Saturday, September 6, 2008

LEZET'S "O" released with KIF RECORDING (Poland)!!!!Lezet's 20th release!!!

This is Lezet's 20th release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kifrec-37 - Lezet - "0" (Slim Case - CDr) 5€
words from KIF RECORDING's C.E.O.:"If you have been experimenting with magic mushrooms,some nice memories will drawn in your ears.
it's also the perfect music for an art gallery !!
Lezet has a particular style "forms and composition"
"0" dives in the border between psychedelic and abstraction ,pulses of imagination ,bright colorful walls.
check it out and get DETOX, with harsh running all day ,you could get loco baby%)"

to order and check the release out, please go to KIF's myspace page:
or visit:

Lezet's "o" will also be available through several distribution channels and friend labels

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