Thursday, June 21, 2018

V.A.-"The Horror Compilation Part 1 "Nightmarish Realms"" is out on PARACELSIAN RECORDS (Canada) !!!!!

The Horror Compilation features 40 different artists/projects from all over the world , of different genres of weird music ; Ambient , Noise , Drone , Experimental , etc.
The Compilation is split into 2 parts , there are 40 songs inspired from anything related to Horror movies, horror in real life , anything horrific.

featured artists: La Flore Intestinale ,Yaka Anima ,MUWN ,Quantum feat. Fernando Lins ,Bleaeck ,I, Eternal ,Eisenlager ,Feasibility Study ,Mean Flow ,Steven Van Horny ,Metzger Dark Ambient ,Lezet ,LeGeist ,Death Noir ,Hari Hardman ,{AN} Eel ,Rauppwar ,DZKYIN ,He Says She Says ,Mhzesent


Lezet's contribution:

released June 20, 2018

All music made and mixed by their respective artists

Experimental Mastering Process and cover art by Steven Beaumont
all rights reserved

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