Thursday, December 30, 2010

V.A.-"TASTERS VINEGAR 3"released with PICPACK(Ukraine)!!!!!!!!!!

Various Artists-Tasters vinegar 3
tags: Downtempo; IDM; noise; abstract; Electronic; Experimental

Let's imagine that we have passed down a narrow street of a large Chinese city and have come across little shops where they sell paintings, scrolls, painted in a classical manner. We enter and ask to show us something allegorical, well, sort of humor, but with some lasting value. Boss shop smiling. "I have what you need - he says. - A copy of the painting "Vinegar Tasters>.

01.- Catalyst Fantasy_Catalyst Fantasy(6:27)
02 -Sport&Music_my_girl_doesn_t_touch_the_ground(6:10)
03 -A.n.K.h_Post_Cannibalism(4:21)
04 -Cezary Gapik_#0489(5:37)
05 -Trianov_Daylight( 3:56)
06 -Grenade Surround Experience_Zapasnoj Vyhod(9:36)
07 -Magic bread_Unbridle(3:00)
08 -Keitavillains_Tune in(6:22)
09 -Lezet- Seashell Ears and the Pounding Truth 3(2:07)
10 -Skoz_Trouble_Days(10:18)
11 -Unter Gluck_the birth of a unicorn (full version)(5:25)
12 -Outsider Leisure_good priests(2:14)
13 -Alex_Duko_Uncolored_Morning(6:03)
14 -Kakao_the man who sold the world (david bowie cover)(4:21)
15 -S - Tek _How To[rpr](4:04)
16 -Dmitriy Rodionov_Particle Decay(4:02)
17 -htrspltn_hezbollah uzi(3:36)
18 -Sun-Inside_+Why-(5:44)
19 -Weewtam_Gemini(6:48)
20 -Sahen_bellbellbells(1:38)
21 -Fukkitol_13 may(3:11)
22 -Morbid Silence_Duality(3:48)
23 -Swin Deorin_Muskegi - Go Mad(2:48)
24 -illocanblo - SMT(3:24)
25 -Adpetive Radiation_Purgatorial Musique Corpse(6:24)
26 -Ashram_outdoors(2:32)
27 -Cotard`s Syndrome_Trash Trip 2.1(2:00)

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