Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Classwar Karaoke Solo Percussion Vol I
by Classwar Karaoke

an amazing compilation of classwar karaoke artists' solo percussion pieces!

1.Antonio de Braga 'Conversation With Drums no 10958 - 2013-12-02 15.46' 10:24
2.Chris Silver T 'About 4' 04:02
3.Daniel Heikalo 'Nuit d'Octobre et de Silence' 03:47
4.Jared C. Balogh 'Free Form Drum Jamm (August 3th, 2015)' 09:48
5.Lezet 'An Amateur Cast' 01:52
6.Michael Vick 'What-Of, Near' 04:25
7.MR E 'One Two Three Four one Two Three More One Two Three Bore Percussion Solo no more' 01:14
8.Peterson Ruiz a.k.a. ZIURMUZIK 'Oshalamar Batukistun' 01:00
9.S.E.T. 'rIVERSaNDrAIN' 05:48
10.Seesar 'The Night Music of Oakdeene' 06:00

listen and download here(help CWK's crowdfunder): https://classwarkaraoke.bandcamp.com/album/classwar-karaoke-solo-percussion-vol-i


Lezet's contribution:


Antonio de Braga / Conversation With Drums no 10958 - 2013-12-02 15.46 / e-drums and mandala drums and little drones

Chris Silver T / About 4 / Chris Silver T: drums / nostockproject.wordpress.com

Daniel Heikalo / Nuit d'Octobre et de Silence / Live solo performance for prepared zithers and metal and wood objects

Jared C. Balogh / Free Form Drum Jamm (August 3rd, 2015) / www.alteredstateofmine.net / Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Lezet / is Igor Jovanovic / plastic bottles, tin can, rice

Michael Vick / What-Of, Near? / solo-percussionz / www.SoundAsMusic.com

Mr E / Ellis Hawkins at the drumset recorded during last V.A.G.U.E. meeting at the Jam Factory: 30-7-15 However in some sense it's now not so much a percussion solo after tinkering a little with duplicates of the recording and also because that's not my voice or drumsticks giving the 'counting lesson'...’

Peterson Ruiz a.k.a. ZIURMUZIK: Oshalamar Batukistun' is an overdub mix of my percussion on a 5-liter Van Leer PC7 water gallon. It was released on my CD-Rs: 'Vintesons' (2013) and on The 'Paranoia' Compilation (2012). Only 10 copies of each were made. Sound references: Muslimgauze / Peterson Ruiz is a sound and visual artist from Sorocaba, Brazil / email@petersonruiz.com.br / Discover more at: ziurmuzik.blogspot.com.br

Seesar / The Night Music of Oakdeene / This song is dedicated to Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. for his fantastic contributions to the body of Lovecraftian Mythos Fiction. Seesar is Will Connor performing on traditional percussion, homemade instruments, and household items. All music composed by Will Connor. Recorded by Will Connor and Kevin White at Formless Spawn Studios (London, UK) 2013. Mixed by Will Connor at Formless Spawn Studios (London, UK) 2013. Remixed and mastered by Will Connor at Formless Spawn Mobile Studios (Chlumec nad Cidlinou, CR) 2015. Thanks to Classwar Karaoke for inviting me to participate in their crowdfunding campaign!

S.E.T. / is Chris Smith

Artwork by Anthony Donovan
released 25 August 2015
tags: experimental free jazz improvisation modern classical musique concrete spoken word Northampton
some rights reserved

Monday, July 20, 2015

V.A.-"Classwar Karaoke Solo Guitars Vol II" released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE (UK)!!!

Classwar Karaoke Solo Guitars Vol II
by Classwar Karaoke

"the 44th album release for the CWK CD crowdfunder .... no less than Volume II of solo guitars, nine sparkling tracks from Neil McIntee, Neal D Retke, Michael Clough, Stefan Schmidt, Cousin Silas, Moshi Honen, Michael Vick,Igor Jovanovic and Ellis Hawkins. Like its predecessor, this is a lovely, diverse collection, displaying a range of approaches to the instrument."

1.[BOX] '150624.0005' 07:04
2.{AN} Eel 'That Jaw Dun' Broke My Roto-Scope ~!!' 03:37
3.Cousin Silas 'A New Home Offworld' 04:40
4.Lezet 'A Few Strings Attached' 04:05
5.Michael aTonal Vick ‘MayLaNo-SeMaNey’ 02:36
6.Michael Clough 'Thrum Quartet' 08:15
7.Moshi Honen 'Set free' 12:53
8.MR.E 'OtherSounds_FromAnElectricGuitar' 03:23
9.Stefan Schmidt 'El Oso Hormiguero' 05:57

stream and download:


Lezet's contribution:


about the tracks:
[BOX] '150624.0005' / Improvised live by [BOX] on messed up old Hondo II Strat copy ([BOX] guitar), BOSS GE-50 effects pedal into BOSS practice amp. Recorded in [BOX] studio on iPad in mono / [BOX] is Neil McIntee

{AN} Eel 'That Jaw Dun' Broke My Roto-Scope ~!!'

Cousin Silas 'A New Home Offworld'

Lezet 'A Few Strings Attached' / prepared acoustic guitar, paintbrushes

Michael aTonal Vick ‘MayLaNo-SeMaNey’ / Solo Fretless Guitar / www.SoundAsMusic.com

Michael Clough 'Thrum Quartet' / Michael Clough is ex bassplayer of experimental/prog/kraut/space/improv-rock band Rancid Poultry, also bothering mini-disc players in sound-exploring trio Klunk, and now producing analogue stretched-acoustics (mainly) under own name. soundcloud.com/michael-clough

Moshi Honen 'Set free' / Moshi Honen is a London based guitarist, improviser, composer and instrument builder. Playing an amplified acoustic guitar, self made electronic devices and objects. Regularly collaborates with Steve Beresford, Phil Minton, Alan Wilkinson, Sharon Gal and many others. On this recording I was playing an old nylon string guitar. It is one of a few pieces I've made for this type of guitar which I rarely play. There is a personal connection here to my Spanish ancestry but it is more imaginary then concrete / soundcloud.com/moshi-honen / anechoicpictures.com/transmissions/hour/hour18.html

MR.E 'OtherSounds_FromAnElectricGuitar' / ME.E is Ellis Hawkins

Stefan Schmidt: 'El Oso Hormiguero' / an improvisation with classical guitar and electronics / www.musicforoverexposedcelluloid.com

Artwork by Anthony Donovan

released 19 July 2015

Friday, July 10, 2015

"PROTECIOUS VS NERD TABLE" released with CLASSWAR KARAOKE(UK)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The final part in what I like to call the versus trilogy, along with this release and vs lezet and vs trans atlantic rage. This material was very interesting to work with, my friend Adam Casto was nice enough to remain my friend over the years and I have done some graphic art back in the day for Nerd Table, anyway he was nice enough to allow me the core recordings from Nerd Table recording sessions that included not only Adam but Toshi Kasai and Dale Crover, so needless to say I thought this album would definately be a unique release - which it is, there are a lot of things I would like to have added but unfortunately you can't just sit on music for years without just allowing others to hear it, but I feel this way with everything I have ever created including painting & graphic art. So I had a blast working with this material and like the other 2 Versus albums this was mostly me taking a backseat to some other artists' material and start from the ground up with a new sound and a new take on it all, I added some things here and there to this album but not that much, thanks again to Adam and Nerd Table as well as Anthony & Jaan at Classwar Karaoke, and of course Igor Lezet, Jared Balogh, & Everyone who provided the material for this album." - KEN PROTECIOUS

Performing Artists on this album: Adam Casto, Nick Nighbert, Tom Barrett, Aaron Backus, Aaron Burckhard, William Ong, Mike Flowers, Satch Poddington (Goatbucket), Andy Sartain, James DePaolo, Rodleen Getsic, Damon Zex, Dale Crover, Toshi Kasai, Kenny Caterer, Maxx Davis, Igor Lezet, Jared Balogh, and Ken Protecious.

you can listen to and download this album here: https://classwarkaraoke.bandcamp.com/album/protecious-vs-nerd-table


Album Cover by Daniel Karllson

released 09 July 2015

Jaan Patterson- "Ergo Protagonists" released with SURRISM PHONOETHICS (Germany)!!!!!

Jaan Patterson, the inimitable experimental music maker , released an album of duo collaborations with 37 artists around the world.The purpose of releasing it, besides exposing potential listeners to a number of great tracks and artists, is fundraising for Surrism Phonoethics and Classwar Karaoke labels. For a price of €1 you get to help two of the most important experimental underground (net)labels in existance today.

featured collaborators:
J. Karl Bogartte, Leif Elggren, AG Davis, Seiei Jack, Jeremy Gluck, Herr Penschuck, Vziel, Clutter, John M. Bennett, Darius Greene, ION, Anthony Donovan, Runar Magnusson, Dada AG, Jochen Arbeit, Vania Rovisco, The Implicit Order, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Otto von Rhinau, Erick Diego, Hopek Quirin, suRRism, Acedia Nuit, Jurica Jelic, John Hyatt, Anton Mobin, Patrizio Pica, Lezet, Travis Johnson, William Davison, The Recordists, S. Higgins, C. Hinz, J. Bailey, P. Mosher, L. Feesey, Binary Slim, John Juan, Yoshihiro Kikuchi, MaCu, Alessandra Celletti.

you can listen to the album and download it here:



1.Woman of the Rain (feat. J. Karl Bogartte) 01:46
2.Centered Envelope Red (feat. Leif Elggren) 01:04
3.Lye abroad, to many sang (feat. AG Davis) 05:42
4.Sexfish (feat. Seiei Jack & Jeremy Gluck) 01:04
5.Forgus Temper Sinks Retired 12:12
6.Amtsumleitungen (feat. Herr Penschuck) 01:04
7.How About the Stars (feat. Vziel) 01:04
8.Including Time (feat. Clutter) 01:04
9.The Stool (feat. John M. Bennett) 04:47
10.Behind Closed Doors (feat. Darius Greene) 01:04
11.So viel Natur (feat. ION) 01:04
12.Genome Chomsky (pt I) (feat. Anthony Donovan) 10:00
13.The Crying Cowboy (feat. Runar Magnusson) 01:04
14.OI (feat. Dada AG) 01:04
15.The Principles of Grey 02:53
16.Die Geste (feat. Jochen Arbeit & Vania Rovisco) 01:04
17.Steven's Glasses (feat. The Implicit Order) 01:04
18.Brain Fried (feat. Bryan Lewis Saunders) 01:04
19.Chateau Subtelabor (feat. Otto von Rhinau) 01:04
20.Eclipse of the Words (feat. Erick Diego) 01:04
21.Lautus (feat. Anthony Donovan & Hopek Quirin) 01:04
22.Darundada Sys (feat. Acedia Nuit) 03:32
23.Service Card (feat. Jurica Jelic) 01:04
24.Destroyer (feat. John Hyatt) 02:42
25.Plenty of Not (feat. Hopek Quirin) 01:04
26.Die Jahre Licht Mal Drei 03:23
27.Syringes Feast in four Parts (feat. Anton Mobin & Patrizio Pica) 04:00
28.Alphabet der Vorwürfe (feat. Anthony Donovan) 09:43
29.The Unfiled 6b (feat. Lezet) 01:04
30.I mean not am! (Since Wave) (feat. Travis Johnson) 05:36
31.Subterranean Clamor (feat. William Davison) 01:04
32.Fragment des Schlaf-Wach Zustandes (feat. Alessandra Celletti) 01:04
33.Apicius Verfolger (feat. MaCu) 06:50
34.Tilt (feat. Yoshihiro Kikuchi) 01:04
35.Grimaces & Other Useful Techniques (feat. Binary Slim & John Juan) 01:04
36.Realm of Gestures (feat. William Davison (with S. Higgins, C. Hinz, J. Bailey, P. Mosher, L. Feesey) 03:12
37.Victim of Dreams (feat. Jeremy Gluck) 01:04

released 02 July 2015

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

V.A.-"ANDREAS N°18 - Extraterrestrials" released with FRACTION STUDIO (France)!!!!!

ANDREAS N°18 - Extraterrestrials - Compilation Fraction - 2015

Extraterrestrial may refer to any object or being beyond (extra-) the planet Earth (terrestrial). It is derived from the Latin words extra ("outside", "outwards") and terrestris ("earthly", "of or relating to the Earth").

free download:


Lezet's contribution:


1.BLOODY BLUE - Extra-Territorial Bestiary Blood's Attack From Space Hell (part two) (Belgium) 08:45
2.NOS Project - Level ELeven (Greece) 05:48
3.SYLPHIDES - Transmission (Belgium) 03:54
4.FABIO CRIVELLARO - Reptilian Footjobs (Italy) 02:21
5.nobodisoundz - 8-LOK Odyssey (France) 06:00
6.MEAN FLOW - Purple Wind (Greece) 04:07
7.SONOLOGYST - A Scanner Darkly (Italy) 04:50
8.DER DOMESTIZIERTE MENSCH - Sie Kommen Dich Zu Holen (Germany) 05:03
9.ARS SONOR - Cause And Effect (the perfect brainstorm mix) (Sweden) 03:56
10.DROWNED IN THE SEWERS - Drowned In The Sewers (Greece-Belgium) 05:50
11.TWILIGHT TRANSMISSIONS - Area 51 (Usa) 05:48
12.CHRISTOPHER ALVARADO - Great Distances (Usa) 06:48
13.WILLIAM SPIVEY - Arcturian Mindlink (Usa) 06:39
14.DEUTSCHES KULTURGUT - We Watching You (Germany) 04:57
15.DALI'S AARDVARK - The Saving Grace On The Mount (Usa) 06:59
16.SRVTR - ET#831 (France) 07:40
17.MYSTIFIED - Drones Or Grays (Usa) 02:28
18.LAUNAY - Nouvel Organisme (France) 09:25
19.VITALY MAKLAKOV - A Strange Light In My Window (Russia) 08:01
20.DJOZR - This Is A Hell Planet (Usa) 06:32
21.HARI HARDMAN - Reptoid (Uk) 04:30
22.LAURENT CARON - Invasion Extraterrestre (France) 05:27
23.M.NOMIZED - Really Abducted (France) 07:16
24.MODEL FOR ASSEMBL - New Campaign Against UFO (Russia) 04:31
25.TOTAL E.T. - Xenobservation (Slovakia) 05:07
26.COURTER MANE - Sunrise Drunk At The Mercurian Space Bar (Usa) 07:36
27.CARBONATES ON MARS - From The Other World (Uk) 05:35
28.ARI PORKI - Close Encounter (Finland) 06:07
29.CUADRADO NEGRO - Anti Human Invasion (Peru) 01:46
30.MHZ - Silicon Life (The Thought Process) (Poland) 07:19
31.LEZET - Transmission (Serbia) 02:58
32.BRAD HOHNER+X-995+EUXEB - Dimanche 7 Juillet (France) 01:21
33.ESCREMENTI ALIENI - Mira Dritto Al Cuore (Italy-Uk) 04:57
34.ZAP-PASCAL - Noisy Planets Dead Stars (France) 07:21
35.OSTACOLI SONORI - RD(A) 1979 (Italy) 05:16
36.KOPFSCHMERZTABLETTE - Another Alien Movie (Germany) 08:17
37.AIRWORLD - Close Encounters Of The Third Mind (France) 08:01
38.THINKPOL - On But Not Of (Scotland) 03:34
39.SAINT DE L'ABIME - Scapegoat From Outer Space (Greece) 07:16
40.GED - Matez-Moi L'Abysse (Belgium) 04:20
41.ASTRO FAROS - Alien Tribe (Greece) 02:41
42.HOMO-AMBIENS - Mutual UFO Network (Spain) 06:16
43.BAXTER TOCHER - Hive Installation (Scotland) 06:53

Compilation produced by Fraction Studio (France).
All rights reserved.

