Saturday, June 16, 2007

"ANNOYANCE" EP released with SCHNURSTRAX recs (Luxembourg)

Lezet released an EP entitled "Annoyance" with SCHNURSTRAX Records, experimental music label and art/media platform from Luxembourg."Annoyance" is comprised of 8 tracks (Annoyance 1-8) a lot different from tracks from Lezet's previous releases.The 8 track is the amalgamation of 2 preludes by Sergei Rachmaninov:
"Prelude No.12 in c major op.32 No.1" and "Prelude No.13 in b flat minor op.32 No.2".
You can download this free download release at:

release date:June 16th,2007
cover art by: Igor Jovanovic
Schnurstrax Records 2007

"Oceanide" compilation |(Downtown Recordings,Slovenia)

Downtown Records (Slovenia) released a compilation entitled "Oceanide" present unorthodox and fresh electronica/experimental artists from former Yugoslav republics ,including Groovemaster, Doping Mozga (Third I), Figurative Theatre, DJ Tsunami, dj Markoman, Lezet, Kros Kor, Oil, Dangol, Dubnoise project and Orit Kvartat.Contact:
a review of "Oceanide" in Helly Cherry web zine (in Serbian):
"Istovremeno se pojavila kad i Ekrazit. Sli cna je prica s tim da ovde imamo okupljene noise, dark, eksperimentalne, electro pa i chill out bendove iz Slovenije i Srbije. Opet dosta šarenoliko, dok je sve bilo u fazi izrade, imao sam utisak da ce više biti orjentisana na noise. Ovako se spektar zvuka ili buke širi u beskraj kao okean. Moram da primetim da je lista jako pažljivo pripremljena i da kompilacija sasvim fino tece, od pomenutih opuštajucih zvukova ka mracnijem dark electro i EBMu npr a onda polako se plovi sintetisanijem pa i bržim DnB talasima do elektronskih i bucnijih voda. Prava mala odiseja elektronskog zvuka opremljena jedrima u boji sa atlasom i indexom svih ostrva i koordinatama kako doci do svakog talasa. Karte za ovo putovanje su dostupne u Sloveniji na kros a u Srbiji na PMK distrou Nenad"

Friday, June 1, 2007

"Ten Seconds Compilation" released with KIF Recording (Poland)!!!

TEN SECONDS COMPILATION- Limited Edition 20 copies _$5
.#_kif01 kifrecording -Ten Seconds Compilation (April28th,2007)
on this album you might find stuff like; multicolored noise MCD-R compilation produced and released by "Keep It Frozen"(experimental music label from USA), an experimental,
58 tracks 9:53 minutes plus 9:12 minutes remix by ANIMAL MACHINE and CYGORE.The compilation features works by Sabae,AATMAA ,Aesthetic Meat Front ,Anal Oder Nicht Sein , Lodemidiquail ,Djet, Exmachine,Implore, Animosity, Lezet, Plankopie, Wolf 107, Xm2901cw, Barkona Rova,Nanohex,, M.Pervere, Man Invented Airplanes Just to Get High,Uncle Mum, False Mirror,Krak,Eraritjaritjaka, Throuroof, Ronny Waernes, Bjorn Eriksson, Munkkrach, Napalmed,Rotted Brain, (B)Ananartista Orgasmo Sbuff,Fossil, Camisole,Kenji Siratori, Frostwinter,Cygore,Organ Morgan, Toxucum Aestus, Uta Jan,Darph Nader, Avi, Broken Diode, Liquid Signal Distrortion, Environmental Testing Device... / Limited Edition .

new free download EP"Performance is Inherently Unlikely" released with"Abdicate Cell" (Norway)

Lezet- “Performance is inherently unlikely“EP (March29,2007), released with “Abdicate Cell“(Norway), link to free download ,
and . A limited edition of cd-r copies will soon be available at the label's site

"Performance is inherently unlikely" speaks of Lezet's duel with his computer.The machine is here coerced into becoming a collaborator rather than a tool. The structures, piano-led or growing out of ambient-noise pretext, strive to open a dialogue within individual tracks. The results are presented herein.

