Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lezet - "Inorgánico" released with CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES (Macedonia)!!!!!!

by Lezet

Lezet is Igor Jovanovic from Pozhega (Serbia), who experiments with various different styles and approaches, but also sometimes adding a beat (IDM?) structure to his pieces... Jazzy, moody... Well, jazz, if you consider a very large observation of that style...
"This album was made while waiting for one of my biggest music heroes to release an album, after a very long time. Listening to his back catalogue I realised how great an impact his music had on what I am doing musically, and so I tried to revisit my earlier musical "practices" as a way of paying homage to this great man."
The last track made as a collaboration with Lomz - lomz-music.blogspot.com
1.Inorgánico 01 03:14
2.Inorgánico 02 01:45
3.Inorgánico 03 02:06
4.Inorgánico 04 02:07
5.Inorgánico 05 (Grain Of Encouragement - alternate take) 02:56
6.Inorgánico 06 01:50
7.Inorgánico 07 00:40
8.Lomz & Lezet - Inorgánico 08 05:12



Cover art: Ken Protecious
released 15 September 2014
tags: ambient ambient drone electro experimental idm noise Skopje
all rights reserved

about CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES: Ambient, drone, noise... Mostly focused on ambient/abstract and minimalism, etc., but also on a certain kind of noise and industrial... (charlotte.sometimes.zine@gmail.com) https://charlottesometimes.bandcamp.com

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