Tuesday, December 16, 2014

V.A.-"Music For Nurseries: Lullabies and Fairytales" released with DHATURA RECORDS (France)!!!!


It all started from this invitation on facebook...
"The idea came from a discussion with Miles Vaughn... Create a piece of music inspired by nurseries, toys, whatever related to childhood. It can be dark, it can be funny, super experimental or music for kids, just let your inspiration guide your steps."
Amongst the months, an amazing number of people decided to join and play the game... And they played it so well... Much thanks to all of you, spread the <3.

-- David

1.Trixie Delight - Sleep Little Baby 05:19
2.Chapi Chapo Et Les Petites Musiques De Pluie - Poursuite 03:16
3.sai RastaO - Dance Dance Baby! (The Doudou Voice) 05:42
4.Interstella Moonbeam & ImpulseGame - Husssshh 05:55
5.Alexarrakis - A Day In The Life 01:55
6.Kold - Lilia and Gulgarmek 04:26
7.NeonCrab - Fading Bird 02:28
8.Archetypes & Relics - Angels, Ghosts and the Breathe of Freedom 05:26
9.Whizz Kid - I Fall In The Grandad Bus 03:23
10.Klangschwester - Jewel 04:20
11.Nystada - Sporting-skeletor 05:50
12.Ullapul - Mazshine 03:07
13.Swivelized Sounds - ratataptap 01:02
14.Kinsâme - Baby Cuchu Milky Quest 02:5115.
Hybrid - Caroussel 04:48
16.Le Neurone Actif - bip, blip et bap! 03:28
17.a quality without a name - dada, what does this button do 05:28
18.Sascha Müller - CompuRhythm 02:59
19.My Own Cubic Stone - The Night Light 03:46
20.The Ambiguity - Dreams Hidden In The Cassette 03:23
21.autumna - End Of Forgetting 05:26
22.RAQ VB - Flight Of The Young Robin 07:53
23.Lezet - Dental Floss 05:47

free download:


Lezet's contribution:

released 03 November 2014
Cover artwork by Cathy Osztab (www.facebook.com/pages/Cathy-Osztab-Photographie/120197351488932)

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