Sunday, December 3, 2017

V.A.-"Impending Doom :The Post Nuclear Compilation" released wtih PARACELSIAN PRODUCTIONS (Canada)!!!

Impending Doom The Post Nuclear Compilation
by Paracelsian Productions (Canada)

The Post Nuclear Compilation
Has been almost a year in the making , a compilation featuring 50 artists from all around the world participating in this Post Apocalyptic Ambient , Drone , Noise Music Compilation.
This first part of the Compilation is to represent the time before the nuclear bombs hits the surface of the Earth, which will nearly eradicate the world as we know currently.
Mastering has been done in a special way this time , using analog devices to give a warmer LoFi sound and also Low Frequency enhancement. This new method was used to give the album its "post apocalyptic feel" and also to make it sound different than any other compilation out there. All songs have been carefully enhanced in different ways to provide the best result.

1.Zumaia - Origin 06:39
2.Rasalasad - Desert Screen 02:51
3.4e Discours - Being Radiant Within 04:09
4.Filmy Ghost - Internet Ghosts Collusion 05:19
5.Weasel Walter Closet - Big Ego Little Dick (for Armageddon) 02:54
6.Mangabros - Ummm 05:42
7.MOAIN - The Boards are up to add to your Denial 05:46
8.Uho za Oko - Mirror 04:53
9.Julien Lacroix - Resident Soil 04:01
10.Rauppwar - Standing Before the Nuclear Launch 06:55
11.Convivial Cannibal - Remained in the Dust 04:37
12.RG Rough - Rubble 03:12
13.Kondensator - There's Always Something to Discover 05:19
14.Mean Flow - Misty Landscape 03:58
15.Lezet - Green Sunrise 02:33
16.Gagag - Sewer Bath 04:34
17.Extreme Fucking Noise - Nuclear Fizzbop 03:52


Lezet's contribution:

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released December 1, 2017
All songs by their respective artists
Mastering by Steven Beaumont / Paracelsian Records
all rights reserved

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