont get drunk another night, when you are 75 years old dont you want to look back and see all you left behind and made and did, or do you want to look back and remember defeating people in video games, or getting trashed every night?...your choice..."

LITMUS0001 (Madison, Wisconsin,The United States)
Jonathan Ewald's (LITMUS0001)words:"Litmus0001 grew up in a small town in the 216, but now it's the 330. When he turned 18, he went to the 513 to learn how life works. He also helped invent/mimic shoegazer in the band Sinker, which somehow still gets press there once in a while. 4 yr later, he went to the 615 to continue his study of how life works at a much finer, more detailed level. Additionally he began his study of how to channel emotion by spontaneous expressionist/impressionist sonic surrender using various modes and methods in the bands Electric Mayhem, Local Anesthetic, Waywards Legs, and Simple Circuits. He was also a contributing member of the Kirkwood Arts and Social Collective and it's semi-official Ensemble Chamber Orchestra. In 2001, he moved to the 509 to develop new ways of looking at how life works, paying attention to everything all at once without knowing what you're looking it, describing it all with a limited-variable equation. Unfortunately, he really wanted to be in the 206 and the 503 during this time. It was here, in the desolate high desert rain shaddow of Mt Adams, Mt Ranier and Mt Stuart that litmus0001 developed in earnest as a method to combat crippling depression and near-terminal psychosis. In 2004, he returned east, this time landing in the 608, to figure out how life goes haywire in that thing called cancer, and how to drug this haywire so it goes quiet and benign. Here, he has also further developed his spontaneous transitory expressionist/impressionist sub-mental channeling methods to chisel sonic sculptures and soundscapes out of thin air. He continues to perform these experiments in self-imposed isolation in the presence of select audiences. ***************** He is married, and has two dogs that he communicates with empathically; they are his familiars. *********** All litmus0001 music is absolutely free. Just like you should be, think you are, but probably aren't.
For me, the creative process is cathartic. I have to have my mind in the right place when I consider performing and while I am performing.
The process is meditative. Ideally, the mind is blank, open only to the immediate, thoughtfully considering the present situation and potential optional ideas to pursue from that time forward. A tentative step is taken in that direction, and either it catches or it does not. Either it catches an d is pursued, or it is developed further into a theme or a direction, whether it be melodic or textural."


Lezet-Meld3 tracklist:
01.claptrap on memory lane (hom rmx)(hom+lezet)
02.I'll never touch your eels again (christ phyr blyr+lezet)
03.annoyance 3 (NEUBAU remix) (neubau+lezet)
04.stigma (sink+lezet)
05.bells and whistles (me raabenstein+lezet)
06.din_5 with a dash of metal (j edgar cookie+lezet)
07.chokot (movements I&II)(trakur+lezet)
08.cecilianism['² remix by er selbst](er selbst+lezet)
09.a step away (noah rott+lezet)
10.tropic (medley) (blankdisc trio+lezet)
11.innuendo (plan koren iz 9+lezet)
12.booster (rmx) (protecious+lezet)
13.claptrap7(remix v2) (litmus0001+lezet)



Limited cd-r edition is available for 10 euros / 10 $ cash
(price including postage)

Colin Johnco records
22 rue Saint Lazare
75009 Paris


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lezet&ThrouRoof's "Adria" released with DogEaredRecords(Mexico)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The second Lezet/Throuroof album is out!"Adria" is a walk in a different direction,the gustatory and olfactory focal point being the Adriatic Sea itself.Experiencing it and enjoying it on both its shores, the sea inspired our aural venture into depicting the feelings it evoked.Any storytelling that a listener might conjure up while plunging into these pieces is purely unintended and even contrary to the original design of the collaborators.

Here's what Max Go wrote about this release:
"The latest from Lezet / Throuroof is four timbrally akin pieces that form the transluscent walls of their aural pharmacy. I hear the sound of wet fingers circling around the edges of myriad crystal vials. Meanwhile, a recurring flock of cloned seagulls seem to be the stereo delayed glee club inside this four movement experiment. But then again, maybe it's not an experiment at all. Maybe L/T fully know what L/T are doing. Through the calculated use of hollowed out and echoic sounds we are drawn into a digital cathedral that is its own glass pipe organ, churning out ethereal hymns. The disciplined palette of sounds used relates to square waves, high frequency attack transients and incidental effects. This non - busy, unspectacular but nonetheless tasteful approach to composition ultimately results in a calming listening experience."

You can download the release here:

artwork by Merima Fetahovic&Vojislav Nedeljkovic

a new batch of releases at DOG EARED:

Friday, October 17, 2008


The HEADLESS DOLLS are: Protecious,Shadow Entity Wizards,Mike Martini,Igor Jovanovic and Tobias Lund.
Defying any genre pinpointing, this albums combines the esthetics of all the involved members of the project bringing fresh and innovative pieces
Download the album here:
or here:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lezet's "Character" album released with HEADPHONICA (Germany)-a free-download album!!!!!!!!!

This album was recorded by using a typing computer keyboard as the sound-delivering device where each letter is represented by a distinct note.At times , the nature of the revealed melody called for more of a strictly typist approach, while
at other times the individual track necessitated changes in pitch,melody,dynamics to avoid sounding sternly typist kinda thing.I was always fascinated by the relation between typing machines and
music keyboards and this was a way to pay homage to this childhood fascination of mine.Plus I had tons of things to type out while at the University and the arrhythmic nature of the sounds made while typing
galvanised me into exploring the abovementioned relation.

