Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"Lezet with Protecious" album released with SCHNURSTRAX RECORDS (Lux)

LEZET(Pozega,Serbia) and PROTECIOUS (Perigord,Ohio,USA)released their fantastic collaborative album ,"LEZET WITH PROTECIOUS" with SCHNURSTRAX, the ultimate experimental label/media platform from Luxembourg.The label itself announced it as a "terrific and complexe collaboration album of dear serbian avantgardist Lezet and the mysterious 2-man project Protecious from the US".The entire album is available as a free mp3 download.
Track Listing & Info:
1. Ingratiating (:22)
2. Tv Dreams/And Campfire (3:31)
3. Velocity (:25)
4. Taunt (2:30)
5. Collapse (:50)
6. Sepeart (4:33)
7. Hiroshi Knew (:57)
8. Teller (5:21)
Album Cover Design And Layout By Ken W.
Recorded, Produced And Mixed By Lezet And Protecious
Available Through:


Rather Than A Biography About Protecious, Just Read The Following Individual Review/Quotes Lifted Directly From Protecious Myspace Comments Section:
"A Real Melting Pot Of Influences And Tastes Brings Us This Fabulous And Modern Unique Ensemble"
"Nice To See Someone Not Making Music For The Wrong Reasons"
"Absolutly Incredible"
"Not Usually What I Might Listen To But Im Hooked"
"It Can Be Hard To Discover The Great Ones So Much Is Repeated And Already Done Many Thanks To The Great Artists That Reach Us Radio Is Redundant, Good Music Hardly None, But In The Underground Can Be Found A Phenomenal Band Named Protecious!"
"The Music Is Unlike Anything I've Heard,Which Is Good Considering The Lack Of Originality These Days!"
"You All Are Probably One Of My Favorite Bands Of All Time. Dont Ever Break Up And Keep Working Till You Get To The Top!"
"You Guys Are F***ing Amazing!"
"I Appreciate You Guys Giving Me Something Unique To Listen To!"
"It's Awesome..I Love Your Music A Lot It's Happy And Original!"

For Those Interested To Know More About Protecious...
Ken W:"My project Protecious is a place in which I will explore the boundries of most genre's that I listen to and like and admire, I will not be afraid of experimenting with genre-bending music with my touches of eccentric productions with a sometimes pop touch, although I never consider my music Pop, I do think that a great deal of it has catchy pop elements to it, which can be a wonderful thing.
I will be doing collaborations with musicians that I respect and admire as well as collaborate with up and coming talented artists that I wish to help promote and explore, anyone who knows me knows that I love music and have been producing, mixing, recording, playing, listening to music for my entire "adult" life, although I think im still very young, I have alot of learning and exploring to still do with various art, I love drawing, making computer graphics, clay sculpting characters, as well as recording, producing & mixing music, I have never been interested in producing other bands & artists music and I will tell you why - I am not one to judge what people's music should and shouldnt be, I steer my own ship in my artistic direction that I personally feel is unique and highly original and will always do so, but I do not have the heart to be cruel and talk down to any artists out there, that's how I have always been and always will be, I have a past experience in which me and an un-named person were planning on producing & recording a local band's album, and due to the experiences I had during that process, I decided producing & recording others' music was not for me. Although I will always be collaborating with musicians that I admire and feel are already some what successfull in recording & making records, I just feel that working and doing things for new musicians isnt as fun as I thought it would be - mostly due to individual ego's and problems with handling criticisms, I have known alot of musicians who have talked the talk about how good they are and what they can do but when you try to get them to do something they freeze and/or get lazy, I just dont want to waste my creative time with people who dont want or feel like going through with what they have started or planned on starting.

My favorite bands & artists are those who have invented and adapted there own personal touch and sound to there art/music, and I feel I have accomplished the same. I will never need anyone out there to tell me that my music/art is good, because I have done this for 8 years now and I know myself what works and what doesnt work, and at the end of the day the only real quality opinion of my art that matters is my own.
I am not an egomaniac nor am I a user, I enjoy helping people who I feel deserve a shot or a break or a chance to be further heard or known, opportunities come to far and few between and I am grateful to anyone who has ever given me a chance or trusted my judgement.

One thing you will not get from my art & music is the gloom & doom image, I know I have collaborated with people who are somewhat associated with the metal genre, but I am not personally into alot of metal nor will I ever represent a tatooed up pierced out gloom n doom dark image, that's not me and I will never be that, so sorry if your looking for the evil image here but you will not find that, life is to short to waste it on dark and evil nonsense, life can be a bitch, and no one knows this more than me...trust me, however I have chosen to look and present a lighter and colorful side of art & music to bring out more happy and positive responses in the brain, to much out there taps into violence and anger and depression, and as ive said before life is way to short for such bullshit, I had once walked down that path and it gave me nothing but sadness and bitter anger and just was such a waste of my time that I will never ever get back again.

There is no point in starting a band without having your own sound, because to me it's pointless to sound like everyone else that the radio plays and says is good, you will never make it in the business without having your own original sound or cheating your way to the top with money or reality shows or just plain backstabbing.
I dont aim for fame, and I never will, this sound I know is not mainstream and is a more underground unique style that is appreciated amungst very eccentric and unique people, I would rather have 500 fans for 20 years than a million fans for 2 years.

Anyone who ever wants to contact Protecious can do so by easily writing a message to this profile, I am happy to read and reply to everybody that writes and requests an add for friendship.
I look to expand Protecious by releasing several albums through various independent labels from all over the world, Protecious is universal and that's how I intend it to be because I let the music speak for itself, It represents no views no languages no culture, just represents Unique, original and fun art and music...and there is a huge lack of that these days" (Protecious myspace blog entry)

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