Saturday, August 6, 2022

V.A.-"REQUIEM: Klaus Schulze Tribute " is out on AURAL FILMS (USA)!!!!

On what would have been Klaus Schulze's 75th birthday, 66 electronic music artists from around the world present, REQUIEM: Klaus Schulze Tribute. 11+ hours of music

Electronic sound experiments, expansive ambient atmospheres and meandering sequencer orgies alternate with contemporary chill-out rhythms and modern electronica excursions - there is no aspect of Klaus Schulze's music which is not paid tribute to, be it for 3:00 or even 30 minutes. It's alive, the Berlin School, even if its founding father has retired. And they have done their homework, the (partly not so) young rascals. Klaus' spirit lives on - in his music, in our memories and in the music of those he inspired.

And Klaus? He is probably sitting relaxed with Edgar, Conny, Hartmut, Rainer, Wolfgang, Pete, and Bob together in the celestial studio to “finally make a long piece"... may it be eternal.

Lezet's contribution:

Monday, August 1, 2022

Lezet - "RoMoXoZ 4" is out on MURMURE INTEMPOREL (France)!!!

RoMoXoZ 4 is the fourth album of some of the most accessible, memorable, and melody-driven tracks in the Lezet catalogue, remixed in the style of early to mid 90s electronic music.

cover: sketches for a video game that never was

Monday, July 18, 2022

Lezet -"RoMoXoZ 3" is out on Paysage Synthétique Records (Romania)!!!

"RoMoXoZ 3" is the third album of some of the most accessible, memorable and melody-driven tracks in the Lezet catalogue remixed in the style of early-to-mid-90s electronic music.
- check it out, "hauntological glitch dreams stranded beneath the cables"

MBUF // LEZET -"SIR OX ORACULAR FILTH" is out on The Church of Noisy Goat (Brazil)!!

"Listen to the split I've been waiting for this year, produced by the fruitful partnership between two dear and great friends, as well as expert producers of extreme music: Lezet aka Igor Jovanovic and M B U F aka Ced DeBear. I swear I was dying to hear this and today I finally have the opportunity and therefore I can happily share this with you my dear listeners. "SIR OX ORACULAR FILTH" contains seven killer tracks that I can't seem to get out of repeat mode anymore; the first four being authored by the versatile and prolific composer, Lezet, who gives a glimpse of what he can do by turning IDM inside out; and the last two from M B U F, where he definitely breaks it all down with his minimal Grindcore percussion poisoned with harsh noise. " (Bode)

V.A.- "Ionization" is out on BROMTOL LARGESSE!

Jordi Heras Fauque & {An} Eel
Juanito )) / {AN} EeL
KR Seward / {AN} EeL
Ohmnoise feat. {AN} EeL
Pendro / {AN} EeL
Wilfried Hanrath
Yellow Salamand'r / {AN}
Clint Spotts / {AN} EeL
Antonie Trauma / {AN} EeL
Lezet / {AN} EeL
Hans Castrup / {AN} EeL
Dolores Mondo Stash, { AN } EeL
Sweat of Limbs / { AN } EeL
black/black/blue / {AN} EeL
Wagen Hält + XZh vs.{AN} EeL
{An} Eel & Cuntsplitterkor
Thee Blood Dolphins
Rod Campbell / { AN } EeL

Lezet's contribution:

This album was conceived by {AN} EeL Based around a simple sound poetic vocalization, to be passed to the other contributors along with a unique sound for them to work their magic over into the tracks that you find here -

Thursday, July 7, 2022

V.A.-"Assemblage Effects" is out on IFAR (UK)!!!

KR Seward
Shaun Robert
Mean Flow
Philippe Lamy
Joseph Nechvatal
unconscious collective
Furchick & Robert
Public Domain
Jorge Antunes

Saturday, July 2, 2022

. Lezet - "RoMoXoZ / New Age" is out on Argali Records Netlabel (USA)!!!!!!

Lezet - "RoMoXoZ / New Age" is out on Argali Records Netlabel (USA)!!!

Argali Records Netlabel is proud to present "RoMoXoZ / New Age", a collection of electronica and ambient synth minimalism, respectively. As stated by Lezet (Igor Jovanovic), "RoMoXoZ" contains some of their most uplifting, lighthearted tracks in their catalogue, 'which lent themselves to some tasty remixes in the style of early-to-mid 90's electronic music'. Definitely something we could all use during these harrowing times. Meanwhile, the "New Age" collection was composed whilst under a spell of Vangelis' music for 10 days in a row. 'I did not know until about halfway through my 10-day musical diet that he had passed away. The music of Vangelis and his thoughts ended up being the sole source of inspiration for the album'.
Music for memories and remembrance.
This is ARGREC46.
This one's for you.