Sunday, January 24, 2010

LEZET-"RANSID" released with SURRISM PHONOETHICS(Germany)!!!!!!!

presents you another fine gem compiled by the mighty LEZET 'Ransid'
A tribute to the C64!
"I participated in a compilation project of acoustic video game covers and it gradually turned me into a nostalgic bore to those around me ,setting the time back and reminding me of countless hours spent at playing the proots out of my very own indestructible c64 (got it in 1985,stopped playing it around 1994). The sensations and memories surged out with each and every game I revisited and it kinda gave me a clear idea of where the initial sparks of interest in music came from. I remember hearing "Smoke On The Water" for the first time as a kid and having said to my late father: "These guys stole this theme from Tim Follin and his "Led Storm"!". Seeing him laugh his heart out was a complete mystery. I was angry with him for the next 2 days..."
-Igor Jovanovic

1 Loader (Dedicated To Jeroen Tel) 7:14
2 Walkthrough (Dedicated To Ben Daglish) 0:54
3 Glitch (Dedicated To Martin Galway) 4:42
4 Level Completed (Dedicated To Tim Follin) 0:11
5 Press Play On Tape (Dedicated To Neil Brennan & Rob Hubbard) 5:55
6 The Ringing Tower (Dedicated To Mark Cooksey) 3:40
all tracks written by Igor Jovanovic in 2009 (except for a portion of “Press Play on Tape” born out of a deck manipulation in 1996) I thank all the C64 composers worldwide & all the German cracking teams of the 80s.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LEZET-"CAGED?" released with LO-FI SCI-FI RECORDS and SURRISM PHONOETHICS(a joint release,Germany)

01-10 Prepared Piano Piece I-X
Track 10 contains the first sound file ever, recorded by Edouard-Leon de Martinville on the Phonoautograph (1860)
A lo-fi/sci-fi records & suRRism Phonoethics joint release, Creative Commons Germany 2010

"suRRism-Phonoethics" is proud to announce our first long awaited release...
make way and raise your glass to the initial!
LEZET and his fantastic album 'Caged?'
Piano Prepared Pieces- of finest heritage
re-rooted in counter-clockwise gestures pointing at you!

"Lezet (Igor Jovanovic) dreams right out of his pockets"
-André Pissoir

"he stole my cell,- i'm free now!"
-Lester Béton

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