Thursday, December 6, 2012

Visszajáró/Lezet - Split released with SP RECORDINGS (USA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPNet066 - Visszajáró/Lezet - Split
File under: Noise/Soundscape/Experimental

Visszajáró and Lezet bring their native Serbia to life with a collection of brittle, cold compositions. Visszajáró's material is more aggressive that Lezet's, the former forging their sound experiments with guitar noise and shrill keyboard that strikes quickly and retreats. This material could easily be the soundtrack to a European arthouse horror film. Lezet takes a staid approach, accompanying more subtle guitar noise with bells and other sounds made with glass. This combination brings to mind hazy dreams of warmer days. Both artists fill their soundscapes with a cold atmosphere, removed from the normal plain of existence, but swirling very close, oddly present. This split is an excellent winter companion.
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01 - Visszajáró - Angelus Novus (9:24)
02 - Visszajáró - Requiem For A Signaling Device (6:13)
03 - Lezet - Traffic (6:15)
04 - Lezet - Hoot (3:25)
05 - Lezet - Tunnelling (4:41)

Visszajáró is an experimental band from Vojvodina, Serbia, founded in 2007 by László Lenkes. It prefers eclectic and experimental approaches towards creating noise/music :

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