Cover and visuals by M.Nomized.

P.2015 FRACTION STUDIO (France).
released 30 September 2014

Monday, June 15, 2015




1. Casket
2. Xenu Fiction
3. Chosen
4. Prepared
5. Brood
6. Linear
7. Buttermelt
8. Dethrone Jah Bul On
9. Lullaby
10. Sid's Leg
11. Muscle
12. Seashells
13. Soulless Empire (Alt)
14. Baggage
15. Linear (Remix)
16. Chosen (Remix)
17. Xenu Fiction (Remix)

"Ken Protecious and I go way back to the early days of Myspace. We've exchanged so many files and talked to each other so much over the years that I got to consider Ken "a brother from another mother". In fact, I spent more time talking to my friend Ken than to all the members of my close family and kissing-cousins put together. This genuine friendship sparked a number of collaborations and I was more than happy to become a member of the Protecious collective in 2013. In my humble opinion, the music of Protecious is the music that I would love to able to make; a music that is well-crafted, produced and thought out, and which draws upon so many different genres and styles of popular music, deserving of a place in the pantheon of the adventurous. Never once resting on the musical landscape he created for himself, Ken continues to push the boundaries further with each new release and, I swear it, sometimes I just feel I'm listening to an adventurous up-and-coming artist whose major label album has just leaked. Oh, yes, he's that good" / IGOR JOVANOVIC
"My friendship with Igor Jovanovic, aka LEZET, began around 2005-2006, and right away from hearing his music I knew that it was unique, distinctive and original; that was attractive to me because the style was not something I had experimented with or been involved with. At that point, I was involved in mostly catchy pop rock songs, but, being a fan of all styles of music, and being a mixer/producer/arranger, listening to all styles will only make you a better mixer/producer/arranger. So many people are close-minded to different styles of music, which is something I never understood. Music genres are for different moods, and to be trapped within one genre means you're used to being in one particular mood, and some music brings out bad moods, which is a bad thing. I knew Igor would be a valuable addition to my project 'Protecious', and I invited him to join my project and he accepted with open arms. I look forward to the future of Protecious and of any project that Igor is involved with because he is a unique and phenomenal talent who has created 500 times more music than I have and is the most open minded person I have ever known when it comes to music. So Lezet and Protecious or Protecious and Lezet fit like a glove. This Lezet and Protecious album was recorded/mixed/arranged throughout 2014-2015. The album is a collection of material of different styles but would we want it any other way? My particular favorites of this album are Xenu Fiction, Seashells and Lullaby. I hope everyone enjoys listening to as much as we had putting it together. Thanks to Adceph for the wonderful cover art and to Jared C. Balogh for appearing on "Buttermelt". I have so much bitterness towards the music industry because of what is chosen to be popular and the true geniuses remain unheard. Lezet, if anyone, has earned and deserves to be showcased with the best of them. Cheers to the future of more albums and collaborations with LEZET" / KEN PROTECIOUS

released 13 June 2015

tags: experimental hiphop electronic

Classwar Karaoke is best known for an ongoing series of groundbreaking quarterly surveys of experimental music & film, published via FMA & YouTube. These latest full-length releases form part of a crowdfunding initiative, aimed at financing physical releases. Classwar Karaoke was founded by Anthony Donovan in 2008, with Jaan Patterson joining in 2010.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

"PROTECIOUS VS LEZET" released!!!!

A collaborative album between Protecious and Lezet
released 30 May 2015
Programming & Mixing by Ken Protecious
Album Cover by Daniel Karllson

1.The Neighborhood Vampire 04:48
2.Demon Bus 06:08
3.Tommy Jarvis 05:33
4.Sphere of Destiny 06:30
5.Yegshamesh 02

stream and download: