Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lezet's radio show

Not to be mixed up with the shows on LEZET radio, USA. Lezet invites all the independent artists to send him their cds/cd-rs/mixtape cds so that he may play the material on his radio show in Serbia. All-genres are welcome (save indie-rock,epic-heavy/power metal,and unintellligent hip-hop artists(if you sound like Roots,Buckshot Le Fonque, new Material,and some other eclectic hop artists around, or if you be trying to defy the narrow confines of the genre in any way , be sure you'll receive some considerable airplay))...
Here's the address to send your cd/cdr/mixtape cd to:
Jovanovic Igor,
Skolska bb,
31210 Pozega,

contact :

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