Thursday, August 28, 2008

"v.a.-The Cow of Troy - Ten Seconds Compilation III and Derivates" released with KIF (Poland)


TEN SECONDS COMPILATION III AND DERIVATES (a limited number of cdrs available .please contact KIF's myspace page: )
Swamps Up Nostrils/Toilet Tantalizer/Mundkrach/John Pussy/Dr. Zero/Animal Machine/V.I.K.I./
Enviromental Testing Device/DrunkMonkey/Nanohex/Los Canales Del Televisor/Fossil/Meltdown/
I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua/Machinesaw/Aatmaa /Truthaboutfrank/Kangoora/Lezet/Gen26/
Krak/Mystified/Scandinavian Noize Syndicate/Origami Chupacabras/God Pollutes/Das Loch/
Kjetil Hanssen/Death Worship/Origami Hairy/T- rex /Adash SP/Abraxas_apparatus/Mixturizer/
Instagon/xm2901cw /Fiorella 16/AXBX (Abercrombie & Bitch)/Cygore/Vernaggelkramp/Pichismo/
Monika W./Gomoxitron/Katsa .theo/LodemidiQuail/Origami Boe/A55UHF/Christian Galarreta/
(MAO) Melodic Abortion Orchestra.

1.)Swamps Up Nostrils - fartpro
2.)Toilet Tantalizer01 The (S)Hit Single
3.)V.I.K.I. - yxh
4.)Scandinavian Noize Syndicate-the 6daemoned bag
5.)Pichismo - Chu_Vi_Lavis_Vian_Pugon
6.)Nanohex - Failure 2
7.)Kjetil Hanssen -Raw Noise Loop 4
8.)Mixturizer - Short_Move_II
9.)Monika W - Super Giirrrrl
10.)Gomoxitron- Blut
11.)Instagon - SmokeyBreath_473
12.)Animal Machine - Live in Warsaw - During practice time April 2008 3
13.)Das Loch - kernschmelze
14.)I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua - Rimming Tailhole
16.)(MAO) Melodic Abortion Orchestra - overtüre
17.)Gen26 - SklepII
18.)Fiorella 16 - non corte B
19.)Christian Galarreta - kiff koff
20.)Enviromental Testing Device - Bacter _3
21.)Instagon - Cornerstone3
22.)Death Worship - Diary of a Mad Man (part III)
23.)Fossil - Protarchaeopteryx
24.)Das Loch -propagandakonsument
25.)Aatmaa - G.U.T.
26.)Nanohex - Failure 1
27.)A55UHF- Mitta 1
28.)Mystified - MystShort4
29.)Origami Hairy - Nalesniki, Dub-Dubie-Dubai mix
30.)Truthaboutfrank - Frozen sleep wishing
31.)John Pussy- Penis Levitation
32.)Vernaggelkramp- Tienschriel
33.)Toilet Tantalizer03 Flatulating Fetus Feces
34.)T- rex - oh my fucking tail 2
35.)Origami Boe - work 007K
36.)Katsa .theo - Dream no.5791
37.)Kjetil Hanssen - Raw Noise Loop 1
38.)Kif_PolTV News 2
39.)Los Canales Del Televisor - lcdtv_102
40.)Lezet - The Thread )))
41.)Kangoora - Desert Plant
42.)LodemidiQuail - FourthTurkeyEssence
43.)Krak - Orgasmica
44.)Machinesaw - SX6600112zD
45.)Meltdown - Two
46.)mundkrach and Kommissar Hjuler und Frau - 080615
47.)Los Canales Del Televisor -lcdtv_103
48.)Mixturizer - Short_Move_I
49.)Gomoxitron- Plasma
50.)Instagon - Speedwobble
51.)God Pollutes - Song for the Steward
52.)Gen26 - SklepIII
53.)Enviromental Testing Device - Miniature Species
54.)Dr. Zero - Hyamen
55.)A55UHF- Mitta 2
56.)Das Loch -porno_shutdown
57.)Cygore _Animal Machine -Aggressor
58.)Das Loch -mikroproporzionaut
59.)Animal Machine - Allie Sin
60.)I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua - fur up-skirt
61.)Death Worship - Diary of a Mad Man (part II)
