Monday, November 3, 2014

V.A.-"The Strange Bestiary" released with FRACTION STUDIO (France)!!!!!

download it here:

Lezet's contribution:

1.Os125 - UhlooloopaKanthropus Binarum (France) 05:20
2.EISENLAGER - Anthroponose (Germany) 04:19
3.MYSTIFIED - Mutant Aurapus (Usa) 04:07
4.DARMSTADT - Eruption Cutanée (France) 02:13
5.EMERGE - Cryptostigmata (Germany) 07:49
6.FABIO CRIVELLARO - GoodZilla (Italy) 03:42
7.KOPFSCHMERZTABLETTE - Beast 2 (Germany) 04:53
8.DER DOMESTIZIERTE MENSCH - BI 58 (Germany) 06:00
9.ARCO ENARMONICO - Ixodidae Invasion (Spain) 07:58
10.HARI MAIA - No Salvation (Brazil) 05:58
11.SYLPHIDES - The Garden (Belgium) 05:45
12.LAUNAY GAËL - Naissance De Daphnies (France) 06:46
13.DIE PUPPE - Murder Round Recreate (France) 03:32
14.ARS SONOR - Return Of The Unborn (Sweden) 02:19
15.DEUTSCHES KULTURGUT - Die Angst Vor Der Bestie In Mir! (Germany) 05:52
16.METEK - Enfaldig Tro (Sweden) 06:53
17.M.NOMIZED - Blind Mite (France) 08:00
18.T.R.I.v.M. - Microcreatures (Slovakia) 05:30
19.COUSIN SILAS - Inside The Enclosure (The Creature Dreams Of Home) (Uk) 05:35
20.HumanHate666 - Mechanical Predator (Germany) 04:09
21.ADE HODGES - The Rise Of The Ancient Ones (Uk) 06:10
22.KEVIN LYONS - Charybdis (Uk) 04:40
23.CHRISTOPHER ALVARADO - Fossa (Usa) 05:40
24.TWILIGHT TRANSMISSIONS - The Emerald Green Wasp (Usa) 04:42
25.DWARF ZOO - Brains (Sweden) 05:44
26.Uv Ursa Spr - Insect Paranoïa (France) 05:50
27.MEAN FLOW - Mind Fog (Greece) 02:37
28.SpaceBrane - Beastiary (Usa) 04:29
29.OBU TARN - A Lonely Place Nobody Knows (Belgium) 06:28
30.TOD FÄHRT MIT - Werwolf (Germany) 07:04
31.KIEW-ASPIRIN-N - Monster In Der Kanalisation (Germany) 06:03
32.LAURENT CARON - Acarworld (France) 05:30
33.HARI HARDMAN - Parasitic Twin (Uk) 03:47
34.SILENTPORT - Stiller Staub (Silent Bestiary) (Germany) 05:40
35.WILLIAM SPIVEY - Overrun (Usa) 03:18
36.KADAVERiK - The Bestiary (France) 07:06
37.TENSOR - Fall In Love-Fallin' (Usa) 03:14
38.KROMESHNA - The Wind Plays With The Sun In The Crowns Of Birches (Russia) 04:46
39.NOS Project - WnD (Greece) 08:48
40.DEVOTIONALHALLUCINATIC - New Lovers Kiss (Uk) 03:28
41.PHILIPPE LAURENT (Hot Bip) - Physiologos (France) 04:39
42.BLOODY BLUE - Extra-Territorial Bestiary Blood's Attack From Space Hell (part one) (Belgium) 07:13
43.LEZET - Grinje (dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) (Serbia) 01:51
44.AIRWORLD - Aka Rien (France) 05:49
45.SEIEI JACK - Tommy Hilfiger (Japan) 01:08
46.THE CRISDING BLADADING - Back To The Present (France) 04:18
47.PCN - They're Everywhere! (Germany) 04:19
48.MESSY - Hope You Can Cope (Netherlands) 05:08

Compilation produced by Fraction Studio (France).
All rights reserved.

Cover by M.Nomized.

P.2014 FRACTION STUDIO (France).

Acari (or Acarina) are a taxon of arachnids that contains mites and ticks. The diversity of the Acari is extraordinary and its fossil history goes back to at least the early Devonian period. As a result, acarologists (the people who study mites and ticks) have proposed a complex set of taxonomic ranks to classify mites. In most modern treatments, the Acari is considered a subclass of Arachnida and is composed of two or three superorders or orders: Acariformes (or Actinotrichida), Parasitiformes (or Anactinotrichida), and Opilioacariformes; the latter is often considered a subgroup within the Parasitiformes. The monophyly of the Acari is open to debate, and the relationships of the acarines to other arachnids is not at all clear. In older treatments, the subgroups of the Acarina were placed at order rank, but as their own subdivisions have become better-understood, it is more usual to treat them at superorder rank.
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