Wednesday, January 17, 2018

V.A.-"Volume 1: Near Death Experience" released with SOUNDS FROM THE CORRIDOR (USA)!!!!!!!!!

Vol​.​1 Near Death Experience
by Sounds from the Corridor

Many of us have experienced it. That moment or time when the end seems imminent. Whether it is for a split second during an accident or a sudden attack of the body, or lying in a hospital bed not knowing the outcome. Each individual reacts to it differently. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part series, followed by Death and Rebirth.

1.Devotional - Redford Ashram 07:04
2.Antonio De Braga - Life after Death 05:57
3.M Nomized - Imminent Death 07:08
4.Mean Flow - Velvet Trip 03:39
5.Mario Lino Stancati, Maria Todaro, Mattia Biondi - Mostrarti 09:16
6.raxil4 - Cardiopulmonary 10:13
7.Marco Lucchi - Sinfonia in Modo Dorico 18:46
8.ASHTORETH/eye.spirit.eye - Weight 07:39
9.Amao Quartet - Terremoto (excerpt) 08:54
10.Cousin Silas - Endocratic Overload 05:03
11.Sonifer - (un)intentional set death trap 08:00
12.Lezet/Furchick/{AN} Eel - Bird Shadows on Hospital Bedding (That Once we Walked Near Death) 05:45
13.MUWN - Passage 03:03
14.will soderberg... - Near Death Experience 08:52


Lezet​/​Furchick​/​{​AN} Eel's contribution:

released January 15, 2018

Special thanks to Adrian Nicholls for the Cover Artwork. http:/
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