62.)Fiorella 16 - non corte A
63.)Instagon - Foundation_473
64.)AXBX (Abercrombie & Bitch)- Plastictubeonthestreetseptember 2007
65.)Abraxas_apparatus- untitled3
66.)Lezet - Confines
67.)Kif_PolTV News 1
68.)Gen26 - SklepI
69.)Fiorella 16 - noumojounds-idinios
70.)AxBx (Abercrombie & Bitch)- Comunist Bukkake
71.)Death Worship - Diary of a Mad Man (part I)
72.)Animal Machine - Haley Paige
73.)God Pollutes - Merry the Joyful
74.)Kjetil Hanssen -Raw Noise Loop 2
75.)xm2901cw - Uderworld
76.)V.I.K.I. - 4rvsh3r
77.)Origami Hairy - Nalesniki, Orange and Pinneaple
78.)Nanohex - Failure 0
79.)Meltdown - Three
80.)Scandinavian Noize Syndicate- i see things
81.)T- rex - Nocturnal cry
82.)Mystified - MystShort1
83.)Truthaboutfrank - Reds toy
84.)Machinesaw - M2KS500
86.)Enviromental Testing Device - Bacter _2
87.)Das Loch -lotto
88.)Mixturizer - Short_Move_III
89.)Animal Machine - Live in Warsaw During practice time April 2008 1
91.)God Pollutes - The Burden Bearer
92.)Fossil - Pterodactyl
93.)Lezet - Xeebo o
94.)Adash SP- good night
95.)Mystified - MystShort3
96.)T- rex - Oh my fucking tail 1
97.)Toilet Tantalizer - Coitus Urinatus
98.)Origami Hairy - Burrier Warsawy 2003
99.)Death Worship - Diary of a Mad Man (part IV)
100.)Fossil - Archaeopteryx
101.)Kjetil Hanssen -Raw Noise Loop 3
102.)Los Canales Del Televisor - lcdtv_101
103.)Machinesaw - 400DPZ
104.)Origami Chupacabras - Vamo pa Cuba chico
105.)Scandinavian Noize Syndicate-i must sacrifice you
106.)Kangoora - Didgeridoom
107.)Truthaboutfrank - Creamy throat can't yell
108.)Enviromental Testing Device - Bacter _1
109.)God Pollutes - The Taste of Strawberries & The Longing for Home
110.)Animal Machine - Live in Warsaw During practice time April 2008 2
111.)Mystified - MystShort2
112.)Krak - Herpes
113.)Gen26 - SklepIV
114.)John Pussy- I Fucked Bambi Really Hard
115.)Lezet - Miruj
116.)Toilet Tantalizer02 Sewage Bong Orgy
117.)Kangoora - Red Sun
118.)Truthaboutfrank - I will not be the 8th shard
119.)Aatmaa - Mass Production
120.)I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua - you gotta take the pussy like pepe
121.)Meltdown - One
122.)Machinesaw - ZHS175zO
123.)V.I.K.I.- Drants
124.)Fossil - Coelurus
125.)Los Canales Del Televisor -lcdtv_104
126.)Animal Machine - Aurora Snow
127.)Nanohex - Failure 3
128.)DrunkMonkey - Let's sink that boat yo
129.)Dr. Zero - Superfxnvck
130.)Enviromental Testing Device - Bacter _4
131.)John Pussy- 666 Miami Bitch
132.)Mundkrach - 080807
133.)Swamps Up Nostrils - fartnoob

A. kifffed remix by Lezet - part.2

B. the fukken remixes by Animal Machine - global remixes
a.)i'm whole fukken remix
b.)you whole fukken remix
c.)he,she,it whole fukken remix
d.)we whole fukken remix
e.)yours whole fukken remix

C.Layers Upon Layers Of Erotic Sounds remix by Torstein Wjiik - part.2

D.abraxasapparatuskifcomprmx by Abraxas Apparatus - part.1

note:some tracks are 9-11-12 or even 13 seconds long.
but we still keep the shape and we say thanks for coming to the party.

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