Friday, May 4, 2018

V.A.-"Noise Compilation Radio Interference Episode 2" out on Paracelsian Records (Canada) !!!!!!

The first Noise only Compilation from Paracelsian Records , with the theme Radio Interference , people have either recorded stuff using radios or made sounds to imitate Radio noise.

Also part of the concept for the mastering process of this compilation all songs have been re-recorded through an old Hitachi radio. Using vintage consoles , microphones and effect devices to enhance the sound.

The Compilation features 40 songs total from people all over the world , split into 2 parts called "Episodes".

EPISODE 2 features Painful Defecation ,Daniel Pico ,Seeget ,Uruly ,Dystopian Vomit Cop ,Hari Hardman ,I, Eternal ,{AN} Eel ,Dilaudnumb ,Der Smogw├╝rger ,BLOOM ,PHOD HT ,Problem Anderer Leute ,Abishai ,Headcleaner ,Lord Cernunnos ,Lezet ,Noiseoftherose ,Sweet Dreams ,Karnivulgar


Lezet's contribution (what is heard on shortwave radio in Serbia):

released May 4, 2018

All songs by their respective Artists

Audio Degradation process & Mastering by Paracelsian Records
all rights reserved

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