Saturday, August 11, 2018

V.A.-"Cyberpunk : Replicants Overdrive" released with PARACELSIAN PRODUCTIONS (Canada)!!!!

Replicants Overdrive:
A small group of Replicants banded together to form a militia , due to an anomaly in their systems it makes them even more superhuman and they're going crazy all around the city causing damage , they're also wildly addicted to sex , alcohol and drugs making the situation even worse !

I have been inspired to start this compilation last winter when I've watched the 2 Blade Runner movies , I've also been inspired from the Shadowrun Returns game I've played a while back. I always liked the Cyberpunk universe and I wanted to make a compilation based on that !

It took several months to gather all the songs , the compilation is divided in 2 parts ; Ambient & Noise. As usual I've been experimenting with the audio to give all the tracks somewhat the same sound. Using digital modeling of Analog delays with ambient reverb and a Sequencer to add this special ambiance to the tracks.

As always the Compilations features some of my own tracks and the tracks of my musician friends , I've been building this network since 2013 , since then I've been posting music online and been making friends , from 2016 until today I've been making these compilations and bringing some new people to join !

Hangar 117 ,
Steven Van Horny Noise Musician
La Flore Intestinale & Thomas Jackson Park
Der Smogw├╝rger
David Nadeau
Woodward Visuals
{AN} Eel
Lord Cernunnos
Saint de L'Abime


Lezet's contribution:

released August 11, 2018

Model in the artwork : Mist Spectra

All tracks by their respective artists

Artwork by Steven Beaumont

Experimental Audio Alteration by Steven Beaumont

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