Thursday, December 18, 2008

V.A.-Ten Seconds Compilation 1, 2 & 3 Megamix (released through AMBOLTHUE RECORDS(Norway)and KIF RECORDING(Poland))!!!

1.Ten Seconds Compilation 1, 2 & 3 Megamix (41:58)

Torstein Wjiik has made a remix of the 3 first Ten Second compilations on Kif Recording, and here it is!
Co-released with Kif Recording.
Released: 15.Dec.2008.

(b)ananartista, (MAO) Melodic Abortion Orchestra, A55UHF, Abraxas_apparatus, Adash SP, Aesthetic Meat Front, Ambient Animal, Anal Oder Nicht Sein, Animal Machine, AVI, AxBx, Bºtong, Barkona Rova, Bius, Bjorn Eriksson, Broken Diode, Camisole, Christian Galarreta, Clemens Hausch, Cumdivision Spermany, Cygore, Czulinscy Revolution, Darph/nadeR, Das Loch, Death Worship, Djet, Dr. Zero, DrunkMonkey, Enviromental Testing Device, Eraritjaritjaka, Exmachina, Extreme Hair Stench, False Mirror, Fiorella 16, Fossil, Frostwinter, Gen26, God Pollutes, Gomoxitron, Hirnparasit, Humanoid, Implore Animosity, Instagon, IWillGuillotineYourChihuahua, John Pussy, Jolthrower, Kangoora, Katsa .theo, Kenji Siratori, Khusuk, Kjetil Hanssen, Krak, Kumkrusted, Lezet, Liquid Signal Distortion, LodemidiQuail, Los Canales Del Televisor, M.Pervere, Machinesaw, Man Invented Airplanes Just To Get High, Meldhkwis, Meltdown, Mixturizer, Monika Wojnowska, Mundkrach, Mystified, N.Strahl.N, Nanohex, Napalmed, Organ Morgan, Origami Chupacabras, Origami Hairy, Origami Metallika, OrigamiBoe, Pichismo, Plankopie, Protoplasmic Shot, Pussyjuice Absorber, Ronny Wærnes, Rotted Brain, Sabae, Scandinavian Noize Syndicate, Swamps Up Nostrils, T-rex, Tape Rape, ThrouRoof, Toilet Tantalizer, Torstein Wjiik, Toxicum Aestus, Truthaboutfrank, Uncle Mum, Uta Jan, V.I.K.I., Vernaggelkramp, White Torture, Wolf-107, XM2901CW, Aatmaa

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