Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lezet's "Din2" released with SOUNDSORANGE (England)

Lezet's "Din2" further explores the delicacies of computer-piano interactions sought for on "Headphonica"'s "Din" release.Drawing upon a multitude of genres Lezet's only aim is to see his sounds "cavorting about beautifully" ,just as Max Go once said in his overview of Lezet's music.This time the brilliant London-based SOUNDSORANGE label known for its broad-minded release policy put out "Din2" and it's the first time a UK-based label released an album by Lezet.

Igor Jovanovic-pianos, detuned pianos,keys, noise, acoustic drum scores, percussions.
artwork:Vojislav Nedeljkovic
piano drawings on the artwork: first graders, class I-5,elementary school "Stevan Colovic",Arilje,Serbia

To listen to the album and download it please visit the SoundsOrange page:

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