Wednesday, October 31, 2018

V.A.-"I See Dead People - A Throne Of Bael Records Halloween Compilation" is out on THRONE OF BAEL (UK)!!!

Featuring the talents of:
Ludwig Dementgenstein ,Mean Flow ,Aura en el espejo ,Danshoku Dino ,James Onsen ,Dead In Japan ,Wiht ,Don Mandarin ,SpecImEn ,ZUMAIA ,Hari Hardman ,The Dead Yesterdays ,DJ Discord_ ,Sea of Åland ,Scare Conditioner ,Uzbazur ,Seiei Jack ,These Gaping Jaws ,I, Eternal ,Harsh Noise Movement ,Filmy Ghost ,Jeritan ,Grime6i6ter6 ,{AN} EeL ,Ruido Frotado ,Tim Allen ,Gintas K ,Daniel James Dolby ,David Nadeau ,Crepuscular Entity ,Lezet ,MUWN ,Dariusz Jackowski ,Ghostskull, All Signs Of Those Who Left


Lezet's contribution:
released October 31, 2018 license
all rights reserved
experimental dark ambient drone experimental harsh noise noise United Kingdom

V.A.-"Free Candy Halloween Compilation 2018" out on Skiestfunk (Germany)!!!!!!

First compilation on SIKESTFU(N)K - this is awesome! Much love to all the amazing artists who made this happen! Contains booklet and infos. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ??????
Dave Fuglewicz ,DJ Dry Bones ,Mean Flow ,Daywand ,Protecious ,The Hentai Noise Experiments ,Yaka-anima,ZUMAIA ,Lord Cernunnos ,Wirephobia , Dr. NoiseM ,{AN} EeL ,Reverend Spo0ky ,Chainsawfallingintoplace ,Lezet ,Peristalsis ,YANN PILLAS

Lezet's contribution

released October 31, 2018 license
all rights reserved
experimental ambient atmospheric drone experimental halloween harsh noise horror noise synth wave Berlin

SIKESTFU(N)K- Weblabel from Berlin.- Created by Reverend Spo0ky on 2016/01/16.- Intended to release all kinds of experimental, noisy, creepy & funky shit from allover the world.- All releases 4 free

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

V.A. "9'06''82734 " out on PLATAFORMA RECORDS (Brazil)!!!!

Plataforma 191 - V.A. 9'06''82734

Thanks for all tracks

Let's propagate Weird Music
Plataforma Recs

√π-,,4zero4,Knop ,DZKYIN ,Daniel Tree ,WULFZ BLUD ,Lezet ,Mean Flow ,David Nadeau ,Rauppwar ,Saint de L'abime ,Scan da Tasmania

free download:

Publication date 2018-10-27
Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International
Topics weird music, experimental, noise, ambient, drone, various artists, plataforma recs

Monday, October 29, 2018

V.A.-"Krell Music" is out on AURAL FILMS (USA)!!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Aural Films returns to the Forbidden Planet for our annual Halloween release. We called on sound artists to imagine it was 1956 and record a Krell Music composition to be used at any point in the "Forbidden Planet" film. More than 25 artists from around the world responded with their fantastic creations that you can hear now.

featuring: A Multitude of One ,Binary Rythm ,Bruce Bennett ,Carbonates On Mars ,Christian Fiesel ,Chuck van Zyl ,Colin Jones ,Cousin Silas ,Empty Zen ,Epoch Collapse ,FM.tronica ,Globotom ,Ian Craig ,Jack Hertz ,Jaime Munarriz ,jon rudolph ,Levente ,Lezet ,M.NOMIZED ,pcn ,playman54 ,Ombient ,Robert Scott Thompson ,Secondaire Bruyant ,The Soviet Space Dog Project ,vgmrmojo


Lezet's contribution:

released October 29, 2018
Click through to each track for more information on the artists.
D J Shin - Robbie the Robot toy cover photo.

Aural Films is an online record label (netlabel) that releases high-quality soundtracks for the real and imaginary. From the familiar to the unheard. Discover all the latest releases online at
Aural Films Catalog No. AF0227
Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Lezet's "Curds 2" is out on THRONE OF BAEL (UK) !!!!!!!


"Curds 2" is the second album of track submissions for compilations that never came to be or that were no longer available (2015-2018). This collection is Lezet's 90th release.

#melodic #electronic #improv #retroelectro #noise

Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer and Google Play availability soon...
All tracks by Igor Jovanovic except track 5 by Convivial Cannibal Clan and Lezet
cover: Igor Jovanovic
original photo: Marko Tomovic (Geneza Kineza)
released October 26, 2018
Throne of Bael Reccords, 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018

V.A.-"UFO Invasion Compilation First Encounter" out on PARACELSIAN PRODUCTIONS (Canada) !

V.A.-"UFO Invasion Compilation First Encounter" out on PARACELSIAN PRODUCTIONS (Canada) !

Thorn The Beauty ,saint de l'abime ,Lezet ,Billy Yfantis ,MUWN ,Planetaldol ,53704 ,Specimen ,I, Eternal ,Seiei Jack ,Hari Hardman ,Headcleaner ,Gabrielleschi ,K_o_d_a ,Koobaatoo Asparagus ,Daniel Pico ,Slow Normals ,Aparelhagem Malk Espanca ,DJ MixXxuruca ,Walt Thisney

UFO Invasion Various Artists Compilation features 40 songs by 40 different musical projects from people from all over the world. Featuring many different styles of music from Ambient to Noise. The songs have been re-rendered through analog equipment , the audio processing gives the tracks this special ambiance. In the Post Processing digital stage the songs were given enough compression to bring them up in volume and some Noise was added intentionally to make the songs sound LoFi and it also helped the transitions in between songs.
Encounter of the First Kind : Extraterrestrials have landed on Earth but with their stealth devices nobody have been able to locate them however sightings of UFOs have been witnessed throughout the population. Some have said they've seen a creature wandering in the stormy weather under a developing cyclone over the river , the trees and vegetation engulfed in darkness , the winds are blowing blindsiding people , short but forceful episodes of intense rain , making it difficult to watch and locate any unidentified lifeforms that would be wandering around. People are on the lookout , however only sightings have been confirmed at this point.


Lezet's contribution:

released October 15, 2018
All songs by their respective artists.
Remastering & Audio Degradation by Paracelsian Productions
Photography and artwork by Paracelsian Productions

Saturday, October 13, 2018

LEZET - "Teyme" released with KAFKA'S KITTEN (USA)!!!!!!!

"Teyme" was inspired by Medieval music and 70s electronic music.

all synths, vocals, sounds by Igor Jovanovic
artwork by Senka Jankovic and Igor Jovanovic
p Pozega, Serbia,2018
Kafka's kITTEN, 2018

all rights reserved

Kafka's Kitten is an experimental music label from Gainesville, Florida.

V.A.-"POTA Records Compilation Vol.1" out on POTA RECORDS (USA)!!

40 bands from across the world! USA, Serbia, Indonesia, Mexico, Greece, and more!

Venetian Spares,Iconicide,Dead March,Enema Soup ,Mean Flow ,Hatefilled Cocks ,MEUH !!! ,GORGONIZED DORKS,E13 ,Koobaatoo Asparagus ,SpecimEn ,53704 ,I, Eternal ,Daniel Pico ,I Hate Your Guts ,M.Nomized,Mal Aliento ,Ambystoma Mexicanum ,Sweet Dreams ,Painful Defecation ,Saint De L'Abime ,Lezet, Headcleaner ,Uruly ,Hairy Cxuxnxt and Toys ,Nevhar Anhar ,Puddle Blood ,Enjoyable Music ,Maggot Bath,RAUPPUAR ,WULFZ BLUD ,WDWRD ,Infinity Of 6 ,Foltergeist ,MUWN ,SPLOOGE,Hell Garbage ,Noel Tomasz ,Room Full Of Killers ,Thurston Moron ,Hari Hardman

free download :

Monday, October 8, 2018

V.A.-"Bael200" out on THRONE OF BAEL RECORDS (UK)!!!

A truly glorious occasion - Throne of Bael Records celebrates its' 200th release with a special compilation!

Featuring the talents of:
Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird
Ludwig Dementgenstein
Adeptus Mechanicus
dormir dans la chambre froide ?
Elagatis bipinnulata
Awkward Geisha
Saint De L'Abime
I, Eternal
Mean Flow Grime6i6ter6
Daniel Pico
Mince Splatters
100th School
Graham Fialkiewicz
Paul & Manuel
Harsh Noise Movement
All Signs of Those Who Left
Eudyptula minor
Spank Hookers
These Gaping Jaws
Seiei Jack
Koi Karp
Maggot Bath
Coronach Collective
Der Smogwürger
Reverend Spo0ky
Dead In Japan
Tyrant Flycatcher
Hari Hardman
SOFTKILL a.k.a txqx
Crepuscular Entity
Jeff Brown
{AN} EeL
Nervous Corps & Pansori
David Nadeau
The Dead Yesterdays
Danshoku Dan
Mai 12
Jeritan x Awkward Geisha
Remote Sentry
Sea of Åland


Lezet's contribution:

Koi Karp's contribution:

eleased October 8, 2018 license
all rights reserved

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

V.A.-"Noise Essentials Volume 2" released with FUSILERO FAL 55379 B12 IMBABURA RECORDS (Ecuador)!