01.let them eat static
02.durkah durkah durkah
03.claptrap 3
04.funky ointment
06.claptrap 3 goo as it gets
08.claptrap 4
09.the soil loved me back
10.claptrap 5 (the computer take)

artwork by :Vojislav Nedeljkovic

v.a.-digital biotope showcase @weerwaves

VRWM003-Digitalbiotope Showcase (mart2007)- Greek label VEERWAVES MUSIC made a “Digital Biotope“ showcase compilation featuring 3 “Lezet+Throuroof“ tracks off their “Lezet Throuroof“ album.
visit to download this compilation

_VRWM003] digitalbiotope showcase
An old friend of mine reminded me lately of some unfinished project we had, and quickly after that, the idea of introducing his netlabel to veerwaves visitors struck me; digitalbiotope is an independent uncompromising platform dedicated to promotion of improvised and experimental music. The philosophy of it's founders welcomes and encourages the collaboration between artists, and the most extremely different styles are released. Mainly, as stated on the start page focus is given to improvisation, electro-acoustic, experimental electronica, contemporary audio and the inclusion of some videos makes the whole thing even more interesting. The mixtape i made for digitalbiotope is a showcase demonstrating extreme sound design techniques with musical content which builds and keeps the listener under some kind of electrical intensity. I don't like describing music (and generally art) with words, i'm not so good with them. Just grab the mix and explore new territory :) total time : 1:23' 115M ^ netlabelhost Playlist:
/*Track */ /*Artist */ /*Release */
01 #000099 yoursck//estd82 analogique coleurs
02 Icon sascha mueller icon
03 Anomalie drone decorum
04 Ono za ovo lezet throuroof
05 Lorotamolatrapano lezet throuroof
06 Distortion serocell clipped
07 Scrumple serocell clipped
08 #ff99ff yoursck//est.82 analogique coleurs
09 Emanon sascha mueller icon
10 Fraulein drone decorum
11 Merry lezet throuroof
12 Drone+Serocell mikrosopht+serocell+drone 18 improvisations
13 Drone+Serocell+Mikrosopht mikrosopht+serocell+drone 18 improvisations
14 Dub serocell clipped
15 Kino drone decorum
16 Contact drone decorum
17 La flaque aux chiens drone+rodolphe gissinger la flaque aux chiens
18 #000000 yoursck//est.82 analogique coleurs

vrwm003-2007 digitalbiotope showcase , compiled by veerwaves music-dimitrisd, all tracks provided by db _
Creative Commons License This work is published under a Creative Commons License . DIMITRIS DIAVATIS SITE-MAP vw^x

LEZET THROUROOF collaborative album release with "Digital Biotope" (France)

Throuroof Lezet –(March2007), a collaborative album with Throuroof (led by Antonio Gallucci,an experimental/avant-ambient-noise musician from Prato, Italy) released with “Digital Biotope”, net-label from France; available for streaming and free download at

01.ovo za ono
09.the merry spectre of Kladovo
11.ono za ovo

THROUROOF(Italia): Antonio Gallucci
LEZET(Serbia): Igor Jovanovic
cover art by: Vojislav Nedeljkovic

-“Clinical Sounds vol1“ compilation (Feb2007)- released with “Clinical Archives“, an experimental label from Moscow, Russian Federation; featuring the previously released track by Lezet “El Ave Fea“.
Date: 2007-02-26
Run time: 260:40
Keywords: illogical, eclectic, noise, abstract, free improvisation, dark ambient, ambient, industrial, electronica, field recordings, glitch, microsound, montage, psychedelic, psy-trance, soundscape, sound art, strange, clinical, other

«Clinical experience, and also carried out practical researches show, that simultaneous use of two hearing aids allows to distinguish more precisely sounds and, that is especially important, better to understand speech even to people with serious loss of hearing of one ear and full deafness of another...»
(from «Binaural prosthetics»)

* This citation has no attitude to the given compilation.

CD 4

Noiz + Zilenth-inzane
Kuxaan-sum - Blizzarine Sundry
Musica-Ex-Machina - Ode To Eternity
Liquid Signal Distortion & Nihilist Tantrum - Tender Denial
Luminous - You Know What I Want
Wolfman Amadeus Mozart - Optimism Is A Treatable Disease
Brainquake - 360-Awareness
Urbanisation Obscure - Tracking Down The Consumer
Lezet - El Ave Fea
Narcosa - Todesspritze
Djet - Eleventh Tablet
Loafeye - March On And Sea

VA-LEEPILATION2 released through LEEP Records(France)

LEEPILATION (Jan 2007)- an exoerimental music compilation released with “LEEP” (l’Enregistrement Europe Parisien) from Paris ,France featuring a collaborative track by Tracy Lee Summers and Lezet:“Venus 10 heure slap happy”.
LEEP sur Myspace
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Various artists "LEEPilation 2"

01 - Introduction 1
02 The Stuf - Saxifrage sonn
03 Tellemake - Cantique & élégies aux murmures
04 D'Incise - Satelitaire
05 Elisa Point, Frederic D. Oberland, Colin John Conass - Une autre fois
06 Mr Georges - Sous les arcs
07 Hopen - 11
08 - Introduction 2
09 Kaelteloesung - Whatdoesascannersee
10 King Rhythm, Tracy Lee Summers, Manji - From the shelves
11 Tracy Lee Summers- Lezet remix - Venus 10 heure slap happy
12 Norbertrance - Ponpidour
13 Dorian Danielsen, Colin John Conass-Hopen remix - Merci amour
14 K-the-i???, Tracy Lee Summers - Figuretivly speaking (fusion b)
15 - Introduction 3
16 Dorian Danielsen - Confusions
17 Dj Dee - Djdee for paris-friday afternoon
18 Arno Zhorn - Gobacktothehell
19 Medecine Music - Tone death
20 Les Adolfs Kochs - Des houblons contre l'alsace
21 Electric Electric - Electric Electric
22 Courtaud - Parceque l'on respecte le temps
23 Sabine Viret - Ay que yo no tiro

Fracture - Champagne in Paris
Alphabet - 2007 01.00

2 limited edition artwork by :
-Damien Gouviez
-Adrien Zammit, Nobertrance
download it at:
LEEP044 January 2007
mixed at studio effroissé

VA-DO YOU EVER DREAM released with B&RRecords(USA)

vol.1 B&R Records compilation „Do you ever dream?“(Jan 2007)- a compilation featuring a previously released Lezet track “You Crybaby“ released with “B&R Records“, a US experimental net-label , available for free download at
Do You Ever Dream?
compilation series: volume one

1. Big City Orchestra "Point to be Made"
2. Sharza Harza "Cemetary Bugs"
3. Ligand "Enmeshed"
4. Haggari Nakashe "Cable Movements"
5. Torstein Wjiik "Circle"
6. Swamps Up Nostrils "Terrorganism"
7. Shota Kola "Shibolet Shoal"
8. Mystified "Space Weather"
9. Aboolele "Keep Your Left Ear Wet
and Your Right Protected"
11. darph/nadeR "Peppermint"
12. T Syndrome "Kazev2"
13. LEZET "You Crybaby"
14. AATMAA "Brain Scan"
15. Velvet Narcosis "Swallow the Knife"
16. Shrew Florist "Mega-Mess-Up"
17. Aboolele vs. Gaop "Pirates"
18. Reverend Mofo "Morning Range"

all songs by the respective artists,
used here with permission.

released by B&R Records - 1/2007

Lezet2 released with "FauxFetus"(USA)

January 2007
"LEZET2" is a continuation of the s/t debut album. It's released with "FauxFetus", an amazing experimental label and a collective of musicians from the States. Tracks off the album were featured on various radio stations throughout the US, and it's an additional reason to download this free-download album at
"Faux Fetus" also re-released the 2006 s/t debut as a free download album. As of 2009, Lezet' "2" album is also available through Faux Fetus on FMA: