Saturday, October 30, 2010

V.A.-"EVERGREENS 'N ODDITUNES" being released with HEADPHONICA(Germany)!!!!!!!!!!

early september headphonica was featured at where we offered a mixtape called “Evergreens ‘n Odditunes” consisting of 2 parts:

[licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND]

this feature/mix was supported with a limited (100 pieces) promo-3,5?-floppy-disk
which was available for free at the a2n music congress ( ) / berlin and contained an
audio-track that was generated from the voice-sampels of podcasters & radio-djs
from around the world who had spelled “headphonica” in their podcast/show.
you’ll find this audio-track as a hidden bonustrack for this compilation somewhere on this site.
go, find it.

unusual is the new usual!
many of the tracks on this compilation were collected via myspace from the artists directly to create a second part of the pathbreaking "thanks for the add!" compilation we released in 2007.
unfortunately this vol.2-compilation project has never been finished nor released, just as other creative projects on the headphonica-netlabel, too.
nevermind. here it is.
at a time when myspace is shifting from being a platform for musicians presenting their works to a platform of multimedia-nonsense we'd like to say "thanks for the add, myspace!"
additionally you'll find a few tracks here that'll appear on albums on headphonica in the next months: enjoy!
what might seem weird here is that this album obviously has a kind of "wrong" numbering / track order.
in fact this compilation contains of 3 parts.
if you'd like to listen to the tracks in the intended order download them from here: where you'll also get the full artwork [!]
otherwise you're free to mix them up here in a new way.

Headphonica's release page :

free music archive download link:


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