If the rest of the world is still foreign to your ears, makes you essential noise vol 2, with special collaboration and gratitude of all the artists who participated in the compilation.

Hari Hardman ,KHAN ,Problem Anderer Leute,Lezet ,Afrycans boys ,FIRIFIFI ,Chifa peruano ,David Nadeau ,53704 ,Dormir_dans_la_chambre_froide___-_ ,I,eternal ,Ghostskull ,Ihateyourguts ,Mean Flow ,Janusz Brudniewicz ,SpecImEn ,E13 ,Maggot Bath ,{AN} EeL ,Saint De L'Abime ,Afrycans boys ,MUWN ,Mal aliento ,Tio pedro


Lezet's contribution:

released October 3, 2018
Fusilero Fal 55379 B12 Imbabura Records, Ecuador
all rights reserved

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

V.A.-Two Halves Volume Four" out on panpanpanaviandistresscall (Canada)!!!!!

Hear Now the newest volume of TWO HALVES - Featuring Duets by -
Iren Popova & Mean Flow , Rick Reed & {AN} EeL, Peter Wullen & Lezet, Wilfried Hanrath & Pendro, Jens Heinzel & The Dead Yesterdays, Gekkering & Heraciltus Akimbo, Zac Brinz & Yann Pillas, Christopher Petkus & Glenn Sogge , David Nadeau & Qkcofse, Dilaudnumb & {AN} EeL

Cover Art by Alwin Van Der Linde


Peter Wullen and Lezet's contribution (Excerpt from the Red Book by CG Jung read by Bonnie J. Currie. Organic drone loop assembled by Peter Wullen. Subtle rework by Lezet.)

All sounds are created by the collaboration of the artists involved.
The collaborators have, for the most part, not worked directly with each other before & were chosen & paired by {AN} EeL

Series Title - Felnyrii
released October 1, 2018

Cover Image - Alwin van der Linde
( )
some rights reserved

Monday, October 1, 2018

V.A.-"Blasts" released with POGO RECORDS/NO RECORDS (France)!!!!!

NO Records and Pogo records present BLASTS , a various artists compilation exploring under-minute songs

Musicians :
53704 (FR)
{AN} EeL (CA)
<1 (UK)
Ars Sonor (SE)
Awkward Geisha (UK)
Billy Yfantis (GR)
Brekekekexkoaxkoax (US)
Confield (PL)
D. H. Pokoleny (UK)
Daniel Pico (EC)
Dark Omega (JP)
David Fenech (FR)
Denis Frajerman (FR)
E13 (FR)
Foltergeist (DE)
François-Emmanuel Fodéré (FR)
Ghostskull (AU)
Hari Hardman (UK)
HelloYello (Earth)
I,Eternal (FR)
Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird (NZ)
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (FIN)
Kazuya Ishigami (JP)
Keny2 (FR)
K H Λ O M Λ И (FR)
Lord Cernunnos (US)
Ludwig Dementgenstein (Earth)
Luxul (UK)
Maggot Bath (AU)
MaL Aliento-Noisecore (ES)
Mauro Sambo (IT)
Maruda (CH)
Mean Flow (GR)
mhzesent (PL)
Missiles Of October (BE)
Nobodisoundz (FR)
Noise Research Institute (Earth)
Planetaldol (FR)
[P.U.T] (BE/FR)
Quimbokat (FR)
M.A.K.T. Sono (FR)
Rauppwar (BR)
Rewind Ltd. (FR)
Rodney H.T Vita (IE)
Saint De L'Abime (GR)
Second harmonic generation (UK)
Jack Seiei (JP)
Sinda Koslika (Earth)
Sofía Bertomeu Hojberg (ES)
SpecimEn (FR)
Sufus Hufus & the Dizzy Scouts (SC/PT)
Tetsuo Furudate (JP)
The Dead Yesterdays (UK)
The Unabomber Manifesto (BE)
Transmecanic BlackDawns (West Europe)
Uruly & DZKYIN (BR)
Venderstrooik (NL)
Vivid Tribe Of Psychics (CA)
Whalt Thisney (PT)
Wilfried Hanrath (DE)
Witnessing Chaos (NO)
YAKA-anima Noise (CL)
Zeffon (US)
Zumaia Zu (FR)

listen and download here:

or here

Artwork : Miron Tee

released October 1, 2018 license
all rights reserved