Saturday, October 30, 2010

V.A.-"EVERGREENS 'N ODDITUNES" being released with HEADPHONICA(Germany)!!!!!!!!!!

early september headphonica was featured at where we offered a mixtape called “Evergreens ‘n Odditunes” consisting of 2 parts:

[licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND]

this feature/mix was supported with a limited (100 pieces) promo-3,5?-floppy-disk
which was available for free at the a2n music congress ( ) / berlin and contained an
audio-track that was generated from the voice-sampels of podcasters & radio-djs
from around the world who had spelled “headphonica” in their podcast/show.
you’ll find this audio-track as a hidden bonustrack for this compilation somewhere on this site.
go, find it.

unusual is the new usual!
many of the tracks on this compilation were collected via myspace from the artists directly to create a second part of the pathbreaking "thanks for the add!" compilation we released in 2007.
unfortunately this vol.2-compilation project has never been finished nor released, just as other creative projects on the headphonica-netlabel, too.
nevermind. here it is.
at a time when myspace is shifting from being a platform for musicians presenting their works to a platform of multimedia-nonsense we'd like to say "thanks for the add, myspace!"
additionally you'll find a few tracks here that'll appear on albums on headphonica in the next months: enjoy!
what might seem weird here is that this album obviously has a kind of "wrong" numbering / track order.
in fact this compilation contains of 3 parts.
if you'd like to listen to the tracks in the intended order download them from here: where you'll also get the full artwork [!]
otherwise you're free to mix them up here in a new way.

Headphonica's release page :

free music archive download link:


Saturday, October 16, 2010

lend an ear to my Steve Reich Rmx Competition track submission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only rmx competition of any major label I've ever taken a serious interest in.Steve Reich's new album is fantastic and I sought the opportunity to make a really good remix which is a sort of fancied alternate take by the brilliant BANG ON A CAN.Hope you like the remix I've it is:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

V.A.-"SEED64" is released through HEADPHONICA(Germany)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's more to this compilation than giving credit to our COMMODORE64 nostalgia, it is meant to show people who never owned a c64 or played it (or those who weren't even born in the late70s/early 80s)the sheer force that the featured c64 music had. Tim Follin,Ben Daglish,Mark Cooksey,Neil Brennan,Stephen Ruddy, Anthony Crowther,Martin Galway,Dave Lee,Rob Hubbard,Jason.S.Brooke,Peter Clarke,Jonathan Dunn,John Fitzpatrick,Chris Hülsbeck,Fred Gray and other c64 composers redefined the aural landscape of the 80s ,propelled the demo scene and thus helped democratize music on a global scale.This non-8bit tribute aims at acknowledging their greatness and the very tunes that became iconic.

You can download this HEADPHONICA-released album HERE:
or here:

or here:

01.Romeo Knight - Bionic Commando (Tune 5)
game:Bionic Commando
© 1987 GO!
Development:Software Creations
Programming: Stephen Ruddy
Graphics: Andrew Threlfall
Music: Tim Follin

02.Bladiator - Suicide express for 2 Pianos
game: Suicide Express
© 1985 Gremlin Graphics
Everything by:Antony Crowther
Genre:Shoot'em up

03.N-Joy-Led Storm Funky Edit
game: Led Storm
© 1988 Capcom
Production: Go!
Commodore 64 version: Software Creations
Programming:Stephen Ruddy
Graphics: Andrew Threlfall
Graphics: Mark Wilson
Music: Tim Follin
Genre: Racing

04.Noviello Pippo - Comic Bakery (Jazz mix)
game:Comic Bakery
© 1986 Imagine
Programming:Colin Gresty
Graphics: Stephen Wahid
Music:Martin Galway

05.Andrea Baroni - Erebus (piano)
© 1986 Virgin Games
Design:Steve Lee
Programming:Steve Lee
Graphics:Martin Wheeler
Music:Dave Lee
Genre:Shoot'em up

06.Moonove - Delta
© 1987 Thalamus
Written by: Stavros Fasoulas
Music: Rob Hubbard
Loader: John Twiddy
Testpilot: 'Clumsy' Colin
Artwork:David Rowe
Layout:Oliver Frey
Producer:Andrew Wright
Producer:Gary Liddon
Financial guidance:Franco Frey
Genre: Shoot'em up

07.NecroPolo - Bionic Commando stage 4 (Dale vs Wray mix)
Bionic Commando
© 1987 GO!
Development:Software Creations
Programming: Stephen Ruddy
Graphics: Andrew Threlfall
Music: Tim Follin
Copyright: Capcom
Genre: Platform

