Friday, March 7, 2008

"V.A.-Dedicate to Gagarin" released with HAZE (Belarus) - HAZE, an experimental music net-label from Belarus, released their third compilation in a progressing theme compilation series ,this one being a dedication/tribute to the cosmic era pioneer Jurij Gagarin.

H-A-Z-E Vol.3
Dedicate To Gagarin

1. H-A-Z-E - Intro
2. RoomDark - Let`s Go (Belarus)
3. Ogogo - Preplay (USA)
4. Zenial - Ochy Sanu (Poland)
5. Buben - The Last Gagarin`s Flight (Belarus)
6. Nagami Yukitaka - Yakumo (Japan)
7. Burbon Monsters - Exclusion (Russia)
8. Lezet - Delo I Sobranije (Serbia)
9. Archilear - Be A Guest In DNA Druids Home (Russia)
10. Djet - Anesthesia K (Russia)
11. Raw N^D - Boy And Pilot (Belarus)

link to free streaming and download :


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