Monday, July 21, 2008

v.a.-"nothing but net II" released with BAREFOOTMELT(USA)

Various Artists - Nothing but Net II (bfmx002)

More ambient musings from the internet.

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01. Mystified - Altered States from "Altered States" (Dark Winter, dw046, 2008)
02. 20/21 - Robert Smithson's Heap of Language from "Heap of Language" (mixthemixthemix, 8, 2007)
03. Silent Strike - Tor from "VII in IV" (arhiva7, arh006, 2005)
04. Fungitonic and the lobers - Rojo from "Alzheimer" (Series Media, sern23, 2007)
05. Scott Sinclair / Mariam Wallentin - I Won The Dance Contest from "Balloon Party" (Half-theory, 2006)
06. Pocka - Dao from "Sample Guitar" (Kurzwellen, kwn004, 2007)
07. Yanis Dambergs - 1f-Fire from "Harmonic Cycle of 4 Elements and 7 Planets " (Rec.Music.Ambient Records, 2007)
08. The Crisiding Bladading - Disco La Monte from "Dominic Movies" (Off & Green, O&G006, 2007)
09. Paul Feyertag - II. Drone Musing from "Suburban D├ęcollage" (Luvsound, luv013, 2007)
10. Michael Trommer - Air() from "Sleeping Satellites" (test tube, tube072, 2007)
11. Lezet - Funky Ointment from "Performance is Inherently Unlikely" (Abdicate Cell, ac035, 2007)
12. Isuzu Kochiwa - Duchamp from "Disassembling the Molecules" (Birdsong, birdsong016, 2006)
13. Electricwest - Bruises from "Divine De Vice" (Archaic Horizon, ah022, 2008)
14. .at/on - Lost Things from "Products of Passed Days (Complementary Distribution, cod018, 2008)
15. Tzesne - La Comarca 03 from "La Comarca" (alg-a, alg040, 2008)
16. Chiste - Galeria Centrica from "Musica Para La Galeria" (D-I Net, diso004, 2008)
17. Luminous - Hampered from "Against the Law - Volume 1? (Clinical Archives, ca011, 2007)

Cover photograph, "Old Man Listen To Radio" by vv (

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Barefoot Melt releases free music that explores the realms of ambiance. Our netplays cover the gambit of ambient music which could best be summed up by Bubba, come in Bubba:

Ambient is the fruit of the musical sea. You can listen it, compose it, make it, play it, be it. There's, um, ambient dub, ambient drone, ambient glitch, ambient experimental, ambient soundscapes, ambient electronic, ambient noise, ambient space, ambient techno, new ambient, ambient . . . That's, that's about it.

We at Barefoot Melt consider ourselves first and foremost a fan-based netlabel. Fan-based? Fan-based in that we release individual artists as well as "mixed tapes" of other netlabel music we found interesting and intriguing.

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