Sunday, December 29, 2013

V.A.-"Wintersongs A Black Circle Christmas Compilation" released with BLACK CIRCLE RECORDS (UK)!!!

wintersongs: a black circle christmas compilation
by black circle records

free download:

1.The Lost Trail - ambisinister 03:24
2.mutanT.R.I. - holementary icebergeddon 04:20
3.The Implicit Order - away in a manger of thorns 02:00
4.elizabeth Veldon - a love song in winter 30:00
5.Ars Sonor - waiting 04:01
6.Hollow Press - melt 04:10
7.Doug Sharp and elizabeth Veldon - elizabeth and doug's cold christmas 15:00
8.Lezet - singing card 02:36
9.The Floating World - silent night 03:41
10.More Black Than God - lee alexander mcqueen/ house of gucci 06:45
11.Naked City Cinema - the winter song 02:26
12.elizabeth Veldon - the frozen north 02:35

released 24 December 2013
tags: experimental drone electronica electronics noise United Kingdom
some rights reserved

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