Saturday, August 10, 2013

V.A.-"Wheel of Fortune 6" released with KERMESSE RECORDS (Argentina)!!!!

V.A. Wheel of Fortune # 6 Compilation - KRnet035

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Experimental, ambient, noise, electronic, others

01-ErocNet - Under The Carpet
02-Ground Luc - Amanece
03-Topi Reta - Vapor Entre Los Pies
04-Ensamble Passionaria-Eduardo Arauz - Rio
05-Lo Fi High - Moksha
06-Lezet - Taking Piano Lessons 4
07-Jared C. Balogh - Equal Value (Ode To A Squirrel)
08-Josef Nadek - A Fakeirosa Brunzbsteck
09-Painful Silence - Wildfield Borderpost
10-[ówt krì] - Untitled
11-Intergalactic Wizard - Crest II
12-Playing With Nuns - UNS......Inidat Rez
13-Harsh Hertz - Waves Saves
14-Der Domestizierte Mensch - Out Of Control
15-Ars Sonor - Hedfuq (ft. King Wynter)
16-Jukka-Pekka Kervinen - Slight Trace
17-After [Life] - Let Me Leave (Dark Version)
18-OZG (Gabriel Millan mix) - Radio Des Milles Collines
19-Gresnici - Pokreni Se
20-Shaun Robert - Miccia

KRnet035 - 2013
Kermesse Records

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