01 "Weathering" by A. R. Ammons
02 "Jane Icin (For Jane - In Turkish)" by Charles Bukowski
03 "l(a" by E. E. Cummings
04 "Cigarren" by Kurt Schwitters
05 "Dos cuerpos" de Octavio Paz
06 (An unnamed verse) by Johannes Baargeld
07 "silence... (40)" by E. E. Cummings
08 "Karawane" by Hugo Ball
09 "Haiku" by Jack Kerouac
10 "Aja Sofija" by Ljubomir Micic
11 "One thing of it we borrow" by Emily Dickinson
12 "Elegy" by Alan Dugan
13 "The Sea Is History" by Derek Walcott
14 "John Coltrane" by James A. Emanuel
15 "fl... (2)" by E. E. Cummings
16 "Finish" by Charles Bukowski
17 "Night In Iowa" by Deborah Ager
18 "Small Song" by A. R. Ammons
19 "(Me up at does)" by E. E. Cummings
20 "To Be Or Not To Be"(extract) by William Shakespeare
21 "The Fly" by Ogden Nash
21 "Luck" by Charles Bukowski
23 "Thin Jake" by Michael Dudgon
24 "Ella Fitzgerald" by James A. Emanuel
25 "Unsittliches i-Gedicht" by Kurt Schwitters
26 "Seeker Of Truth" by E. E. Cummings
27 "Poetry" by Charles Bukowski
28 "Tu nombre" by Octavio Paz
29 "The Pool" by Hilda Doolittle
30 "We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks
31 "Soft Snow" by William Blake

Marijana Tanaskovic (tracks 2&27)
Igor Jovanovic (all track except tracks2&27)
recorded in 2008
cover-artwork by maricel

free dl at:

Friday, September 26, 2008

TEARPALM's "Prijatelj sa Duhovima Mesta" released with SLUSAJ NAJGLASNIJE (Zagreb,Croatia)

TEARPALM - Prijatelj sa Duhovima Mesta (2008,label: Slušaj najglasnije)

Projekt Marka Dabetića iz Niša koji je objavljen kao dupli cd. Glazbenik je znan kao gitarist iz one postave Paganske Ljubavi koja je 26.V 2007. s Bojan Ilić Bokerinijem snimila album "Monolit u plastu sena" uživo u klubu Feedback u Nišu. Prvi cd je njegov autorski rad, a drugi sadrži remikseve koje su napravili njegovi glazbeni kolege.
Kod njegovog solističkog rada proteže se eksperimentalna glazbena crta zasnovana na pravilima ambijentalnih struktura u relevantnim minimalističkim periodima izvedbe pomoću kompjutera i elektronike. Glavno obilježje stila Tearpalm su melodičnost, harmonija i lagana, posve usporena drone ritmička potka koja svoje korijene vuče iz ostavštine elektronskih sfera post-industriala, post-techna, electro-glitcha, ambijentalne i avangardne glazbe, a ima tu i blagih primjesa elektronskog noise zvuka, kao i moderne klasične glazbe. Album je naoko mirne atmosfere instrumentalnog karaktera uz tek nekoliko vokalnih samplova i odiše eksperimentalnom tenzijom u pristupu gdje je autor očigledno imao koncept čitave priče. Otvara ga lagani plesni ambijentalni electro-glitch broj "DUBbed her the greatest pain" s prizvukom post-rock gitare i sampliranim dubovima koji djeluju između harmonike i melodike, te je to ujedno jedini plesni komad na ovom cd-u. Već u narednom "Zaratustra 112 & 122" Tearpalm otvara svoj ambijentalni prozor u melodičnost i naglašene orijentalne minijature na instrumentu koji zvuči poput indijskog dobra ili citre. U aranžman su uključeni samplirani fagot, gudači i još poneki duhački instrument u stepenastoj gradaciji. Naslovna "Prijatelj sa Duhovima Mesta" je mrtvo lagana troma koračnica usporena do granica izdržljivosti. Ambijentalka je to čiju atmosferu podražavaju nejasni vokalni samplovi čime autor aludira na duhove i svojom se aranžmanskom prisebnošću može usporediti i s kurentnim doom/drone metalom ili post rockom, no u ovom slučaju izraz je temeljen na horor elektronici koji finišira starim škriputavim samplom uzetim iz pjesme "Last kind words blues" Geeshie Wiley iz 1930. godine. "S.R.S.N.N." je još jedan lagani electro-glitch broj koji pljeni svojim melodijskim eksperimentima i varijacijama u psihodeličnom reverbu, delay i echo formatu. Post-industriala se dotiče psihodelična "Morning glory" koja podsjeća na eksperimente Throbbing Gristle i samo se čeka da odnekud iskoči vokal Genesis P-Orridigea, a nastavak eksperimentalne melodične gradacijske ambijentalnosti slijedi u "Mrtvi pre zore" koja ima i pozadinsku strukturu samplova uzetih s neke nogometne utakmice i folklornog zapisa svirke harmonike i rasplesanog kola iz Plametine s Kosova. Najkraća "Lithium or I tried to kiss a guy when I was 16, and I falled (to like it)" je elegični komad gothic valcera s jednoličnim vokalnim samplom. Melodija me podsjetila na Bauhaus "The three shadow". Odmah potom slijedi najdulji komad na albumu "Voajer" u trajanju od 12 i pol minuta gdje su posve gradacijski smještene minimalističke ambijentalne konture pri čemu autor ne bježi od unakrsnih melodija stupnjevajući ih prema načinu koji je blizak Steve Reichu i Philip Glassu. Posljednja "The whole story of what is" (možda i s dodatkom "Never coming back" kako piše ispod naslova?!...) je odličan eksperimentalno putujući ambijentalni elektronski noise koji finišira isprekidanim samplovima u fade-outu.
Ovo je djelo koncizno i studiozno napravljeno gdje niti jedan ton i zvuk nisu suvišni. Nema prenemaganja i kvazi artističkog bulažnjenja. Sve je na svojem mjestu i ništa ne manjka. Kreativno i dotjerano u svim pogledima od prve do zadnje sekunde.

Drugi cd kao što je navedeno, sadrži remikseve i nešto drugačije verzije 4 kompozicije koje se nalaze na prvom nosaču zvuka, te uz to ima i dva zasebna naslova - lucidni minimalistički "Coop him up (re-laterpretation)" u izvedbi LEZET i plesni (hm?) post-industrial "Morning glory/ Dno zaborava" kojeg potpisuje THIRD I. Na ovom 40 minuta dugačkom komadu mikseva nalazi se i jedna plesna elektronska verzija "S.R.S.N.N. (TMSR mix)" kojeg izvodi MARGITA JE MRTVA, a vraća se u vrijeme electro-popa '80-tih. Za posljednji broj "Prijatelj" - DEEPARTMENT ne bih mogao tvrditi da je remiks nekog broja s albuma. Ako jest, onda je posve neprepoznatljiv jer nema ništa od samplova koje je Tearpalm koristio u izvornom obliku na prvom cd-u. Slobodno ću pretpostaviti da se autor poslužio ovim remiksevima da upotpuni cijelu sliku albuma kao zaokruženo djelo jer da se naknadno objavio djelovao bi kao 13-to prase koje se nigdje ne može uklopiti.
Prvi cd slušati pod obavezno, a drugi tek za popunu dojma. Naravno, ako ste ljubitelj eksperimentalne elektronske glazbe.

Naslovi: CD1: 1.DUBbed her the greatest pain, 2.Zaratustra 112 & 122, 3.Prijatelj sa Duhovima Mesta, 4.S.R.S.N.N., 5.Morning glory, 6.Mrtvi pre zore, 7.Lithium or I tried to kiss a guy when I was 16, and I falled (to like it), 8.Voajer, 9.The whole story of what is
CD 2: 1.FIGURATIVE THEATRE - Prijatelj sa Duhovima Mesta, 2.LEZET - S.R.S.N.N., 3.THIRD I - Morning glory/ Dno zaborava, 4.MARGITA JE MRTVA - S.R.S.N.N. (TMSR mix), 5.FIGURATIVE THEATRE - The voyeour (ritual mix), 6.LEZET - Coop him up (re-laterpretation), 7.DEEPARTMENT - Prijatelj

Ocijena (1-10): 9 horvi // 13/09/2008

This was the review of a new TEARPALM 2cd album released with the SLUSAJ NAJGLASNIJE label(Zagreb,Croatia).Tearpalm is a mighty musician and composer from Nis,Serbia who incorporated many different styles ,but evaded being labelled by any.Lezet is featured on the second cd with 2 remixes of original Tearpalm material.

SLUSAJ NAJGLASNIJE:slusaj najglasnije! is not a label. it's an independent announcer and one man operation since 1987. in business an amateur in art a naive. some influences are: willie dixon, prederemte, alan vega, horace andy, satan panonski, maksim gorki, franz kafka, funkadelic, mc 5, king tubby, lee scratch perry, sly & robbie, bo diddley, chuck berry, mark smith, johnny thunders, residents, lou reed, mickey jupp, hound dog taylor, john lee hooker, al perry, marc mylar, flamin' groovies, termiti, goribor, studio "zelena zona", african head charge, wayne/jayne county, junior kimborugh, joe callicot, andre williams, roy loney, crime, green fandango, xxx, wipers, wire, yello, clock dva, bill laswel, fela kuti, x, etc.label pages:
you can here Tearpalm's album material here:
and here:

the original disc 1 is now also available here:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lezet's "Din2" released with SOUNDSORANGE (England)

Lezet's "Din2" further explores the delicacies of computer-piano interactions sought for on "Headphonica"'s "Din" release.Drawing upon a multitude of genres Lezet's only aim is to see his sounds "cavorting about beautifully" ,just as Max Go once said in his overview of Lezet's music.This time the brilliant London-based SOUNDSORANGE label known for its broad-minded release policy put out "Din2" and it's the first time a UK-based label released an album by Lezet.

Igor Jovanovic-pianos, detuned pianos,keys, noise, acoustic drum scores, percussions.
artwork:Vojislav Nedeljkovic
piano drawings on the artwork: first graders, class I-5,elementary school "Stevan Colovic",Arilje,Serbia

To listen to the album and download it please visit the SoundsOrange page:

The intention behind SoundsOrange is to create a community for musicians operating outside the mainstream, and to provide great music for people that love great sounds.

At SoundsOrange it’s all about the music. There are no pop ups, no adds, no bullshit. The site is highly functional featuring an excellent MP3 player, quick and easy downloads and excellent sound quality and reproduction. SoundsOrange is fully affiliated with PayPal.
Soundorange at myspace:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

LEZET'S "O" released with KIF RECORDING (Poland)!!!!Lezet's 20th release!!!

This is Lezet's 20th release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kifrec-37 - Lezet - "0" (Slim Case - CDr) 5€
words from KIF RECORDING's C.E.O.:"If you have been experimenting with magic mushrooms,some nice memories will drawn in your ears.
it's also the perfect music for an art gallery !!
Lezet has a particular style "forms and composition"
"0" dives in the border between psychedelic and abstraction ,pulses of imagination ,bright colorful walls.
check it out and get DETOX, with harsh running all day ,you could get loco baby%)"

to order and check the release out, please go to KIF's myspace page:
or visit:

Lezet's "o" will also be available through several distribution channels and friend labels

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"v.a.-The Cow of Troy - Ten Seconds Compilation III and Derivates" released with KIF (Poland)


TEN SECONDS COMPILATION III AND DERIVATES (a limited number of cdrs available .please contact KIF's myspace page: )
Swamps Up Nostrils/Toilet Tantalizer/Mundkrach/John Pussy/Dr. Zero/Animal Machine/V.I.K.I./
Enviromental Testing Device/DrunkMonkey/Nanohex/Los Canales Del Televisor/Fossil/Meltdown/
I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua/Machinesaw/Aatmaa /Truthaboutfrank/Kangoora/Lezet/Gen26/
Krak/Mystified/Scandinavian Noize Syndicate/Origami Chupacabras/God Pollutes/Das Loch/
Kjetil Hanssen/Death Worship/Origami Hairy/T- rex /Adash SP/Abraxas_apparatus/Mixturizer/
Instagon/xm2901cw /Fiorella 16/AXBX (Abercrombie & Bitch)/Cygore/Vernaggelkramp/Pichismo/
Monika W./Gomoxitron/Katsa .theo/LodemidiQuail/Origami Boe/A55UHF/Christian Galarreta/
(MAO) Melodic Abortion Orchestra.