08.Doron Deutsch - Out Run (magical acoustic shower)
© 1986 U.S. Gold
Development:Amazing Products
Programming:Martin Webb
Graphics:Dennis Webb
Music:Jason C. Brooke

09.Christian Vestergaard - The Last V8 (Piano cover)
game:The Last V8
© 1985 Mastertronic
Programming:David Darling
Graphics:Jim Wilson
Music:Rob Hubbard

10.Mahoney - Black Lamp subtune 1 (codename whistler)
game: Black Lamp
© 1988 Firebird
Development:Software Creations
Programming:Stephen Ruddy
Graphics: Andrew Threlfall
Titlescreen:Paul Docherty
Music: Tim Follin
Genre: Runaround

11.Linus Akesson - One Man And His Piano
game:One Man and His Droid
©1985 Mastertronic
Conversion:Adrian Sheppard
Creator:Clive Brooker
Music:Rob Hubbard
Genre:Arcade, Miscellaneous

12.Rune-Bertil's - Pandora's Ficka (Ark Pandora)
game:Ark Pandora
© 1986 Rino Marketing
Written by:John Stevenson
Written by:Johnny Meegan
Music:Ben Daglish
Music driver:Antony Crowther

13.Mutherpluckin' B - Sanxion (Unsanxioned Soloing)
© 1986 Thalamus
Written by:Stavros Fasoulas
Titlescreen:Mat Sneap
Music:Rob Hubbard
Genre:Shoot'em up

14.Gustav Taxén - Wizball
game: Wizball
© 1987 Ocean
Development:Sensible Software
Programming:Chris Yates
Graphics:Jon Hare
Music:Martin Galway

15.Tim Winsky - Bandle Bobble (Bubble Bobble Live by Hampshire Regional High School)
game:Bubble Bobble
© 1987 Firebird
Conversion:Software Creations
Programming:Stephen Ruddy
Graphics:Andrew Threlfall
Music:Peter Clarke
Licensed from:Taito

this track also includes the NEW ZEALAND STORY game theme
game:The New Zealand Story
© 1989 Imagine
Programming:Richard Palmer
Graphics:Stephen Wahid
Music:Jonathan Dunn

16.PICRARD-ghosts n goblins 09(short)
game: Ghosts'n Goblins
© 1986 Elite
Programming:Chris Butler
Graphics:Chris Butler
Titlescreen:Ste Pickford
Music:Mark Cooksey

17.The Subversive Elements - Blasteroids (Funkadelik Harmonica 2010)
© 1989 ImageWorks
Programming:Brian Pollock
Graphics:Dave Colledge
Music:Ben Daglish
Licenced to:Mirrorsoft
Other bits:Bill
Other bits:Craig
Other bits:Pete J
Other bits:Pete M
Genre:Shoot'em up

18.Doron Deutsch - Bruce Lee (acoustic Jam)
game:Bruce Lee
© 1984 Datasoft
Concept:Kelly Day
Concept:Ron J Fortier
Programming:Ron J Fortier
Graphics:Kelly Day
Music:John Fitzpatrick
Documentation:Ingrid Holcomb

19.Christian Vestergaard - The Great Giana Sisters (Piano cover)
game:The Great Giana Sisters
© 1987 Rainbow Arts
Production:Time Warp
Programming:Armin Gessert
Graphics:Manfred Trenz
Music:Chris Hülsbeck

20.Petar Alargic TransakT[1].INC - Usaaagi (Usagi Yojimbo)
game:Samurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo
© 1988 Firebird
Copyright:Beam Software
Musician:Neil Brennan
Genre:Adventure, Arcade 2D

21.Gamml - C64 International Karate (Rock)
game:International Karate
© 1986 System 3
Production:Mark Cale
Written by:Archer Maclean
Music:Rob Hubbard
Genre:Beat'em up

22.Lezet - West Bank
game: West Bank
© 1986 Gremlin Graphics
Music:Fred Gray

23.MutherpluckinB -Cryin in the Delta Wind
© 1987 Thalamus
Written by: Stavros Fasoulas
Music: Rob Hubbard
Loader: John Twiddy
Testpilot: 'Clumsy' Colin
Artwork:David Rowe
Layout:Oliver Frey
Producer:Andrew Wright
Producer:Gary Liddon
Financial guidance:Franco Frey
Genre: Shoot'em up

all additional details concerning the abovementioned games can be found on these fantastic sites that have been preserving c64 history for years now: