Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Wilfried Hanrath - "Psychedelic Remixes" is out on Paysage Synthétique Records (Romania)!!!!

Wilfried Hanrath - "Psychedelic Remixes" is out on Paysage Synthétique Records (Romania)!
remixed artists are: Dolores Mondo Stash , LEZET, Dj Odraz , Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi , Nicholus Parrott aka Kosmische Clutharachán
Psychedelic Remixes features his rework of three of the featured tracks; The first track is "Grey Hedera" by label founder Dan Tecucianu aka Dolores Mondo Stash for which Wilfried chose a percussive addition with loads of delay; the second one, "One Day on Earth", by Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi & Dolores Mondo Stash, features him on bass in the second part while also adding beats, whereas the first part is a cut-up with him playing with effects.
The third track – "Ramifications" by Lezet feat. DJ Odraz – comes in two parts, it starts with the original in the first part and ends with the original in the second part, and is a collection of variations ranging from close to the original to abstract, always maintaining the very cool groove of this track.
The fifth track is "Reflex Poin" bassed-up is, as the title suggests, a rework for which Wilfried played bass - in this case he played double-bass. The original track is "Reflex Point" by Kosmische Cluterachán, the opening track from his album Etre Démodé, released on his label Completely Gone Recordings.
The closing track is The Ramification Jive, another go at Lezet and DJ Odraz´ wonderful track, it comes in a more free form, in jazzy ways over a looped section from the first part of his Ramifications-reworks.


"Wilfried Hanrath is an aging father, grandfather and lover of music – listening to other artists and also creating music himself. He is a self-taught musician on bass, electric guitar, synthesizer, percussion and drums with a classical training on classical guitar; and the spectrum his music covers is as divers as the music he loves to listen to – from ambient, classical to prog-rock and to punk and free-jazz. Making music with others is most important to him; in times of Corona, he put his main efforts in virtual collaborations and also in reworking and remixing music. Glad to be featured on the first release of Romanian netlabel Paysage Synthtétique, he found the other tracks of this sampler fascinating and highly inspiring. "

Sunday, October 17, 2021

LEZET- "Tactile" is out on KALAMINE RECORDS (France)!!!!!

“Tactile” is an album of assorted sounds made in mic’s physical interactions with various surfaces and other accidental sounds recorded during these interactions.


Coverart: Dj Odraz

Lezet on Kalamine Records:

Monday, October 11, 2021

Lezet - "Curds 12" is out on Murmure Intemporel (France)!!!!!

Curds 12 contains tracks that were intended for great international compilations (2019-2021).
Yours truly failed to meet their respective deadlines.
It was such a shame for them to go to waste.

Sculpture on the cover: Flower-Man, Relaxed by Martha and Igor Jovanovic.

free download and streaming:

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

LEZET-"Misadventures" is out on MURMURE INTEMPOREL (France) !!!!!

Synths and processed factory noises.
Sonic impressions of my current surroundings.
An idle mind going about its own business.

experimental electronic, sound art, soundscapes, ambient, field recordings

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

V.A.-Paysage Synthétique Vol.1 is out now on Paysage Synthétique Records (Romania)!!!!!

V.A.-Paysage Synthétique Vol.1 is out now on Paysage Synthétique Records (Romania)!

This first volume is meant to create an alternative audio landscape layered by unearthly sound textures, poetry and pure avant-garde aesthetics.
Featuring: Wilfried Hanrath, Pluto's Head (a new experimental duo formed by Thomas Park and Igor Jovanovic), Lezet, DJ Odraz, Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi, Kex Hindmarsh, Neal D Retke and Dolores Mondo Stash.


Pluto's Head contribution (Pluto's Head is Thomas Park (Thomas Park, Dj Iterate, Mystified...) and Igor Jovanovic (Lezet, Koi Karp, Imperial Needles...)):

Lezet and Dj Odraz's contribution:

Monday, August 30, 2021

VA- "Sattvaland 2021" is out on SATTVALAND RECORDS (Brazil)!

a 2021 Sattvaland Records' commpilation
I didn't know this gem was out, shame on me !

IRA ,SRVTR ,Crepuscular Entity ,Mean Flow ,I´Eternal ,Lezet ,BRTHRM ,Funcionario Publico,The Owl .Caos Sonoro ,Basura Tosca ,.(dell.tree),Švajs Komander ,Francesco Terrini ,MUWN,rådiövölnå ,Raita 2 ,Sara Ohm ,Miss Terra Bates ,Obscure Heaven ,M.NOMIZED,GABRIEL PEREIRA SPURR


Thursday, August 19, 2021

V/A - "Post-Witch Music from Internet VI" is out on INTERNET DAEMON (Chile)

Compiled by Sábila Orbe

- Humanfobia
- her.rite
- dytract
- Persefone
- ASCO 46661
- Rogieno
- arby
- anodyna
- Phetsy
- ronnoc
- Assá
- Yaka-anima
- Psyence Fiction
- Mind Watching Your Elbow
- Thomas Park
- Zakkujennasei
- Filmy Ghost


or here: