Monday, October 24, 2016

V.A.-"23 Seconds ov Time Volume 13:Thee Hidden Wonder" released with AIN23 (USA)!!!!

23 Seconds ov Time Volume 13 : " Thee Hidden Wonder "
began accepting submissions as of July 23, 2016 and accecpted submissions through October 15, 2016.
there were no rules or style restrictions for this volume.. anything goes, bring on the hidden wonder....

Volume 13 features 53 contributions that were sent in during the peroid that tracks were accepted.
Each submission appears in the order in which it was received.
We received contributions from 13 different countries, and also from 9 different States within the USA for this volume ov thee project.
23 Seconds ov Time: Volume 13
[in order of apperance] CONTRIBUTORS - Track title (Location)
UNEASY CHAIRS - I'm Going to Disappear One Day (Seattle,WA, USA)
{AN}EeL - Kali Fandango (CANADA)
I TRANSFORM - L ov E (earth)
ANKBKTNOISESCAPE - 23saatdalammimpi (Alor Setar,Kedah, MALAYSIA)
NO-JOY - Ventitre Secondi (South ITALY)
PHOG MASHEEEN - Lapse In Judgement (Costa Mesa,CA, USA)
OBSCENITE MORBIDE - what's Going On In Thee Mind Ov A Mindless Sheep (CANADA)
PAINFUL DEFECATION - Number 249 (Montreal,Quebec, CANADA )
LEZET - Drunken Kick (SERBIA)
EMERGENCY HAND PUPPET - 23 Seconds (Seattle,WA, USA)
MEAN FLOW - 23 Seconds II (Thessaloniki, GREECE)
JACK HERTZ - 23 (San Francisco,CA USA)
I,ETERNAL - Beaute Estivale (FRANCE)
GARAGE JAZZ ARCHITECTS - The Simpsons (Sacramento,CA, USA)
WRONGER - Kiowa Magick (Inland Empire,CA, USA)
AUSTIN RICH - Rocket Summer (Salem,OR, USA)
HARI HARDMAN - Hipgnosis23 (Reading, UK)
GHOST SKULL - 23 Seconds of Noise (Adelaide, Australia)
FAT RICKI LAKE - She's Got Eyes(She's a Spy) (Adelaide,South AUSTRALIA)
M(69)n - [untitled] (Roseburg,OR, USA)
PAROUSIA - The Subliminaly Enslaved (South Sacramento,CA, USA)
ANARCHIC ARM - Twenty Three 2ndz[remixed] (Austin,TX, USA)
INSTAGON - Bra-Less 23 (Sacramento,CA, USA
+DOG+ - Shuggy Sucks (Boston,MA, USA)
NINJA MCTITS - Miku Hatsunes Period Is Late (Richmond,CA, USA)
DEADLY NIGHTSHADE - Rouge Coursers (Elk Grove,CA, USA)
ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW - sliver stretch 081216092816 (Northridge,CA, USA)
HAPPINESS FOREVER - Traditional Ritual Participation (Going Cosmic) (Seattle,WA,USA)
SLOUGH - The Bastard Son of Mother Nature (Jacksonville,FL, USA)
CHOPSTICK - Horsetrot (Sacramento,CA, USA)
AUME - enigma5 (Portland,OR/San Francisco,CA, USA)
TROLLOP23 - My Dead Sister (Calgary, Alberta, CANADA)
23C.R.G.A.F.C.F.L.M.M.23 - I'm Drowning Myself In Hallucinogens My Darling (Louisville,KY, USA)
PROFESSOR SONIC - Bytes ov IDK (Lahaina,HI, USA)
AGITATION PHI - ascended chaotix against cryptofascism (AUSTRIA)
LOB - Double Dragonfly Whistle (Sacramento,CA, USA)
BRAINQUAKE - mademe23 (Bntwerp,BELGIUM)
ADAM COOPER-TERAN & HEATHER GRAY - Improvisation 1 (Tucson,AZ, USA)
UFO VS USA - 23 sec (St.Louis,MO, USA)
MIDNIGHT OFFERINGS - Reminder of Hell (Portland,OR, USA)
DJ PC93(with sample by The Mother) - 23 Skidoo (FL, USA)
CATHARTECH - the red king sleeps (Cascadia,WA, USA)
BALKH - M.Sheppard Psalm (Southern CA, USA)
ALPHASTARE - I've Heard of Rain (San Francisco,CA)
FREQUENCY 139 - A Hidden Message (Sacramento,CA, USA)
AIN23 - XES_v13 (Earth)

free download here:

HEADPHONES are HIGHLY recommended for the best enjoyment of this volume.

23 Seconds ov Time - volume 13 - "THEE HIDDEN WONDER" (20:19)
released for download: 10-23-2016

All tracks were collected, assembed, & mastered by Frequency 139 for AIN23.
the cover art design & layout for this edition was created by Frequency 463.

(c)2016 AIN23

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

V.A.-"Pedalera Versus" released with YUCA TAPES (Puerto Rico)!!!!!!

Pedalera Versus consists in recording sound compositions using a pedalboard as a medium. With this project we want to encourage musicians and sound artists to collaborate with each other and discover the possibilities of recording and interacting with other pedalboards. The recordings are published under the independent Netlabel Yuca Tapes.
The curators of this project are Andres Lugo from Grupo Giratorio and Nomar Diaz from Yuca Tapes. This is the first compilation and it will remain open to add more compositions, feel free to contact us if you'd like to include your work.
The project is open to sound artists, musicians, bands or projects. Any instrument is welcome, any pedal.

Artists in this compilation: AHD, LEZET, Dead Hands, Sueño con Belugas, more soon!

1.Dead Hands - Untitled 07:18
2.Lezet - Bajo las riendas del órgano 04:18
3.AHD - Sin Titulo 03:08
4.Sueño con Belugas - The Purple Lung 02:37

free download:

released September 20, 2016
Art: José Martí
Yuca Tapes -030- 2016.
Música Creativa Original.
tags: experimental giratorio puerto rico compilation creative latin pedalboard pedals Arecibo
all rights reserved

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Djozr & Lezet - "Split" released with ETCHED TRAUMAS (Greece)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sophomore effort by a duo of old friends is a collaboration as much as it is a split release. It documents a radical departure from the sounds and approaches hitherto associated with Djozr and Lezet , and ventures into dangerously new terrains for both artists (noise-pop for Djozr, guitar-drone for Lezet). But even despite this, the split feels more like a unified body of work than a mere collection of new songs.

1.djozr - nineteen ninety seven 09:36
2.Lezet - Shore 20:23
3.djozr - Menagerie 07:48
4.djozr & Lezet - In Threes 07:55
5.djozr - opabinia 06:06
6.Lezet - Prom Song (Intro) 02:09
7.djozr - prom song 06:54

release page:

free download:

[ET101] An Etched Traumas release 2016 September
released September 13, 2016

all music by Glenn Bryce and Igor Jovanovic
cover art/digital painting by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
tags: experimental serbia usa ambient electronic experimental noise pop Αθήνα

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

V.A.-"Codex Internum" released with Breathe Compilations (Mexico)!!!!!!!

Codex Internum
[brhizj] Various Artists Compilation
Welcome to our internal archive of sounds, the music painted inside ourselves.

In this compilation: Zoran, In Vitro, Marco Lucchi and Glenn Sogge, Elypixa, Esoteric Sob, Capisconne, Ray Garrido, Ohuican, Eckul, Vate, Substak, Solef, Twin Peetz and Moolsaasa, Lezet, Jimmy Watt, Nulix, Lingua Lustra, Ivan Black, AxBx.

release page:

free download -

free download - soundsquirrel:

Zoran — Love of Pain
In Vitro - Impulso
Marco Lucchi and Glenn Sogge - Towards and within
Elypixa - Sad End
Esoteric Sob - Everyday is a different day
Capisconne — Another dream of August
Ray Garrido - Paraiso 2.0
Ohuican - Bajorrido
Eckul — Knives By You
Vate - Wartime
Substak - Forgotten Stabs
Solef — Monument of love
Twin Peetz and Moolsaasa - Unchained
Lezet - Bocet (Vlach lamentation song)
Jimmy Watt - Praying in an elevator on the way to heaven
Nulix - Les echos de la lune
Lingua Lustra - Overpass
Ivan Black — Through Electric Mists
AxBx - Innerself

Cover by In Vitro
Original photography The Kiss of Peace by Julia Margaret Cameron
Breathe Compilations

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial- Share Alike 4.0 Unported License

Lezet's contribution:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

V.A.-"31210 Pozega br.2" (Muzicko udruzenje 31210 Pozega)

V.A. "31210 Pozega br.2" is the second in the archival mp3 compilation series showcasing music makers and bands of different eras from Pozega, Serbia.The first volume was done in 2010 (Downtown Records, Slovenia) and contained 6,5 hours of material containing rock, hiphop, pop,comedy, electronica and trance tracks. from 2010-2016 we built an entirely new archive of tracks of local bands, both new and old and defunct.This volume contains 3,5 hours of music and shows the incredible potential Pozega has always had.

