Friday, July 25, 2008

Lezet’s"Distorted Piano Recordings"released with MEATRONIC (USA)free d/l album

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Notes:Igor Jovanovic records and performs under the name of Lezet. Someone's comment about the sound of Lezet was "like Zorn without saxophone," and Zorn's influence is quite clear in a lot of Lezet's other work. For Meatronic Recordings, he submits this patient study of the interaction of piano with distortion, and it is quite hypnotizing once you figure out what is going on. Contra-puntal lines throw off side-band distortion in beautiful and startling ways somehow.
Runtime:21 minutes 38 seconds
You can download this album here:

"Meatronic is a netlabel based out of Tampa, Florida that focuses primarily on experimental and noise artists. We distribute music that is available exclusively in the form free MP3 downloads (192kbps CBR) with special releases on tangible media such as CD, DVD and vinyl.Visit us at "

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