Saturday, December 22, 2012


black records zine 1: places
by Various Artists
with a pdf of the black records zine
this album and zine is an attempt to evoke places with a special meaning to the artists through the use of sound, image and text
included in the download is a thirty page zine with texts and artworks from the contributing artists.

1.elizabeth Veldon - ghosts 30:00
2.MAbH - gdansk 04:19
3.The Implicit Order - kingdom come state park 02:37
4.Mists Of Poveglia - the bridge 04:29
5.Caroline McKenzie - bridge of orchy 04:00
6.Lezet - skull tower (silence) 03:04

released 21 December 2012
tags: experimental drone electronica electronics noise United Kingdom
some rights reserved

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Visszajáró/Lezet - Split released with SP RECORDINGS (USA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPNet066 - Visszajáró/Lezet - Split
File under: Noise/Soundscape/Experimental

Visszajáró and Lezet bring their native Serbia to life with a collection of brittle, cold compositions. Visszajáró's material is more aggressive that Lezet's, the former forging their sound experiments with guitar noise and shrill keyboard that strikes quickly and retreats. This material could easily be the soundtrack to a European arthouse horror film. Lezet takes a staid approach, accompanying more subtle guitar noise with bells and other sounds made with glass. This combination brings to mind hazy dreams of warmer days. Both artists fill their soundscapes with a cold atmosphere, removed from the normal plain of existence, but swirling very close, oddly present. This split is an excellent winter companion.
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release page:

01 - Visszajáró - Angelus Novus (9:24)
02 - Visszajáró - Requiem For A Signaling Device (6:13)
03 - Lezet - Traffic (6:15)
04 - Lezet - Hoot (3:25)
05 - Lezet - Tunnelling (4:41)

Visszajáró is an experimental band from Vojvodina, Serbia, founded in 2007 by László Lenkes. It prefers eclectic and experimental approaches towards creating noise/music :

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V.A.-"BREATHE 08" released with BREATHE COMPILATIONS (Mexico)!!!!

We close/open this year with a new volume of our classic compilations, a real candy to the ears of our high experimented audience, an irrepetible gathering of advanced music projects. With totally unpublished themes by Ombilicum, Wings of an Angel, Logical Disorder, gip, Juan Antonio Nieto, Lingua Lustra, nigul, Esoteric Sob, Lezet, AxBx, yosoyunotrotu, Davo, Substak and Elypixa.

Enjoy and share

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release page:

Lezet's track:

1. Logical Disorder - So Far (5:04)
2. Esoteric Sob - Colors (3:32)
3. Elypixa - Strange Ufo (3:34)
4. nigul - un cercle petit (7:21)
5. Substak - Crush (4:41)
6. gip - Yendo (4:40)
7. Wings of an Angel - Therein Hide My Beautiful Shadows Of Self Destruction (8:42)
8. Davo - Loose Fields (7:07)
9. yosoyunotrotu - telepathy (In Vitro mix) (3:24)
10. Lingua Lustra - Open up (7:01)
11. Ombilicum - Volodia (4:50)
12. Juan Antonio Nieto - Sinewave (3:57)
13. AxBx - Limboxtia Minimix (4:40)
14. Lezet - Tap Nix Weh (3:30)

Compilation by Quetzal Contla
Artwork by Dámaso Pérez
Breathe Compilations
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

v.a.-"SURVEY0020" released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE (UK)!!!!!!

CLASSWAR KARAOKE'S v.a.-"SURVEY0020" is out!

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117 participating acts, with 108 pieces of music and 23 short-films. No more musical chairs. Please be nice to one another. 0020 survey is dedicated to the memory of Robert Chrysler

We humbly dedicate this survey to the memory of the Canadian poet, Robert Chrysler. We know many of you were very close to Robert, and that his untimely, early death has touched you deeply. RIP to Robert. We salute his maverick spirit.