1.)Swamps Up Nostrils - fartpro
2.)Toilet Tantalizer01 The (S)Hit Single
3.)V.I.K.I. - yxh
4.)Scandinavian Noize Syndicate-the 6daemoned bag
5.)Pichismo - Chu_Vi_Lavis_Vian_Pugon
6.)Nanohex - Failure 2
7.)Kjetil Hanssen -Raw Noise Loop 4
8.)Mixturizer - Short_Move_II
9.)Monika W - Super Giirrrrl
10.)Gomoxitron- Blut
11.)Instagon - SmokeyBreath_473
12.)Animal Machine - Live in Warsaw - During practice time April 2008 3
13.)Das Loch - kernschmelze
14.)I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua - Rimming Tailhole
16.)(MAO) Melodic Abortion Orchestra - overtüre
17.)Gen26 - SklepII
18.)Fiorella 16 - non corte B
19.)Christian Galarreta - kiff koff
20.)Enviromental Testing Device - Bacter _3
21.)Instagon - Cornerstone3
22.)Death Worship - Diary of a Mad Man (part III)
23.)Fossil - Protarchaeopteryx
24.)Das Loch -propagandakonsument
25.)Aatmaa - G.U.T.
26.)Nanohex - Failure 1
27.)A55UHF- Mitta 1
28.)Mystified - MystShort4
29.)Origami Hairy - Nalesniki, Dub-Dubie-Dubai mix
30.)Truthaboutfrank - Frozen sleep wishing
31.)John Pussy- Penis Levitation
32.)Vernaggelkramp- Tienschriel
33.)Toilet Tantalizer03 Flatulating Fetus Feces
34.)T- rex - oh my fucking tail 2
35.)Origami Boe - work 007K
36.)Katsa .theo - Dream no.5791
37.)Kjetil Hanssen - Raw Noise Loop 1
38.)Kif_PolTV News 2
39.)Los Canales Del Televisor - lcdtv_102
40.)Lezet - The Thread )))
41.)Kangoora - Desert Plant
42.)LodemidiQuail - FourthTurkeyEssence
43.)Krak - Orgasmica
44.)Machinesaw - SX6600112zD
45.)Meltdown - Two
46.)mundkrach and Kommissar Hjuler und Frau - 080615
47.)Los Canales Del Televisor -lcdtv_103
48.)Mixturizer - Short_Move_I
49.)Gomoxitron- Plasma
50.)Instagon - Speedwobble
51.)God Pollutes - Song for the Steward
52.)Gen26 - SklepIII
53.)Enviromental Testing Device - Miniature Species
54.)Dr. Zero - Hyamen
55.)A55UHF- Mitta 2
56.)Das Loch -porno_shutdown
57.)Cygore _Animal Machine -Aggressor
58.)Das Loch -mikroproporzionaut
59.)Animal Machine - Allie Sin
60.)I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua - fur up-skirt
61.)Death Worship - Diary of a Mad Man (part II)
62.)Fiorella 16 - non corte A
63.)Instagon - Foundation_473
64.)AXBX (Abercrombie & Bitch)- Plastictubeonthestreetseptember 2007
65.)Abraxas_apparatus- untitled3
66.)Lezet - Confines
67.)Kif_PolTV News 1
68.)Gen26 - SklepI
69.)Fiorella 16 - noumojounds-idinios
70.)AxBx (Abercrombie & Bitch)- Comunist Bukkake
71.)Death Worship - Diary of a Mad Man (part I)
72.)Animal Machine - Haley Paige
73.)God Pollutes - Merry the Joyful
74.)Kjetil Hanssen -Raw Noise Loop 2
75.)xm2901cw - Uderworld
76.)V.I.K.I. - 4rvsh3r
77.)Origami Hairy - Nalesniki, Orange and Pinneaple
78.)Nanohex - Failure 0
79.)Meltdown - Three
80.)Scandinavian Noize Syndicate- i see things
81.)T- rex - Nocturnal cry
82.)Mystified - MystShort1
83.)Truthaboutfrank - Reds toy
84.)Machinesaw - M2KS500
86.)Enviromental Testing Device - Bacter _2
87.)Das Loch -lotto
88.)Mixturizer - Short_Move_III
89.)Animal Machine - Live in Warsaw During practice time April 2008 1
91.)God Pollutes - The Burden Bearer
92.)Fossil - Pterodactyl
93.)Lezet - Xeebo o
94.)Adash SP- good night
95.)Mystified - MystShort3
96.)T- rex - Oh my fucking tail 1
97.)Toilet Tantalizer - Coitus Urinatus
98.)Origami Hairy - Burrier Warsawy 2003
99.)Death Worship - Diary of a Mad Man (part IV)
100.)Fossil - Archaeopteryx
101.)Kjetil Hanssen -Raw Noise Loop 3
102.)Los Canales Del Televisor - lcdtv_101
103.)Machinesaw - 400DPZ
104.)Origami Chupacabras - Vamo pa Cuba chico
105.)Scandinavian Noize Syndicate-i must sacrifice you
106.)Kangoora - Didgeridoom
107.)Truthaboutfrank - Creamy throat can't yell
108.)Enviromental Testing Device - Bacter _1
109.)God Pollutes - The Taste of Strawberries & The Longing for Home
110.)Animal Machine - Live in Warsaw During practice time April 2008 2
111.)Mystified - MystShort2
112.)Krak - Herpes
113.)Gen26 - SklepIV
114.)John Pussy- I Fucked Bambi Really Hard
115.)Lezet - Miruj
116.)Toilet Tantalizer02 Sewage Bong Orgy
117.)Kangoora - Red Sun
118.)Truthaboutfrank - I will not be the 8th shard
119.)Aatmaa - Mass Production
120.)I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua - you gotta take the pussy like pepe
121.)Meltdown - One
122.)Machinesaw - ZHS175zO
123.)V.I.K.I.- Drants
124.)Fossil - Coelurus
125.)Los Canales Del Televisor -lcdtv_104
126.)Animal Machine - Aurora Snow
127.)Nanohex - Failure 3
128.)DrunkMonkey - Let's sink that boat yo
129.)Dr. Zero - Superfxnvck
130.)Enviromental Testing Device - Bacter _4
131.)John Pussy- 666 Miami Bitch
132.)Mundkrach - 080807
133.)Swamps Up Nostrils - fartnoob

A. kifffed remix by Lezet - part.2

B. the fukken remixes by Animal Machine - global remixes
a.)i'm whole fukken remix
b.)you whole fukken remix
c.)he,she,it whole fukken remix
d.)we whole fukken remix
e.)yours whole fukken remix

C.Layers Upon Layers Of Erotic Sounds remix by Torstein Wjiik - part.2

D.abraxasapparatuskifcomprmx by Abraxas Apparatus - part.1

note:some tracks are 9-11-12 or even 13 seconds long.
but we still keep the shape and we say thanks for coming to the party.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lezet's"Meld2" EP released with AUDIO TONG (Poland)(free dl)

Lezet - Meld 2
[tng1043]word on the release from the AUDIO TONG label site:
"Lezet is one-man experimental project from Serbia. He has released quite an impressive bunch of recordings on various netlabels and we are happy to have him here in our catalogue as well.
"Meld2" was conceived as a set of experimental collaborative pieces with artists from different countries and of somewhat different avantgarde sensibilities."Conversing in The Universal Language - says Lezet - gave birth to this EP and the stretching itself was a reward.Lezet was able to learn and grow from his fellow comrades as he progressed with this EP."
This is the second part of Lezet's collaborative project in which he explores various techniques and possibilities of interactions and collaborations between artists usually not working physically together.
The music is a mixture of avant-garde,electroacoustic, jazz, world music etc. At some points it sounds like improv, at other it reminds of contemporary academic pieces.
Intriguing and intelligent, demanding lots of attention from the listener but rewarding with its quality. Great stuff, listen to it on a good sound system to get as much from this music as possible."

1. Lezet + Isaac De La Concha - Gulliver's Travails 2
2. Ensemble Phase 3 + Lezet - Nexus (excerpt)
3. Leo Alves Vieira + Lezet - Chain Reaction
4. John Colin Conass + Jimmy Bandit + Manji + Lezet - L'urgence d'un rechange de couac
5. F! + Lezet - An Adonis (Alternative Piano Take)
artwork by Vojkan Nedeljkovic

Here is some info concerning the authors/ensembles/bands that have collaborated with Lezet on "Meld2":
fellow contributors and co-authors:

ISAAC DE LA CONCHA -Ciudad de México, DF,Mexico

Composer, Improviser and Music Teacher. (Mexico City, DF, 1971). ______________________________________________________________ Keyboard improvisation: I had represented all kind of emotions and imitated my imagination movements with the keyboard free improvisation. Through the improvisation I found my own voice and left the copy my favorites composers and improvisers methods. ______________________________________________________________ He studied piano and guitar with private teachers. Took composition classes with Julio Estrada in Escuela Nacional de Música, ENM-UNAM, and obtained the composer license. He took composition courses with François Bernard Mache, Patrick Butin, Tristan Murail and Stefano Scodanibbio. He has been searching the improvisation with the midi keyboard, guitar, flute and percussions with a creative objetive. Taught music in kindergarden, primary school, secundary school, high school, and university. He has been improvising with another musicians in ENM, CNA and Pasagüero´s Bar in México City. He´s member of the improvisation group Generación Espontánea. Your work was performed at Mexico City and Ensenada, transmited for radio in Barcelona Spain, and sound everyday in MySpace. ______________________________________________________________ Mainly Keyboard Improvisations: El leopardo, 2001; La rubia, 2002; Recuerdos de en el camino de Jack Kerouac, 2003; Improvisación para percusiones electrónicas, 2003; Varadero, 2004; Sueños, 2004; Caminos, 2004; DF, 2005; Italia, 2007.
influences:Julio Estrada, Iannis Xenakis, Giacinto Scelsi, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Keith Jarret, Jimi Hendrix y Ravi Shankar



The Ensemble Phase 3 devotes itself to the performance of intuitive music. Common intersection of three musicians of the ensemble phase three is the composition lessons with professor Bernd Franke. Here the idea originated to just such project. It was realized for the first time for the opening of the exhibit "dot comma line" in the gallery stair work Leipzig. Other appearances followed with the Veranstaltung " concert and reading in the Krochhochhaus " as well as in the German literature institute of Leipzig.
E.P.3 are:
Christoph Beyer, Horn
Frank Hilpert, Elektronik
Torsten Krause, Klavier

LEO ALVES VIEIRA-Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil

influences and musicians that he admires: Gyorgy Ligeti, Pixinguinha, Chico Buarque de Holanda, Penderecki, Zbigniew Preisner, Villa-Lobos, Edgard Varèse, Tom Jobim, Stockhausen, Steve Reich, John Cage, Phillip Glass, Cartola, Nelson Cavaquinho, Vivaldi, Aphex Twin, Rodolfo Caesar, Marisa Rezende, Alexandre Shubert, Yahn Wagner, Paulo Dantas, Marcos Campello, Olavo Vianna and Victor Neves (Paralax), Marco Vinício Nogueira, Genesis, Mario Travassos, Led Zeppelin, Cynic, Ismael Silva, Noel Rosa, Friendly Bears, Elma, Mr. Bungle, Brahms and Beethoven, Henry Threadgill, Nicky Skopelitis, Eric Satie

Leo Alves Vieira (biography):
Brazilian, born in February 13th, 1978, at Rio de Janeiro, Leo Alves Vieira's parents both had musical experience. Portuguese father, Diniz, used to play the violin in a priest school orchestra in Portugal, and Brazilian mother, Lucia, used to play the acoustic guitar and sing along with her friends, a successful Brazilian group called "Clube da Esquina", that recorded their first record with Milton Nascimento on vocals. She gave up her instrument to the MPB guitar player Francisco Horta, at that time a political prisoner of Brazilian dictatorship.
Leo's grandfather, Mario Alves de Souza Vieira, father of Lucia, was killed by that dictatorship, tortured (impaled) to death. It seems that his revolutionary grandfather's blood runs in his veins. His musical energy is filled with struggles to musical patterns of all sorts, especially the so-called avant-garde academic scene around the western musical world...
Though his influences relates to various avant-garde composers, as well as popular Brazilian and worldwide 'folk' traditions, Leo Alves Vieira tried to develop a intuitional composition process that flows equally between rational and emotional boundaries.
He began his musical instruction in primary school at Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil along this school's choir, conducted by Hermano Vianna. Since then, he has had acoustic and electric guitar lessons with teachers from Rio and São Paulo as well (when he lived there from 1988 to 1992). In 1994, he entered a full musical education at the Rio de Janeiro State Conservatory, that included Classical Guitar lessons, Traditional and Functional Harmony. After a 2 year period in Philosophy unfinished graduation (1998-2000) at the Brazilian Federal University (UFRJ), he entered the Composition Graduation Course at the same institution (2001) where he continues his studies and also works as a researcher.
His first professional artistic work was a musical score composed for a short movie called "O Fantasma do Theatro Municipal" written and directed by Luis Carlos Lacerda (1994). After some rock bands demo-tapes recorded, and a CD from band called GORE, shows an etc, he began a steady career into composing, signing musical directions, conducting and eventually playing for theater and short movies scores.
Composing for theatre has given Vieira a great opportunity to study and establish a new musical language research within this medium. The organicity between the text, especially the ones written for children, and music is always the goal, without transforming the musical score primary to the theatrical performance, as it happens in musicals or plays for children, where 'all of the sudden' everything (named, the dramatical flow of the theatrical text) stops so that the music comes in and so forth.
The compositional writing process developed by Leo at the academia scenario has the objective to filtrate the historical composing techniques into a personal writing style that blends the 'music for concerto' expression with the other media ways of listening and expressing music such as electroacoustic, jazz, traditional (popular) and rock/pop music. Using the standard instrumental formations of the 'music for concerto', chamber, orchestra or solo, this blending effect is a result not only of exploring new gestures (execution and feeling), taken from these other musical genres, but also from literally mixing up pre-recorded chamber sounds (electronically altered or not), for instance, with electroacoustic fabrics. Or even the other way round where we have electroacoustic timbres played live, in a chamber concerto format. In this case, either acoustic instruments altered in real-time or MIDI / Plugged electronic instruments are used. That was done by the time of his debut as a composer at the XV Biennial of Brazilian Contemporary Music, 2003, with the piece "Estilhaços-Constante Volta ao Indeterminado" (2002) for acoustic and electronic instruments, played by electroacoustic orchestra OFELEX.
Another musical aspect has a very important role in Leo's music making and experimentations: rhythm. Polyrhythmical grids, exploring different rhythmical accents and variations, and, above them all, bringing some
Brazilian feel to this so European influenced format that is the 'music for concerto', are among of the best results Leo Alves Vieira's music has achieved.
Leo Alves Vieira's debut solo album "Sounds of the Orange Coloured Forest" was released September 2006 by Brooklyn, NY based Pralaya Records, and brings mostly his electroacoustic work between 2003 / 2006, which pairs chamber music and Brazilian rhythms. Some of the 11 pieces of this album has been featured in festivals, concerts and several radio shows around the globe, focused on electroacoustic music or even rock/pop music.
Leo Alves' interest in video and image manipulation began in 1994, when he started composing for short-movies, in Lacerda's film "O Fantasma do Theatro Municipal". Until he had his own little digital camera, he did several experimentations with VHS, besides working as a producer in some other short-movies too, all of them shown at cinemas and movie clubs. He also studied acting with great Brazilian movie and theatrical play directors such as Moacir Chaves, Marcus Vinicius Faustini and Carlos Augusto Nazareth.
Such experimentations involved collages and real time documentation on day-by-day living of anonymous normal people from the streets of Niterói, São Paulo, São Tomé das Letras (Minas Gerais) and Rio de Janeiro. The documentary aspect was always influenced by the ideas of Brazilian movie director Arnaldo Jabor, and his documentary technique in the '60s (by the time of Cinema Novo movement) called Cinema Verdade ("Truthful Cinema").
Nowadays, Leo Alves Vieira's production is focused on digital means of filming, especially, the exploration of light and texture on cheap digital equipment, which can result in many interesting effects one almost cannot capture on hi-tech sources. The editing work would either not interfere on these capturing effects or would enhance it creativity, seeking always a great variety of tasteful plasticity and form structure. Subjects are still connected to routine actions, only now we have other than people as players/actors (always anonymous, non-professionals), objects and places.
His last video project was done with assistance and music of several great fretless guitar players around the globe, "Kronosonic Spheres". It's a collection of great fretless and microtonal works and a video installation, a philosophical research over the main theme that surrounds and structures the whole 13 video pieces: "The Elements of Reality". These 'elements' are, in sequence: Fire / Air / Mutation / Speed / Work / Addiction / Obsession / Unknown / Consciousness / Truth / Death / Silence. The video installation features the musical works of Dan Stearns, Marco Oppedisano, 3 Pups Music (Newbie Brad & Pantha), Chris Shaeffer, Vincent Bergeron, The Carousel Painter, Sonic Deviant, Leo Alves Vieira and has just received an offer to be shown at museums and video clubs from Washington DC and Nashville, Tennessee.
Recently, a video piece has been commissioned to Leo Alves Vieira, over a musical work of his debut solo electroacoustic album "Sounds of the Orange Coloured Forest" and will be screened at Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Beside all his musical career as composer, conductor, instrumentalist (acoustic guitar, clarinet, flute, percussion), and video maker, Leo Alves Vieira makes his day-by-day living teaching acoustic guitar to young children up to 17 years old at local schools. Recently he became involved with a non-profit project at the poor community of Grota do Surucucu (Niterói, Rio de Janeiro). In that internationally accomplished enterprise he's responsible for teaching composition, harmony, counterpoint and instrumental arrangements to poor young wood house community inhabitants.


about johnco:
member of courtaud, larmes magnétiques, moukabarô, lem preo, the starpocks, love tracy, leo lenzio.
He likes pink clothes........ He 's looking at the data machine............ He can't explain why....
: La véritable histoire de CJC
: L'architecture du casque V et VI (avec Hopen & Dorian Danielsen)
: L'architecture du casque BOX (november)
: L'architecture du casque IV (november)
: Ed Rolll (november)
: Antique solution to coco presto (august)
: Conass motel (april)
: L'architecture du casque III (march)
: L'architecture du casque II (march)
: Nu (janvier)
: Effroissé (december)
: Tracy Lee Summers (december)
: Modection (november)
: The end of the second trial theme (september)
: L'architecture du casque (october

F! -Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,United States

The music of F! pulls from influences around the world. From classical composers such as Bartok and Grieg, to Italian Opera, Parisian Polka, Balkan or Klezmer music. F! paints an atmosphere akin to a Fellini film or a Man Ray dream - the ultimate cartoon score for high society. Music for the villain. Nostalgic God Jazz.
F! is:
Nicky Cardillo-- upright bass
Elliott Hasiuk -- drums, percussion
David Romberg -- percussion, projections
Justin Berger-- guitar
Nick Lerman -- guitar
Shinjoo Cho -- accordian, piano

you can download the whole album in flac and mp3 formats at:
or at:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

v.a."TheFastestCompilationRemix inTheWorld"released withAMBOLTHUE(Norway)andKIF(Poland)

Various - The Fastest Compilation Remix In The World
1.Kif Ten Seconds Compilation 3 Remix: He, She, It Whole Fukken Remix By Animal Machine (00:01)

The fastest compilation remix in the world. Real time 00:00, current time 00:01 seconds. 133 files in 00:00 seconds exact time.
Co-released with Kif Recording which will also release the original The Second Compilation 3 sometime soon!
Released: 14.Aug.2008.

Swamps Up Nostrils, Toilet Tantalizer, Mundkrach, John Pussy, Dr. Zero, Animal Machine, V.I.K.I., Enviromental Testing Device, DrunkMonkey, Nanohex, Los Canales Del Televisor, Fossil, Meltdown, I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua, Machinesaw, Aatmaa, Truthaboutfrank, Kangoora, Lezet, Gen26, Krak, Mystified, Scandinavian Noize Syndicate, Origami Chupacabras, God Pollutes, Das Loch, Kjetil Hanssen, Death Worship, Origami Hairy, T- Rex, Adash SP, Abraxas_apparatus, Mixturizer, Instagon, xm2901cw, Fiorella 16, AXBX (Abercrombie & Bitch), Cygore, Vernaggelkramp, Pichismo, Monika W., Gomoxitron, Katsa .theo, LodemidiQuail, Origami Boe, A55UHF, Christian Galarreta, (MAO) Melodic Abortion Orchestra.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

PROTECIOUS"Self-Inflicted Rainbow"(debut) released through SCHNURSTRAX (Lux) and PINK ESCAPISM(USA)!!!!!


1. Rumsfield (4:09)
2. Pout (6:23)
3. Quest (4:04)
4. Retreat (4:59)
5. Freshzilla (5:21)
6. Equilibrium (4:18)
7. Wobble (4:56)
8. Optimism (4:34)
9. Deltitnu (1:04)
10. Clemency (5:56)
11. Vulture (3:34)
12. Shabby (6:08)

play time: 55,4 minutes
release done: 2008
official release date : 08/2008
Recorded, Produced And Mixed By
Protecious in 2006 Co Produced By Ray Blair
Protecious: Drum & Percussion programming,
Sampling, Synthesizers
Ray Blair: Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitars,
Additional Keyboards
Igor Jovanovic: audio snippets,ambiances

The debut album is available as a free download album through SCHNURSTRAX(Lux):

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lezet’s"Thread" released through SCHNURSTRAX(Lux) and through PINK ESCAPISM (USA)

After having been announced as a joint release, the "greatest hits" album entitled "THREAD"is now released and available for free download both through "Pink Escapism"(USA) and "Schnurstrax" (Luxembourg)

Wednesday, 30 July 2008
Schnurstrax NEWS page:"By mixing original soundsources, stranger than strange musique concrète-influenced sampling methods, contemporary classical song constructions, designing process algorithms with the basically different approach of noise and the efforts to do radically new things in what we still call ..rock music' with computational resources, this best-of collection makes of Lezet one of our most challenging artists. Even though being arty and intellectual, this music is raw, powerful, and iconoclastic, with a real urgency : express yourself and forget political correctness !"

STRX033 : THREAD (music album by LEZET)
01 Bile and beak
02 Tidal
03 Drifting off
04 Irritation
05 Alacrity
06 Brunch
07 Hate
08 Arms akimbo I
09 Arms akimbo II
10 Quantified

play time: 47,2 minutes
original release date: 07/2008
Lezet is
Igor Jovanovic : electronics
Ken (Protecious) : quantified remix,album mixing and compiling, artwork

free download at:
you can alternately download this release through PINK ESCAPISM:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lezet’s"Distorted Piano Recordings"released with MEATRONIC (USA)free d/l album

Catalog ID:
Release Date:
Notes:Igor Jovanovic records and performs under the name of Lezet. Someone's comment about the sound of Lezet was "like Zorn without saxophone," and Zorn's influence is quite clear in a lot of Lezet's other work. For Meatronic Recordings, he submits this patient study of the interaction of piano with distortion, and it is quite hypnotizing once you figure out what is going on. Contra-puntal lines throw off side-band distortion in beautiful and startling ways somehow.
Runtime:21 minutes 38 seconds
You can download this album here:

"Meatronic is a netlabel based out of Tampa, Florida that focuses primarily on experimental and noise artists. We distribute music that is available exclusively in the form free MP3 downloads (192kbps CBR) with special releases on tangible media such as CD, DVD and vinyl.Visit us at "

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PROTECIOUS&related batch of incredible releases!!!!! (label:PINK ESCAPISM(USA))


the band:

"Protecious": Production/Mixing/Sampling/
Programming And Korg Synthesizer, And
artworks /logos/ animations

Also Featuring:
Ray Blair: Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitar
Igor Jovanovic: Additional Samps/Ambience/Fx
Ben Ferber: Scratches, Additional Samps

You can now download entire Protecious-related albums in .zip format at:



1. Rumsfield (4:09)
2. Pout (6:23)
3. Quest (4:04)
4. Retreat (4:59)
5. Freshzilla (5:21)
6. Equilibrium (4:18)
7. Wobble (4:56)
8. Optimism (4:34)
9. Deltitnu (1:04)
10. Clemency (5:56)
11. Vulture (3:34)
12. Shabby (6:08)
Recorded, Produced And Mixed By
Protecious in 2006 Co Produced By Ray Blair
Protecious: Drum & Percussion programming,
Sampling, Synthesizers
Ray Blair: Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitars,
Additional Keyboards
Igor Jovanovic: Insert Ambient Tracks/Fx


0002 Protecious - XIMER (Complete EP).zip
1. VultureREMIX (5:26)
2. RumsfieldREMIX (4:28)
3. ShabbyREMIX (4:44)
4. QuestREMIX (4:36)
Original Versions Produced And Mixed By Protecious
Co Produced By Ray Blair
All Four Remixes By Protecious
Additional Ambience/Fx: Igor Jovanovic


1. Bile And Beak (6:36)
2. Tidal (5:26)
3. Drifting Off (5:40)
4. Irritation (2:25)
5. Alacrity (4:20)
6. Brunch (5:53)
7. Hate (1:56)
8. Arms Akimbo I (3:56)
9. Arms Akimbo II (4:04)
10. Quantified (7:00)
Lezet: Thread, Music Produced And Created By
Igor Jovanovic (Aka Lezet)
Album Art Layout, And Music Compiled, Arranged
And "Quantified" Remixed By Protecious


1. Surqoin (5:36)
2. Purslaiz (5:46)
3. Fuilamu (3:02)
4. Habaola (4:29)
5. Engooliu (4:38)
6. Zacoum (5:02)
7. Yavall (6:14)
8. Tuonoogah (5:07)
9. Uioria (5:41)
10. Musalia (6:34)
Produced And Mixed By Protecious
Album Art By Protecious
Protecious: Drum & Percussion Programming,
Sampling, Synthesizer
Igor Jovanovic: Ambience/Fx/Samps
Ben Ferber: Additional Scratches


1. Chronic Bruise (2:33)
2. Jigg (1:14)
3. Instead (4:20)
4. Asa Nisa Masa (4:43)
5. Industry Hen (1:04)
6. Charlatan (5:31)
7. Tech Pappa (1:18)
8. Captain Grissom (5:09)
9. Camadogi (4:33)
10. CIBFWYCISBM (8:07)
Bands Feature: Jellyfish Syndrome (Sweden),
Lezet (Serbia), Thrangh (Italy), Protecious (USA)

LEZET-LEZETAMIX (The Protecious Remixes)

Lezet Performed By Igor Jovanovic
Album Art Layout By Protecious
"Lezetamix" Album Remixed And Produced
By Protecious


01.mutwa 02.mcdivitt 03.majestic 04.hynick 05.intersteller
06.dimensions 07.callaghan 08.hayakawa 09.galileo 10.yerdenial
line-up: Protecious,+guest appearances:Ben Ferber, Igor Jovanovic
P 2008

V/A:(TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA)13,000.00 MilliSeconds CD released through RATSKIN RECORDS (USA)

Category: Music
Release Date: July 2008

Pressing Info: 900 cds

V/A:(TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA) 13,000.00 MilliSeconds...

V/A: (TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA) 13,000.00 MilliSeconds is a compilation featuring over 215 artists + musicians who composed thirteen second compositions especially for this release. This collection documents artists working all over the world, with these pieces having a reference to the " contemporary time famine" brought on by the technological complex of which none of us can escape from. These aural documents of justified schizophrenia fight fire with fire, and pry away at our rotting attention span.

Ratskin Records 2008 Track Listing:

V/A:(TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA) 13,000.00 MilliSeconds

RSR06: V/A: (TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA) 13,000.00 MilliSeconds CD
$8.00 PREORDER**

{Will Ship Approx: July 14th, 2008}
you can pre-order this brilliant compilation at:

Monday, July 21, 2008

v.a.-"nothing but net II" released with BAREFOOTMELT(USA)

Various Artists - Nothing but Net II (bfmx002)

More ambient musings from the internet.

For complete download options, visit

01. Mystified - Altered States from "Altered States" (Dark Winter, dw046, 2008)
02. 20/21 - Robert Smithson's Heap of Language from "Heap of Language" (mixthemixthemix, 8, 2007)
03. Silent Strike - Tor from "VII in IV" (arhiva7, arh006, 2005)
04. Fungitonic and the lobers - Rojo from "Alzheimer" (Series Media, sern23, 2007)
05. Scott Sinclair / Mariam Wallentin - I Won The Dance Contest from "Balloon Party" (Half-theory, 2006)
06. Pocka - Dao from "Sample Guitar" (Kurzwellen, kwn004, 2007)
07. Yanis Dambergs - 1f-Fire from "Harmonic Cycle of 4 Elements and 7 Planets " (Rec.Music.Ambient Records, 2007)
08. The Crisiding Bladading - Disco La Monte from "Dominic Movies" (Off & Green, O&G006, 2007)
09. Paul Feyertag - II. Drone Musing from "Suburban Décollage" (Luvsound, luv013, 2007)
10. Michael Trommer - Air() from "Sleeping Satellites" (test tube, tube072, 2007)
11. Lezet - Funky Ointment from "Performance is Inherently Unlikely" (Abdicate Cell, ac035, 2007)
12. Isuzu Kochiwa - Duchamp from "Disassembling the Molecules" (Birdsong, birdsong016, 2006)
13. Electricwest - Bruises from "Divine De Vice" (Archaic Horizon, ah022, 2008)
14. .at/on - Lost Things from "Products of Passed Days (Complementary Distribution, cod018, 2008)
15. Tzesne - La Comarca 03 from "La Comarca" (alg-a, alg040, 2008)
16. Chiste - Galeria Centrica from "Musica Para La Galeria" (D-I Net, diso004, 2008)
17. Luminous - Hampered from "Against the Law - Volume 1? (Clinical Archives, ca011, 2007)

Cover photograph, "Old Man Listen To Radio" by vv (

link to this release page:

Barefoot Melt releases free music that explores the realms of ambiance. Our netplays cover the gambit of ambient music which could best be summed up by Bubba, come in Bubba:

Ambient is the fruit of the musical sea. You can listen it, compose it, make it, play it, be it. There's, um, ambient dub, ambient drone, ambient glitch, ambient experimental, ambient soundscapes, ambient electronic, ambient noise, ambient space, ambient techno, new ambient, ambient . . . That's, that's about it.

We at Barefoot Melt consider ourselves first and foremost a fan-based netlabel. Fan-based? Fan-based in that we release individual artists as well as "mixed tapes" of other netlabel music we found interesting and intriguing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

V.A.-HAZE vol.6 (DEDICATION TO VODKA) released with "HAZE" (Belarus)

Netlabel 'HAZE'
Keywords: experimental; ambient; blues; hip-hop; field recordings; noise; break-core

"Alcohol connects people or gives ground for disconnection…
Alcohol stimulates happiness or aversion…
Attitude to alcohol is different but, in any case, it is the part of our existence.

Different artists in different styles from different countries dedicate their music compositions to new HAZE compilation ‘Dedication to Vodka’".


HAZE is an independent non-profit art community based in Minsk (Belarus)
HAZE is a group of musicians, promoters, artists, journalists, poets etc.
The main idea of HAZE is to create collaboration between Belarusian and European art-spaces with the help of web-galleries and live exhibitions, publishing internet releases.
We have web-galleries for painting, graphics, photo, digital-art etc and netlabel for electronic and experimental music.
mail to: