Tuesday, July 1, 2008

V.A.-HAZE vol.6 (DEDICATION TO VODKA) released with "HAZE" (Belarus)

Netlabel 'HAZE'
Keywords: experimental; ambient; blues; hip-hop; field recordings; noise; break-core

"Alcohol connects people or gives ground for disconnection…
Alcohol stimulates happiness or aversion…
Attitude to alcohol is different but, in any case, it is the part of our existence.

Different artists in different styles from different countries dedicate their music compositions to new HAZE compilation ‘Dedication to Vodka’".


HAZE is an independent non-profit art community based in Minsk (Belarus)
HAZE is a group of musicians, promoters, artists, journalists, poets etc.
The main idea of HAZE is to create collaboration between Belarusian and European art-spaces with the help of web-galleries and live exhibitions, publishing internet releases.
We have web-galleries for painting, graphics, photo, digital-art etc and netlabel for electronic and experimental music.
mail to: haze.org@gmail.com
web: http://h-a-z-e.org

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