Monday, February 4, 2008

TV Channel 17 [The Headphonica Remixes] released with HEADPHONICA Records (Germany)

Headphonica Records released a compilation comprised of a set set of remixes of a single track done by a great Japanese rapper known by the alias of MC INA.Here is what the people at Headphonica said about the release:
"When we asked mc ina to contribute this track to headphonica's first myspace-compilation he invited us to hang around with him on tv channel 17. So we did and we enjoyed the program a lot.
Even if none of the remixers did understand what mc ina is telling us it is a very special pleasure to listen to his voice in its hyperrhythmic weirdness.
This headphonica project is still open to everyone who wants to contribute a remix of the track. Just download the acapella track [11] and make your own remix - we will include it on this site."
Remixes included so far:
01 TV Channel 17 [Remixx] by Mc Ina
02 TV Channel 17 [2pol Remix] by Mc Ina
03 TV Channel 17 [Gustav Ruppke Remix] by Mc Ina
04 TV Channel 17 [Zapping Remix by Paunch] by Mc Ina
05 TV Channel 17 [Jesus Cries Remix by Hochgobernitz] by Mc Ina
06 TV Channel 17 [Tokyo, Wide Oh Wide Remix by Pit Malone] by Mc Ina
07 TV Channel 17 [Katakana Remix by Er Selbst] by Mc Ina
08 TV Channel 17 [Polkadot Tie Remix by The Plastic Jazz Orchestra] by Mc Ina
09 TV Channel 17 [Phonotrash Remix] by Mc Ina
10 TV Channel 17 [The1983 Remix] by Mc Ina
11 TV Channel 17 [Original Acapella Version] by Mc Ina
xii TV Channel 17 [Remix by obersatz] by Mc Ina
xiii TV Channel 17 [Remix by I'm gonna die in my own fuckin vomit tonite, baby!] by Mc Ina
xiv tv channel 17 [drums of death mix by drumboy] by Mc Ina
XV TV Channel 17 [Remix by LEZET] by Mc Ina

You can download this free-download release at:

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