Monday, April 2, 2018

V.A.-"Collapsing New Gadgets ( A Frank Tovey Tribute )" released with panpanpanaviandistresscall!!!!!!!!!!!!

This album was created as a tribute / homage to FRANK TOVEY / FAD GADGET. If you are not familiar with his work, it is my earnest hope that the material here might pique your interest & convince you to check out the source material.
Like many of the artists here, I was amazed & impressed by the creative output of F. Tovey, and while I'm not a huge fan of everything he did ( There is some material on the Frank Tovey albums that falls flat for me ) I would never deny the creative dynamism that was there. I think the artists here have done some great work taking the originals as a starting point, and applied their own creativity to the task.

Artists / Tracks :
Awkward Geisha - Love Parasite
Haunted Cat - Saturday Night Special
Gekkering - Collapsing New People ( Macungie Mix )
Feasibility Study - INSECTICIDEFAD
Lezet - Ad Nauseam (baby music toys cover)
ToUGH - Newsreel
Wilfreid Hanrath - Ride into the sun, A Frank Tovey Tribute
Hari Hardman - Caravan on Canvey Sand
{AN} EeL - Fireside Flavour Rite ( FAD GADGET COVER )
Karnivulgar - Sleep ( Fad Gadget Cover )
Mean Flow - Song For Fad Gadget
Saint De L’Abime - Back To Nature Remix
Haunted Cat - Plainsong
Molly Bloom & Martin Delaney - Discover Love
Wilfried Hanrath - T-O-V-E-Y, A Tribute to Frank Tovey
ToUGH - Salt Lake City Sunday
Chris Skinner - Back to Nature
Yann Pillas - Incontinent to the Sun


Lezet's contribution- music toys from my baby daughter's collection, take 1:

Cover Image : Wilfried Hanrath
released April 2, 2018

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