Monday, December 21, 2009

v.a.-"the planetarium records holiday clip show" released with PLANETARIUM RECORDS(USA)!!!!Marry Christmas everyone!!!!

welcome to the final project of the decade from planetarium records research facility! it's an interstellar holiday spectacular!happy holidays from planetarium records and lezet!
participants and tracks:
[ 21:52 ]

01. Daniel Och Mikaela - Stilla Natt
02. Fabien Porée - Noël
03. Lezet - Mirth
04. Sick To The Back Teeth - City Sidewalks
05. Greg Olsten - Let It Snow
06. Sick To The Back Teeth - Let It Snow
07. Peter And The Chemicals - Brumalia Begins

you can download this album here:

planetarium records is a vehicle for the promotion of various artistic works, established in 2002. we are based in new york and can still rock röntgens like three-mile island.

planetarium records research facility is a free internet multimedia label (netlabel).we are dedicated to providing interesting, quality music for public consumption and/or provocation.