Sunday, October 27, 2013

V.A.-"Altered State Reflections #100" released with ALTERED STATE REFLECTIONS (USA)!!!

Compilation: ASR100

Label: Altered State Reflections
Catalog #: ASR100

Released: October 24th, 2013

free download:


01.) Subversive Intentions: "giv emet hatmo untain music"
02.) Jaan Patterson: "Profound Perturbation Recipes Revealed"
03.) Protecious: "Embalming"
04.) Zreen Toyz: "Altered Hallucinations
05.) A.M. Lowlights: "Tomahawk"
06.) IO: "IO (3)"
07.) S.I.N.: "Epidemia"
08.) Lezet: "Orange Strange"
09.) Indifferent Magma: "Lux Aeterna Void
10.) Cabrini Green: "babylon gone"
11.) Topi Reta: "Edeform"
12.) The Rebuilt: "Sore"
13.) Tommaso Busatto: "No 'way of life' is the way of life"
14.) Brandon Lord Ross: "Cephalophores in Cellophane"
15.) Lisa Anne Farrow: "Uke Song 1"
16.) Society's Blood: "The Path Of Descent"
17.) Richard Wilmer: "30.4"
18.) NOS project: "on"
19.) Fugate, Navatier and Balogh: "I Will Be Honest"
20.) Visszajáró: "Underwater Species of Corporate Capitalism"
21.) HumanHate666: "Hate Groove"
22.) Guns Zop: "P.K.DDD
23.) Fiorella16: "Yo too bb"
24.) Big Pean': "Slippin'"
25.) Donny Who Loved Bowling: "Hospital Cafeteria Cheeseburger"
26.) M.NOMIZED: "Dancing Upside"
27.) Amokian: "IL 4 Difficult"
28.) TEKNOCANNIBAAL: "Chlamydia Dee"
29.) Kev-Rock: "40 Oz. Dream"
30.) Der Domestizierte Mensch: "Bluter"
31.) Klopenn: "One Hundred Ways To Alter Thoughts"
32.) Meeting Of The Minds: "Shackled"
33.) Petar Alargic: "Svetlost"
34.) ?S??WF??D?R?;: "We Don't Need No Education, We Don't Need No Birth Control"
35.) GOOZE: "Bite Yer Tounge"
36.) Hot Pocket Dingleberry Disease: "Drop Your Guard"
37.) The Finer Points Of Sadism: "Falling Through The World"
38.) Matheus Carmo e George Christian: "Zwing (Improvisação em duo de guitarras)"
39.) Dave Fuglewicz: "Crossing the Taklamakan"
40.) Alcahest Libations: "The Word Is Not."
41.) Muzzy: "Death Rock Blues"
42.) Josef Nadek: "Wenn's Peechmandl kimbt"
43.) Doodshoofd: "Schuttersfeest"
44.) V As In Virgin: "G3N3RATION INFINITE"
45.) Lomz: "Vision"
46.) whitenessmovesdownward: "the coil"
47.) djozr: "disintegrating angels"
48.) Blueprint For Destruction: "Shielded By Distrust"
49.) Soneduster: "Asa"
50.) eisenlager: "Berlin Gropiusstadt"
51.) Sascha Müller: "Editing The World"
52.) TOTAL E.T.: "Silentity"
53.) Unsample: "Transgender Code"
54.) To-Bo: "Purple Sun"
55.) EMERGE: "ambit"
56.) Maker: "TANGLED"
57.) JMMMMMMM: "Perra Herida En Piedra"
58.) Shaun Robert: "twinkle"
59.) Charles premier: "fondre assurément"
60.) Kopfschmerztablette: "Schuhkarton"
61.) Bedawang: "Finale: Release"
62.) Bruce Leitch: "Time Has Ceased"
63.) Harsh Hertz: "Tempo Tantrum"
64.) Janne Nummela: "Continuation Of Work In Moscow"
65.) This Colony Is Sleeping In: "Loving What does Not Exist"
66.) HEADCLEANER: "pond"
67.) Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt: "Drone Messiah"
68.) The Implicit Order: "Ode To Billy Joe"
69.) Bad Night Moon Shadow: "89'"
70.) Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh: "Micro Soul 10"
72.) (a is to b): "Sex Panther"
73.) Jared C. Balogh: "TWINKLE TOE (DELUX)"

Keywords: Compilation; Altered State Reflections; Jared C. Balogh; Experimental; Avant-Garde; Jazz; Noise; Metal; Glitch; Ambient; Electronic; Hardcore; Rock; Rap; Hip Hop; Rhythm and Blues; Dark; Harsh; Various Artists; Various Genre; Music

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

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