V.A. "31210 Pozega br.2" je drugi deo kompilacije koja ima za cilj promovisanje muzike koja se stvara i koja se stvarala na tlu Pozege (u Srbiji). Kompilaciju su pripremili i stampali, kao i proslog puta, Ilija Popovic -Pop i Igor Jovanovic.
Kompilacija se prodaje po ceni od 100rsd. Svi koji su zainteresovani da do kompilacije dodju neka posalju mejl Igoru na

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LEZET-"DEBRIS" released with ALTERED STATE REFLECTIONS (USA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LEZET- "debris"
by Altered State Reflections

Published July 18, 2016
Altered State Reflections (ASR118)- Lezet "debris"

"Debris" is the first all-out noise album to have come from Lezet in nearly 9 years. It's a singular outing amassing past listening experiences provided by other noise acts from the global underground community. It features morning voices,bells, conversational utterances, analogue electronics, sounds of metal gates and baskets and a sketchy attempt at fusing noise and vaporwave. It also expresses no political, religious or ideological views"

free download:

artwork: Igor Jovanovic

Monday, July 18, 2016



"After months of preparation, yearly regional compilation - Balkan Under The Radar, under the auspices of the Black Planet Records lived to have its third edition. Since they have already solidified the label’s sound and its residents, the Black Planet team presents us with the Antisocial Network. Compilations "Balkan Under The Radar" are aimed at discovering interesting names mainly from Serbia, but also from other countries from ex-Yugoslavia, with of course our residents and friends. We managed to unify underground from almost all of the former Yugoslav republics. Most of the stuff was brewed especially for this compilation, all of which were previously unreleased. This time compilation consists of three parts with 40 songs by artists from around the region. The first part is dedicated to the music-playing and electronic alternative projects with vocals. The second part is devoted to experimental instrumental music, hip hop and electronica. Third part is the most experimental and least pleasant to the listeners including noise and experimental. Concerning the genres - this time too it's a wide range - alternative, post-rock, new / dark wave, hc punk, grunge, electronics, industrial, ambient, noise, avant garde, jazz, bass music, hip hop, noise, experimental, etc.
Artwork Živko Kondić

Enjoy and share with others. :)
With love,

1.SATIR - Promena 02:49
2.OPTIMUS PRIME - Mightier Than Swords 04:23
3.SPUTÑIK - Subtly Delicately Hopelessly 02:39
4.BITIPATIBI - Jagode 05:46
6.SAVA MARINKOVIĆ - Blindfold (with Adriano Dias Pereira) 10:09
7.PETAR ALARGIĆ feat. CALENDAR SONGS - Miss Me Like The Sun 07:07
8.BLACK MARINE & METER BRIDGE - Elegant Culture 05:00
9.AMANITA DODOLA - Dumbo 02:53
10.LUKA DUBAK - Writing A Song With Pink Glasses On 03:14
11.LANGUAGE.SEX.VIOLENCE feat Vladimir Popović - Moj pad 05:10
12.KATABAZIJA - Zla Kob 03:17
13.BRIGAND - Kardio (Live) 06:00
14.DOWNSTROY - Illusions 04:20
15.KING UBU - Usud 04:14
16.DOK 7 - Prva ljubav zaborava nema feat. Archy 02:37
17.IRVAS - Light Reciever 04:04
18.INFAMOUS & MARCONIERO - Močvara 03:05
19.SKREČ MAJSTOR LJUBAN & MIKCI - Golubije sutra 03:50
21.ARRHYTHMIA - B.P.M. 05:21
22.MATIJA MALATESTINIC - Arabica 03:25
23.CYBORGS ON CRACK - Paraplegic Gerbil Processing Plant 04:42
24.MONAMIE - Trumpets & Bookmarks 04:44
25.XJJ - Switching 04:46
26.SOULLESS SAVVL - Glowing 03:09
27.WHEADY MILE - Dinosaurus Left The Party 06:39
28.JANKO DŽAMBAS - Being a Being 03:43
29.PLAVO - Kora 09:28
30.JAYUS JAZZ - Hoba 05:02
31.MODEM PRIEST - Gušter 03:32
32.alg0rh1tm - Chromesthesia 06:06
33.GhoulCut - Ouroboros 05:59
34.VANREDNE OKOLNOSTI - Fantomka 05:10
35.THIRD I - Hiden Aggression, Inner Rage 09:44
36.ATC - Critical Condition 06:44
37.KSEA - Interlude A 02:55
38.AZIMETRUUM - Raspori kurvu 05:08
39.LEZET - Prodavnica kaseta 03:01
40.IVAN PEJOVIĆ - To Be Discontinued 02:42


Lezet's contribution:

this wonderful compilation album is also available through FMA: