Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LEZET's"EXTENDED"released with PLANETARIUM RECORDS(USA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ planetarium records * research facility * lab 128 ]
a free download release

01. Extended Piano Piece 1
02. Extended Piano Piece 2 (Folk)
03. Extended Piano Piece 3
running time

What do irradiated beetles, injection-molded spider sculptures and dj battery brain have in common? probably nothing, but listen to the findings of professor lizet in lab 128!Incited and propelled by Satie's "Vexations", this album explores the theme being a variation in itself, weaving a net of dissonant statements. Having no other pretentious goal save pleasing the inner ear, the album is made with a view of exploring the aforementioned "theme equals variation" relation.

you can download the album here:

planetarium records is a vehicle for the promotion of various artistic works, established in 2002. we are based in new york and can still rock röntgens like three-mile island.

planetarium records research facility is a free internet multimedia label (netlabel).we are dedicated to providing interesting, quality music for public consumption and/or provocation.

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