Thursday, May 9, 2013

V.A.-"the right to health: a benefit album to help towards the healthcare costs of the founding member of naked city cinema" released with BLACK CIRCLE RECORDS(UK)!!

the right to health: a benefit album to help towards the healthcare costs of the founding member of naked city cinema
by Various Artists

this album is a fund raiser for the healthcare costs of one of the founding members of black circle stalwarts 'naked city cinema'
he is suffering from an as yet unidentified disease and as there is little or no healthcare provision in the usa the costs of uncovering the roots of his illness are crippling.
all money raised will go to funding further healthcare costs.

You can download the album here:

1.Mystified - solid state 05:10
2.(o)†hers - county hospital 03:34
3.Grove Of Whispers - a myriad of colours and blasphemies 05:59
4.The Man From Ultra - aerojel 17:58
5.The Noisettes - germanium circuitboard 03:03
6.Inappropriate King Live - first heaven loving passing pieces reverent 04:54
7.Porc O'Pine - old captain over dirty river of his childhood (remix for faZe eXile) 01:28
8.Ars Sonor - transient (krya på dig!) 08:41
9.Ars Sonor vs. Naked City Cinema - birds (drone) 06:08
10.elizabeth Veldon and Jude Cowan Montague - the devonshire farmers daughter 02:50
11.Richard Sanderson - chamberbumper 04:42
12.To The Lovers Farewell - Multiple Rouge Objects Alternating Blueprint Architecture 07:23
13.Doug Sharp - fuck that, here's something beautiful 02:29
14.elizabeth Veldon - made using a m-audio keystation 61es with one hand suffered reduced mobility due to an outbreak of psoriasis which causes pain when i move my second and third finger (for faze) 15:15
15.James Woodbridge Hedges - a forest 03:03
16.Caroline McKenzie - something about the sea 04:02
17.T.R.I.v.M. - machinecro 06:26
18.MUTATE - day lights 05:04
19.Riza Exile - it screams in waves (free) 05:03
20.Ars Sonor vs. Yuan Mekong - health (for faZe) 02:48
21.Anastasia Vronsk - simon beaver 05:27
22.Luxeed - a needling feeling 04:31
23.Lezet - the weather is fine 02:00
24.Distant Trains - home on friday night tinkering with the computer, what a nerd 05:34
25.elizabeth Veldon and The ERNIE 4 - there is something in your house and it's dark 05:29
26.The Floating World - the heart of the earth 06:03
27.Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - adagio 09:10
28.Sad Old Man - glee and medication 00:49
29.Noise Research Institute - The finer things in life can only be enjoyed by the fortunate few. 06:26

tags: experimental drone electronica electronics noise United Kingdom

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