Tuesday, September 10, 2013

V.A.-" The Tribute To Karlheinz Stockhausen “Musik Or Sound?” " released with 8RAVENS (Czech Republic)!!!!!!

Artists: Various
Title: The Tribute To Karlheinz Stockhausen “Musik Or Sound?”
Cat: 8R087
Keywords: Stockhausen, lobit
Label: 8ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.cz/

an 8kbps tribute to Karlheinz Stochausen!

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Bird Paradigma - Yard (Mantra)
d0x10 - krzsPPPl (Kreuzspiel)
jjoth - GGG (Zyklus)
Kai Nobuko - Stockhausen Studie (Stockhausen Studie II Elektronische Musik)
Lezet - A ( Tierkreis - Leo)
Marasmatronics Projet - Total Music Abstraction (Verbindung)
Mikrodepresja - Illimit+¬ (Illimit+¬)
MushroomWavved_Collar - dirticopter (Tanze Luzefa!)
penny and ashtray - movement33(telemusik)
Timur Dzhafarov - Pulse (Hymnen)
Unsonic - Klangkontakt+¬ (Mikrophonie I - Mikrophonie II)
Vlad_Shegal - Model (Model)

you can find a nice review of the compilation here:

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